Music, with every passing day, is becoming more and more important in influencing how we actually think and feel. The right type of music can make us feel invincible, happy and motivated, while the wrong one can have a rather depressing effect making you feel inferior and powerless. And unlike a majority of other stimulants that can change perception, music seems like a better option, considering all we need to do is just listen to it.

But to achieve that feeling of thrill and happiness, you shouldn’t have to break the bank. Luckily, there are a number of headphones available in the market today, including in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear that can be further broken down into a number of types based on their design, sizes, shapes and price points.

For you to be able to jam to some quality music, you will require a pair of topnotch headphones that not only deliver a crisp and clear sound, but are also comfortable to wear especially when worn for long hours. A microphone is an added bonus that will help you take calls while on-the-go.

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Here, we will be going over in-ear headphones, which you would have seen many people wearing while walking, cycling, catching the bus, while in the gym or even when in the kitchen.

In-ear headphones are small devices, with one end snugged into the user’s ears while the other nicely tucked into any kind of electrical sound producing systems such as a radio, iPod, Bluetooth or any mobile set.

In-ear headphones feature ear buds that are small enough to be stowed away easily, yet offer the listener freedom of movement and high quality as compared to larger headphones.

Despite their compact size, the sound quality the ear buds produce are subject to vast improvement with the added bonus that these products are becoming more and more cost-effective.

However, with the overwhelmingly wide variety of products available, one may find it a little difficult to put his finger on the right product. Primarily, you should look for the following qualities in an in-ear to make the best out of your purchase.

Fit & Comfort

Comfortability is an important factor. Any in-ear headphone will feel nice at first, but wearing them for extended periods of time, may end up becoming unbearable.

When you’re shopping for in-ear headphones, make it a point to wear for the product at least 20 minutes before you decide on buying them.

The headset also influences comfort

If you prefer a pair of active noise canceling headphones, keep in mind that due to the specific technology involved in noise cancellation, the headphones feature an audio processor that requires power, so your headphones may not last for marathon listening sessions

Also, give due consideration to whether or not you want a pair of headphones that uses replaceable batteries. If you go for a battery-operated pair it is good to have a few extras on-hand.


You want to invest in headphones that last. Unfortunately, small, lightweight headphones are often not that durable as they can be easily snapped or you could just accidentally sit on them.

The tinier the product the more careful you have to be. Put them away in a protective casing when not in use. Also, check out for the cables – are they delicate and thin? Well, they shouldn’t be.


Make sure the cable is long enough for you, so you don’t have to compromise on your comfort.

However, do stay away from extremely elongated cables as they can adversely affect the quality of sound by decreasing the volume and the wires can also lead to that annoying white noise you hear between a song when you’re adjusting the headphone pin. 

A quality pair of in-ear headphones will most probably have shielded cables to minimize noise. If you purchase a short cabled in-ear headphone, you can always add an extension.

Best Cheap In Ear Headphones

1. Sennheiser MX Earphone

The Sennheiser MX Earphone is for the music enthusiast who is also tight on budget. The pair is a replacement for all the traditional ways of listening to music thanks to their style and sound quality. The headset precisely caters to all their needs, with an unmatchable audio quality in combination with effective background noise elimination. With the given price range, the product is known to have a great bass response and a fit that is comfortable thanks to its ergonomic design with cushioned tips. Lastly, the high quality of the headset makes them quite a durable piece, which means lots of quality music.

Sennheiser MX Features

  1. Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  2. Cable slider helps manage excess cable.
  3. Frequency response of 22 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  4. Comes with cushioned ear pads for extra comfort
  5. 2 m symmetric cable.
  6. 10d decibel/mW Headphone Sensitivity at 1,000 Hz
  7. A speaker system that is dynamic for a bass-driven, powerful, stereo sound
  8. Compatible with multiple music players

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2. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-Ear Headphone

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-Ear Headphone offers the essence of comfort and clarity and takes users through an incredibly rich music experience. The sound is crisp and clear, with an awesome sense detail and depth. The headset also offers an excellent sound isolation to shield against external noise interference. It also features a collapsible, travel-friendly wrap that makes it way easy to carry the earphones without tangling the cable.

