Gamers have a world of their own. Their requirements with common technological gadgets and tools are different from other people. This is why you see gaming laptops, mice, keyboards, laptops etc. in a separate category from the rest of the stuff. Now, gamer does not mean rich. 

Many gamers are actually students so they are making it all possible on a budget. They can’t afford to buy headphones, computers and other gadgets that cost them thousands of dollars combined.

If you are one of the gamers on a budget, you have come to the right place with a list of best cheap gaming headphones under 100 dollars.

However, before you look at these amazing headphones, it would be best for you to know how you can buy the right pair of gaming headphones. There are some important things to look before making a buying decision:

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Things to Consider before Purchasing Gaming Headphones

Do They Feel Sturdy?

This is the first and foremost thing to consider when buying gaming headphones or any other headphones. Sturdiness of headphones is best checked when you hold them in hands. When purchasing online, you have to rely on customer reviews.

Regardless of how you are buying them, look for the materials they are made of. If they are made of plastic, see how thick the components are. It’s best if you can find something made of metal. Secondly, headphones with too many joints, glue, adhesiveness etc. aren’t going to stick around for long.

Are They Comfortable?

Before we reveal our top 5 picks for best noise canceling headphones, there are a couple of key things that are important for you to keep in mind.

Consider these crucial tips on purchasing noise-canceling headphones for your personal use.

They will help you comprehend exactly what makes a pair of noise canceling headphones awesome:

Can They Be Tightened or Loosened?

It does not really matter how much cushioning and padding there is on your headphones, if they are too tight on your head, they will start causing discomfort to you after some time. This is why your headphones should have a reliable mechanism for your headphones to adjust according to your size.

If they can’t be adjusted according to your face size, their construction should allow them to adjust according to your head size with time. If your headphones are too tight, they can cause headaches and pain in your temples. If they are too loose, it will be mission for you to hold them on your head without them slipping away.

Do They Offer Extra Convenience?

There are many things that can be listed under convenience. First, your headphones can have a folding mechanism that allows you to fold and store them with ease. Secondly, many new headphones allow you to run them on batteries (as wireless headphones) as well as cables.

So, when your headphone battery is about to die, you can use the cable to power them and keep listening to your favorite music. Another convenient feature is swiveling and rotation of the ear cups. Swiveling ear cups can be greatly helpful for people who make music e.g. DJs.

Now that you have enough information to decide how good a pair of headphones is, here are the best cheap gaming headphones under 100 dollars for you.

Best Cheap Gaming Headphones under $100

1. Sades SA902 Gaming Headset Review

These headphones can make any best cheap gaming headphones under 100 list because they look solid and deliver a rock solid performance. While these Sades SA902 gaming headphones are quite affordable, they still manage to provide an immersive gaming experience to gamers with some lights to flaunt too. They offer a frequency range starting from 20Hz to a maximum of 20,000Hz. With an impedance of 32 ohms, they can be plugged in to any powerful sound card or a big amplifier.

Sades SA902 Features

  • The most amazing thing about these headphones is the cushioning on ear cups and headband. It is thick and done with breathable protein for proper ventilation.
  • They provide a surround sound effect so you feel as if the sound is coming from all directions.
  • The microphone rotates up to 165 degrees so you can adjust it perfectly in front of your mouth.
  • The ear cups on the headphone are closed to provide you an isolated experience so you can focus on every little in-game instruction you are given.
  • One of the lovable things about these headphones the light that lights up in the color of fire on your ear cups.
  • There is a long 2.2-meter long cable attached to these headphones. With such a long cable, you can easily move around to grab a drink or snacks while wearing the headphones.
  • The headband on this headphone has some true tensile strength. If you think the headphone is too tight on your temple and head, you can stretch it until it has adjusted according to your head size.
  • Finally yet importantly, it uses USB 7.1 connections to deliver the best sound quality with least latency.

One thing you will love about these headphones is that they have been designed to avoid the seashell effect that many headphones of similar shape suffer from.

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2. Logitech G430 DTS Headphones Review

Logitech is quite a name when it comes to computers and computer gaming gadgets. They are known for their gaming mice as well, and they don’t disappoint with these amazing Logitech G430 DTS headphones. They have been designed perfectly for gamers with the amazing contrasted color tones and uniquely shaped ear cups.

