Anyone who enjoys listening to music is looking for high sound quality combined with comfort and many can agree to the fact that in-ear headphones offer just that. In-ear headphones are designed for instant use, which is why they should be portable, compact, and easy to pop in a bag (in this aspect, on and over-the-ear headphones just don’t work).

They should cancel outside noise so that you don’t have to turn up the volume in noisy streets and during your commute to the office or to college.

The earphone market is huge and covers everything from dollar store earbuds to $2,000 customized monitors. Their differences prevail, but neither the brand nor the price guarantee that you are getting the very best performance for your listening specifications.

When looking for bass in-ear headphones, there are a number of things to consider besides the quality of sound. These include manufacturing quality, design, convenience, comfort, high noise isolation, built-in microphone, and price.

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In ear Headphones Styles

Earbud-style headphones range from the disposable models you receive on airplanes to the ones that come with your smartphone to high-quality buds that deliver Sonic’s rivaling full-size models.

Their small earpieces rest well on the external ear or need to be inserted in the ear canal, and certain models especially sports buds, come with fins or wings for a more secure and tailored fit. Primarily, there are two styles of in-ear headphones:


Lightweight and ultra-compact, most models comes with a built-in microphone and track navigation controls and can offer moderate to outstanding noise cancellation, little to zero interference with glasses, earrings, hairstyles, or hats.


Bass response and sound quality are typically not comparable with a full-size model, which means that they can result in discomfort over long periods of use. Some models can be a little difficult to remove and insert, making them less ideal for the office environment. Dual cable designs can result in more wire tangling.

Additional Features –Some in-ear headphones come with additional features such as five-button volume remote controls, an array of ear tip materials and sizes (rubber, silicone, and foam), over-ear guides, and various balanced-armature drivers with crossovers.

Quality cheap in-ear headphones should sound uniform across the whole frequency range. This means that the bass guitar should not subdue the lead guitar, the lead guitar should not result in lost vocal details, and the vocals should not have consonants that are piercing, painfully loud.

The earphones should have clear and smooth details (without sounding harsh), and a low-end form and pitch to it.

JVC HAFX102BA​+Check Price
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Things to Look For When Buying an In Ear Headphone

Due to the plethoric supply of bass in-ear headphones, it is easy to walk away from the shop with the wrong product in hand. So take a look at the following important factors that you need to take into account before making a purchase.

What activities do you need the earphones for?

Make sure you take you assess the activities you will need the earphones for. Examples include intense workout sessions, work, travel, outdoor adventures, dance, commute, etc.

What is the size of your ears?

Earphones come in all shapes and sizes, and the last you want is to invest in something that will either not fit right or cause you discomfort.

What kind of music will you be listening to?

Different earphones cater to different music genres, like superior bass. Assuming that your preference is bass-heavy, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with a pair of earphones that produce a distorted and crackly sound.

Best Bass In Ear Headphones under $200

1. JVC HAFX102B In ear headphone Review

JVC HA-FX101 is JVC’s enhanced-bass “Xtreme Xplosives” are a must-have for bass enthusiasts. They bring plenty of bass with prominent treble and a good overall sound. The low-end is sure to please bass lovers and the sound is just outstanding for the given price. It is energy-star certified and comes in a sleek and portable design, which makes its use all the more convenient.

You can buy the earphones in various colors and a version that comes with a built-in mic and remote.

The real strength of the JVC HA-FX101 lies in maintaining good sound characteristics regardless of its meager price tag and massive low-end. The sound clarity is quite impressive for something that is so bassy. The sound produced is a little dark and warm, and the signature is v-shaped, with a softer treble boost and powerful bass emphasis.

When it comes to treble, some find it a little harsh and not the most refined in comparison with its high-end counterparts.  It can emphasize sibilance and does not go all the way up, thus generating a darker sound. The darker tone prevents the earphones from sounding airy and open. The JVC HA-FX101 plays loud and will crank the bass even at very low volumes.

JVC HAFX102B Features

  • Sleek design with plastic housings and rubber bumpers, paper nozzle filters, and a plastic cable.
  • Comfortable fit thanks to the rubber-sheathed housings
  • Excellent noise canceling quality, which makes the earphones good for angle-nozzle design
  • Comes with single-flange silicone tips in 3 different sizes

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2. ​RHA T10i Review

The RHA T10i is a great option for one simple reason: the sound quality is beyond incredible, thanks to the comfy seal created when you insert the earphones in your ears. In addition, the bass is also outstanding for such tiny earphones.

The design of the earphones features a metal finish around the cable and drivers. They also come with various replacement tips in case the defaults do not fit well in your ear. Even though they are a little pricey, they are sure worth the investment.

The first feature of the in-ear headphones that give them an edge over others is their substitutable tuning filters. These are small attachments that are put on the earphone’s tip to slightly adjust the sound as it passes through. The outcome of this is that you can get an ear-melting bass or go for a sound that is purer.

