One of the best things about modern technology is that businesses are able to cater to the varying needs of their consumers with different versions of the same product. The one-size-fits-all strategy is no more practical. Take the example of headphones. You have headphones that are made to meet specific requirements of specific groups. This is why you have headphones for DJs, gamers, music producers, infants etc. Among these many categories, in ear headphones remain one of the top choices. And if you are looking specifically for best cheap in ear headphones under 30, you have come to the right place.

For those who are still on the fence about in ear headphones and the conventional over the ear headphones, here are some questions that should help them make the right decision.

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Do You Want Comfortable Headphones?

If you pick one from the best cheap in ear headphones, you will realize that they can beat any other headphones in terms of comfort. While on the ear, over the ear and in ear headphones have their pros and cons, in ear headphones excel in comfort level. They come with multiple pairs of tips so you can always find one that perfectly fits in your ear tube. There are no headbands or cushions around your ear to cause sweating after hours of use. Furthermore, since there are fewer contact points with your skull and temple area, they are bound to be more comfortable than over or on the ear headphones.

Do You Want Portable Headphones?

Portability is another thing that makes in ear headphones the favorite choice for so many music listeners. With bulky headphones, you will always have trouble carrying them in your bag. They take up a lot of space even after you have folded them. They can be hassling when you want to exercise while listening to music. Their fit is not as perfect as in ear headphones’. In this regard, in ear headphones are the best choice. You don’t need any special carrying case for them. Just put them in your pocket after using them and go anywhere you want. Better yet, you could keep wearing them while traveling or exercising. If they are the right fit, they will not slip out of place.

Do You Want Flawless Noise Blocking?

This is another area where the best cheap in-ear headphones under 30 will beat even the most expensive over ear and on ear headphones. These conventional headphones are now using fancy technologies for the purpose of noise cancellation. On the other hand, no such fancy technology is required for in ear headphones to block the noise from the outside world. The soft silicon tips are the perfect tools that do this for you. You just have to find the right fit and the outside noise will be blocked to maximum. For conventional headphones, the noise cancellation features can even bump up their prices.

Do You Want Affordable Headphones?

In fact, this is the purpose of creating a list of best cheap in ear headphones under 30. Since other types of headphones have to use various mechanisms and technologies for simple things like comfort, portability, noise cancelation etc. they can charge you separately for these features. If your headphones fold in a fancy way, you’re going to pay more for them. If your headphones have some unique and patented cushioning on the headband and ear cups, you will be charged for that. In a similar way, if your headphones are using some new technology for noise cancelation, you’ll pay a higher price for these headphones. With in ear headphones, you don’t have to pay for any of that because of none of that is needed.

Now that you have learned the many reasons why in ear headphones should be preferred over other types of headphones, here is a list of the best yet the most affordable in ear headphones you can find today.

Best Cheap in Ear Headphones under $30 – 5 of the Best You Can Find

1. Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK in Ear Headphones

This list is in no particular order but it won’t be wrong to say that Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK in ear headphones are the best headphones for the price they are available at. There is nothing fancy about these headphones but you will be happy that they serve all the needs a person can have from in ear headphones. Here are some of the features that set these headphones apart from the rest at such an affordable price.

Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK Features

  • These are the ErgoFit in ear headphones from Panasonic, which means they fit your ears perfectly and are comfortable even after hours of use.
  • Different people have different color choices and no one will be disappointed with these headphones because they are available in some 8 different beautiful colors. The best thing is that they come with matching color cords too.
  • Despite their small size, they offer a wide frequency range response starting from 20Hz and reaching a maximum of 20,000Hz.
  • They offer a reasonably good impedance of 16ohms.
  • The cord is 1.1 meter long so you can easily thread them through any piece of garment with ease.

These in ear headphones are the most reviewed and one of the most liked headphones at this price point. Buy them primarily for their value against price.

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2. Panasonic ErgoFit in Ear Headphones RP-TCM125-K

This is another entry from Panasonic but for all the valid reasons. Panasonic ErgoFit in ear headphones RP-TCM125-K is better than the first entry on the list of best cheap in ear headphones under 30 because these headphones have some additional features. While some features can be quite subjective, these particular features missing on RP-HJE120-PPK are quite important for most people. Look at some notable features of these headphones

Panasonic ErgoFit Features

  • The first feature that needs mentioning here is the presence of microphone. You don’t get microphone feature on the aforementioned counterpart of RP-TCM125-K.
  • It also has the sound controller that’s missing on the other model. You can control the sound of your earphones using this controller on any iPhone, Android or Blackberry device.
  • They offer a better frequency range response 10Hz to 24,000Hz.
  • The impedance level on these headphones is the same at 16ohms.
  • These headphones are available in 5 different colors – some really favorites for the girls like pink and purple.
  • They deliver better audio quality with deeper bass notes and crispier high notes.

