Pollution, contamination, noise, radiation, etc. are the things around you and harming your bodies in different ways. While your time-beaten bodies can bear the negative impacts of them all, your babies are not ready for them.

Talking about noise, you can be in noisy environments like concerts; fireworks, etc. with ease, but the level of noise in these places can have a traumatic impact on your baby’s sensitive ears and senses.

This is why baby headphones were developed – to help you take your kids to these places without hurting their ears and causing any traumatic impacts.

If you have a lifestyle in which you think you need baby headphones, you must know the many considerations before making a purchase. Here are the most important ones to help you with a well-informed decision.

Considerations before Buying Baby Headphones

They Should Be Light

They should be light not only to make it easy for you to carry them with ease, but for the comfort of the baby as well.

Heavy headphones can be troubling for kids and can even change the shape of the head of newborn babies.

Keep them as light as possible.

They Should Be Soft

The cups of the headphones should be cushioned properly. Keep in mind that you are not buying some fancy headphones for your personal use. These headphones have to be practical i.e. comfortable for the baby.

They Should Cancel Noise

Of course, this is the main reason they were made for

They need to cancel enough noise to let your baby hear whatever is happening in the surroundings without causing any discomfort. 

Any headphones with noise cancellation ratioaround 25dB will be a perfect choice.

They Should Be Good Looking

If you have had the experience of purchasing clothes for babies, you know you are always looking for brightly colored items. This has to be the same when you are buying baby headphones for concerts. They should look good and by looking good it means they should have beautiful colors such as blue, red, yellow, green, etc.

They Should Be Sturdy

This is probably the most important concern whenever you are buying an item for babies. You know babies won’t let you put headphones on their heads just like that. Many a times they will tug and throw those headphones away.

Manufacturers understand these things when making headphones for babies. It is best that you take a look at few reviews from customers to know how sturdy a pair of headphones is. If you are buying them from a store, hold them in your hands to get the feel.

Best Baby Headphones Guide 

1. Em’s 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs Review

The first thing you notice about them is they look cool. These are probably the most intelligently designed headphones for kids. Em’s 4 bubs hearing protection baby earmuffs have a wide elastic band connecting the two cups of the headphones. If you think they are a bit tight on your baby’s head, you can just pull the two cups apart gently and they will adjust accordingly.

Another great thing about these headphones is that they can fold into a small footprint for you to store them in your handbag or purse with ease. Em’s 4 Kids made them really lightweight at 7 ounces to make them most comfortable for your baby.

Em’s 4 Bubs Features

  • They have a headband that can be stretched easily to make them fit your baby’s head.
  • They are very lightweight weighing only 190 grams.
  • They are known as the smallest earphones for babies.
  • They provide a noise cancelation ratio of 22dB.
  • There is a huge variety of headbands available with the headphones so you can pick one that looks coolest on your baby.
  • Their performance is so reliable that the manufacturer even claims that you could take your baby to a NASCAR race with the headphones on.

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2. Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuffs Review

When you are looking for noise cancellation baby headphones for concerts, you will always come across Baby Banz infant hearing protection earmuffs. Among all the other best-known headphones for babies, these are one of the lightest at just 190 grams.

They look really simple but have all the right features for babies on them. There is proper cushioning on the inner side of the headband for it to be comfortable on baby’s skull.

Designed for newborn babies to up to 2 year olds, they are so small in size that you can put them on your palm and travel with them in your handbag with ease.

There is cushioning on the cups too to ensure maximum comfort for the sensitive body of a baby. Here are some of the most notable features of these headphones:

Baby Banz Features

  • Their weight is only 190 grams.
  • Small enough to be easily held in one hand, they fit in your handbag easily for traveling.
  • Ear cups have cushions for baby’s comfort.
  • Headband also has proper cushioning for maximum comfort for baby’s sensitive skull.
  • They provide noise reduction ratio of 31dB and a single number rating of 26dB.
  • They are available in various baby-ish colors such as blue, green, geo print etc.

They are also among some of the most positively reviewed baby headphones for concerts so you can buy them without any hesitation.

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Best Baby Headphones Summary

Some parents are of the opinion that the need for kids to wear headphones should never arise, but what they don’t realize is that different families have different lifestyles.

Sometimes, you don’t have any other option but to be present at a really noisy venue with your baby. Rather than letting the loud noise hurt your baby’s hearing, it is best that you pick one of the above mentioned baby headphones and attend the event with the peace of mind.