When it comes to the headset’s design, it is completely made out of metal. This gives them an enormously pleasing weight but also poses the potential of them falling out.

Due to the in-ear fit, design and size of the earphones, the noise cancellation is simply remarkable.

RHA T10i Features

  • Handmade, high-fidelity driver designed to precisely reproduce all music genres with high levels of detail, clarity, and imaging.
  • Noise canceling design
  • Stainless steel construction that is also metal injection molded
  • Comfortable
  • Substitutable tuning filters
  • Microphone and three-button remote for use with Apple devices that are compatible
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Heavy bass
  • Impedance of 26 ohms
  • Frequency response range of 16 Hz to 40,000 Hz

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3. Klipsch Reference X6i In ear headphones Review

The Klipsch Reference X6i In-ear headphones are designed specifically for audiophiles that love listening to music on the go. The sound quality, build, comfort and other wonderful features make this headset a great value for money. If you are a bass lover, then we wholeheartedly recommend this option for you.

The X6i features an outstanding build with a profuse, durable cable and die-cast zinc driver covers. The headphones also feature Klipsch’s original oval-shaped earbuds that are beyond comfortable.

Their lightweight oval ear tips make the headphones one of the most comfortable, especially if you intend to use them for long periods of time. To ensure the comfortable fit of the earphones, Klipsch’s includes 5 sets of ear tips, including a set of double flange tips.

The X6i headphones are beautifully balanced and work great for all music genres, from EDM to classical. Its opulent mids and bright highs stand out the most, making listening to the vocals more pleasurable.

Lastly, the in-ear headphones are comfortable and hold their seal very well in order to cancel external noise. A good majority of Klipsch users are happy with their new headphones since they block most of the ambient noises without the need for active noise isolation and the large battery pack that comes with it.

Klipsch Reference X6i Features

  • Incredibly comfortable and super thin. The thin design follows an oval contour of the ear cups and sits smoothly in the ear canal, making the earphones comfortable to wear even for extended time periods.
  • A microphone and 3-button remote provide easy control of your iPhone, iPod or iPad while jamming to music, answering calls, and watching movies. Clothing clip and carrying case along with 4 different oval ear tips more the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and convenient. The oval ear tips comfortably fit the ear canals, offering the best in comfort besides high-quality noise cancellation and sound quality.
  • Full-range balanced armature offers clearer sound and more natural-sounding vocals with defined upper frequencies.

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4. ​Denon AH-C821 Review

With the AH-C82, Denon has introduced some impressive technology. These tiny earbuds are made use of the company’s proprietary Double Air Compression Drive tech, which means each earphone comprises of one 11.5 mm driver, one ahead of the other. The idea behind is this is to deliver a more powerful sound as compared to one driver unit. Plus, these drivers are further enclosed in a high-quality housing, which is made out of resin and die-cast aluminum so that vibrations can be kept to a minimum.

Even with dual drivers installed, the earphones do not have a bulky design. The C821 drivers come in a compact circular casing. The product also comes with a nice selection of silicone earphones in the box, so regardless of the size your ear canal; you will certainly be able to find a size that fits perfectly.

There is also a pair of Comply tips that use expandable foam to make room for a cozier fit. They are not best suited to everyone, but if you are looking for a decent seal then go for these by all means.

They are designed to offer decent performance, if not the best. The drivers are all for the low-end, and the bass is just super. The sound is powerful and does not negate the mid-levels extensively.

Denon AH-C821 Features

  • Premium design and look
  • Comfortable to wear, especially for extended periods of time
  • Deep bass sound
  • Wireless range of 30 ft. (10 m)
  • Battery life of 5 hours

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5. ​Sony MH1C Review

Designed for smartphone users who are in search of high-quality audio, the Sony MH1C provides a clear, warm and snug sound only made more impressive by the affordable price of the earphones. The bass is heavy and deep, where the emphasis is placed on sub-bass instead of mid-bass. Speaking generally, the MH1C brings better bass quality with less mid-bass bloat as compared to the Audio-Technica CKM500, for instance. Taking the quantity of bass into account, they control brilliantly, even though it is still not as good as the bass of other in-ear headphones, such as the Phillips Fidelio S1, a pricier counterpart.

Although the mids of the earphones are not as emphasized as the low-end, they are still surprisingly smooth and warm. Similarly, the treble is quite average but does not compromise the general level of refinement. The product is designed with a good volume level. It doesn’t matter how loud the music is, the headphones will never compromise their performance and you will not feel that tingling feeling where you have to drop the volume a notch or two.

The soundstage of the earphones is relatively narrower as compared to other headsets, like ATH-CKM500; however, the general presentation is off the charts. They deliver a comparatively open and airy sound regardless of the warm tone with great soundstage depth and width.

Sony MH1C Features

  • Great sound and comfort
  • Flat, tangle-free cord with a 3.5 mm jack
  • Finds and manages apps with SmartKey
  • Includes earbuds of 4 different sizes in 2 different sets of orange and white

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