For anyone who’s searching for best cheap gaming headphones under 100 price range, these headphones from Logitech are a deal that must not be missed. Here are some notable features of these headphones.

Logitech G430 DTS Features

  • They provide a 7.1 surround sound experience so your gaming experience is as immersive as it can be with sounds coming from all possible directions.
  • They are a perfect fit for anyone who wears them because not only can you adjust the length of the headband but the ear cups swivel up to 90 degrees as well.
  • They have sport cloth on ear cups that provides maximum comfort and prevents moisture from building after long hours of using.
  • The same soft sport cloth cushioning is available on the headband so you can play games for hours without feeling any discomfort.
  • The microphone shaft has an angle to it so when you pull it back it stows into the headset.
  • The boom microphone has noise canceling properties to pick up every word you say while avoiding the surrounding noise.
  • In addition, when you have to mute the volume in a jiffy, the on-cable volume and mute controls are there for you.

With Logitech, you can purchase your headphones with confidence and peace of mind.

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3. Hyper X Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Review

As you add a few bucks to the price, you get some extra and cool features as well. This pair of headphones is one of the coolest looking at its price. They have an all-black design with Hyper X logo on it making it look a true action gaming headset. Here are some of the most notable features of Hyper X Cloud Stinger gaming headset.

Hyper X Cloud Features

  • Hyper X has made this headset lightweight so it is never a discomfort for you no matter how long you have to wear it for.
  • The ear cups can be rotated, so when you are waiting for your mom to call you, just rotate one of the ear cups away from your ear.
  • There is proper cushioning on the ear cups and headband. The good thing here is that the cushioning mixes perfectly with the color of the headband so it is nearly invisible from a distance.
  • The steel slider lets you adjust the size of your headphones and also provides sturdiness to the structure.
  • With the volume controls located on the ear cups, you won’t be searching haphazardly for the on-cable controls.
  • Rather than ending up making a blunder over a live stream, it’s best to have a microphone that mutes automatically when you rotate it back into its place – the exact thing you get on these headphones.
  • One of the things that set these headphones apart is the big sized 50mm drivers.

These headphones are compatible on various platforms, so if you are a versatile gamer, this is the best thing you can get your hands on.

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4. VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Anyone looking for best cheap gaming headphones under 100 without compromising on stylish looks and boastful features will find these headphones to be the best choice.

While there are many other headphones for gaming that are priced under your budget but their looks are not as cool and sturdy as VersionTech’s G2000 stereo gaming headset. Here are some notable features of these headphones you would want to know before purchasing them.

VersionTech G2000 Features

  • The neodymium drivers on this headset are 50mm to throw in your ears the most powerful sounds you can imagine.
  • The ear cups are cushioned with leather that is filled with inert sponge. This combination provides you maximum comfort and you don’t feel as if you are even wearing any headphones even after hours of use.
  • The microphone rotates so you can get it right in front of your mouth or tuck it in when you are not using it. The microphone also boasts noise cancelation features, so you don’t annoy other gamers with the surrounding sounds.
  • Controls for volume are given on the cable. The more mentionable thing here is the cable that’s braided. This strong cable does not break even when an accidental tug is really strong.
  • The fun part about these headphones is the LED lights located on its ear cups. These LED lights are in the color of the cushioning on your headband to not only make your headset look cool but match your headphones with the gaming atmosphere.
  • The headband material is so unique that you could fold and twist it virtually in any direction but it won’t break.

When you look at these headphones, you will be compelled to say that they are one of the coolest looking headphones at this price. The LED lights on the headset are just icing on the cake. With high quality stereo sound, noise canceling microphone and a sturdy built at such a low price, you could say that this is one of the best deals you can catch today.

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Gaming Headphones Review Summary

Gaming headphones, just like many other gaming gadgets, can have many different features on them. Some of the best gaming headphones can cost you hundreds of dollars. There is no doubt that those headphones have some really nice features, but when you are looking for best cheap gaming headphones under 100, no one can beat the headphones mentioned above.

These headphones get the job done pretty well. They provide you surround sound experience, have some really cool looks and you could easily give 8 out of 10 to their cushioning and padding options. All of these headphones are wired headphones but the good thing is that most of these have really long wires so you don’t feel tethered to your PC or gaming console.

The prices for these same headphones might vary based on where you buy them from. Furthermore, some headphones can have different prices for different colors too. Make sure you look at these factors before making your purchase.