If you are all about jamming to your favorite tunes with headphones, you will find this option to be greatly satisfying. This pair of headphones comes with 8.5 mm speakers that make sure you have high-quality audio experience. This is thanks to its high Acoustics Resolution, which makes the sound more powerful, comprehensive, and enriched with clarity and depth. The design of the earphones is ergonomic, with 1.2 m Y-type cord that facilitates easy and comfortable wearing of the in-earphones.

Also, since they are canal-type headphones, they fit directly into the ear canal quite comfortably. Furthermore, the same design allows firm protection against unwieldy noise too. And, for added ease of handling, Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK features a removable cord wrap in order to prevent the phone cable from getting tangled.

The headset brings an easy plug and play since it is compatible with a number of devices, such as TV, smartphones, tablets, PC, CD/DVD players, Speaker System/Home Theatre, etc. In addition to that, is the headphones are quite light weighing a mere gm. This means you can easily carry them around anywhere. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK also brings you a broad range of colors to choose from, including lime green, purple, orange, white, black, red, blue, and pink, and three different sizes of small, medium and large.

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK Features

  1. Crisp, crystal-clear sound that is extremely detailed
  2. a long-wearing, comfortable design
  3. the easy-traveling sound performance with cord-wrap
  4. comes in 8 lively colors and three sizes

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3. SoundMagic ES11S Headset

SoundMagic is quite a well-known brand in the headphones department and the  ES11S Headset is a really nice option that is available in really nice colors. The headset comes with a mic to help you answer calls on the go.  Plus, you can also use the sleek panel on the headphones to pause and play your songs with a single-button remote control.

A high-quality microphone ensures realistic, clear voice transmission and also eliminates that background noise you hear when you’re speaking on the phone. Established in 2005 by Tony Xu, an acoustic designer, the aim of this brand is to deliver product performance that is way beyond customer expectations. The company firmly believes in and takes immediate steps to constantly improve and upgrade their products based on the feedback of their customers.

SoundMagic’s acoustic engineers have constituted the ES115 to create an exciting sound with strong bass and a balanced music detail. The in-ear construction, in combination with the right ear tip ensures the audio is not diluted or lost. The headset also sits very comfortably in the ear canal and facilitates the user to go on for hours with zero fatigue and all fun.

Another great thing about these headphones is that is suitable for sporting activities, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Whether you are in the gym or running a track, the ES11S Headset is perfect for you.

SoundMagic ES11S Features

  1. A distinctive design and comfortable fit
  2. Powerful bass with the perfect balance of inexplicable music detail
  3. Precise reproduction and good balance
  4. Good noise cancellation for hearing protection
  5. Comes with additional accessories- silicone ear tips in three sizes of small, medium and large)
  6. Transducers: dynamic with 10 mm Neodymium Driver
  7. A 3.5 ft. (1.2 m) long cable
  8. Frequency response range of 15 Hz to 22,000 Hz
  9. 5 mm right angle

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4. boAt BassHeads 225

Some people are all about bass music and so want an earphone that can produce the desired results without breaking their bank. For those people, boAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition In-Ear Headphones with Mic is the way to go.

The headset features strong 10 mm drivers for high-definition sound whereas the super heavy enables users to enjoy their favorite tunes with greater clarity. With a total harmonic distortion of 0.3 percentage, and a wide frequency response level of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, and a speaker impedance of 16 Ohms, you are certainly going to have a fun-filled audio experience.

The hooks of the Bassheads 225 is specially designed to fit your ear geometry and your lifestyle by providing a smooth grip for an additionally comfortable and secure fit for your ears. Regardless of the type of activities you partake in, be it outdoors or indoors, the thoughtful design makes sure the in-ear headphones stay in place for long periods of time and at the same time deliver incredible sound and comfort.

boAt BassHeads 225 Features

  1. The innovative design of the housing which promotes optimal wearing comfort and easy adjustment thanks to powerful 10 mm drivers for bass-driven, sonic clarity and good attenuation of ambient noise.
  2. The noise-cancelling mic allows hassle free receiving of important calls or uninterrupted sessions of music-listening.
  3. Passive noise cancellation that brings users a chance to enjoy music in the noisy and chaotic environment.
  4. Designed with care, and features a polished metal which ensures longevity.
  5. User-friendly, tangle-free cables.

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