There are definite advantages of this particular model over the first ones on the list. If you need better frequency response, microphone and sound controller, these are the ones for you.

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3. Saimly Earbuds in Ear Metal Earphones

The price for them might be higher than the first two on the list but these are definitely the more stylish looking headphones with better features as well. They look amazing and of course, they come with a microphone on board so you can take calls with ease. Here are the most notable features of Saimly earbuds in ear metal earphones.

Saimly Earbuds in Ear Features

  • The first noticeable thing about them is how beautiful they look with a combination of matte and glossy metal shine.
  • They are sturdy and durable since they are made of metal.
  • They contain 200D bulletproof wire with pure copper core for uninterrupted sound quality.
  • Ear buds are made of light alloy for your comfort.
  • They are compatible with iPhones, Android phones, laptops, computers etc.
  • The frequency range they cover is 20Hz to 20,000Hz.
  • Along with the microphone on the wire, they also have playlist controls for pausing, forwarding, skipping songs.
  • The cable is a long one at 1.2 meters so you can easily put your smartphone in your pocket and listen to music in your ears.

These headphones come with 3 pairs of tips with different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

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4. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds

Symphonized NRG 3.0 earbuds have taken in ear headphones to a completely new level. Not only do they sound great but their construction is so unique you rarely find any other in ear headphones built that way. Look at some of the best features of these headphones.

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Features

  • The earpieces of these headphones have been handcrafted with wood. They look beautiful and stylish.
  • They have studio-tuned audio to deliver the best bass response and crispy high notes.
  • They are available in the most unique color combinations – purple, orange, black etc. coupled with Hazy Gray.
  • The volume control on the wire lets you take calls, skip tracks, activate voice commands etc.
  • These headphones are compatible with virtually any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • They have TPE tangle free cable and they come with a pouch for you to carry them with ease.
  • The 3.5mm connector is gold plated to prevent leakage.
  • They also come with multiple silicon tips so you can find the right size for your ears.

These are the most stylish and best cheap in ear headphones under 30 that you can boast before your friends. According to the manufacturer, the wood is not only for stylish looks but also for improved sound quality.

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5. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

They are the highest priced in ear headphones on the list but also the most feature-rich and best sounding. Sony MDRXB50AP extra bass earbud is something for people who are looking for better sound quality and minimalistic looks. Here are the features that make them so great.

Sony MDRXB50AP Features

  • They offer great sensitivity at 110dB/mW.
  • Their frequency response beats all other in ear headphones on the list with a starting range from 4Hz to maximum range of 24,000Hz. With such a big frequency range, your bass listening experience will be impeccable and the treble notes will be crispier than ever before.
  • The microphone and controller are located on the wire. This controller is unique as an application can allow you to have smart controls with it on your Android device.
  • With most best cheap in ear headphones under 30 you get small 9mm drivers. With these in ear headphones, you get 12mm drivers for powerful sound production.
  • The design is minimalistic but there are multiple colors for you to choose from. With varying color choices, you get headphones with different cords as well different colored backs of the earpieces.
  • The cable is 1.2 meters long and is a flat one. With flat cable, you can use your headphones with ease and without fearing the annoying tangling that haunts most in ear headphone users around the world.
  • They also come with a cute little case so you can carry them with you and protect them from dust when not using.

These in ear headphones from Sony are meant for people who always prefer in ear headphones but also want quality sound, deeper bass and flawless high notes.

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Final Thoughts

People oftentimes believe that buying something cheap has to be a compromise on quality, but that’s not the case. You should better make a compromise on features rather than on quality. With features, you can choose the ones that you need and leave the ones that you don’t need much.

These best cheap in ear headphones under 30 are the best from the pack because they offer great value for their price. Another thing you will love about these headphones is that they are very positively reviewed online not only by customers who bought them but sound experts as well. Therefore, if you are on a budget and need some high quality in ear headphones under 30, go ahead and pick one from these.