The Best Infant Headphones of 2018 & buying guide

If you are searching for the ideal headphones for you little bundle of joy, there is a huge variety of products you can choose from.

However, when it comes to getting the best infant headphones, you need to select a product that fits the little infant and can be adjusted easily.

Moreover, you also have to look for the most important features. Getting the wrong type of headphones will put a dent in your pocket.

A good pair of headphones will help safeguard your little baby from loud external noises, for example, when you are at a concert, a sporting event or just driving on the highway.

Putting the headphones on the baby will help him stay calm and relaxed.

With noise canceling and comfortable headphones, you can take your baby anywhere you want, especially a theme park or anywhere noisy.

But no matter what type of headphones you opt for, getting the right product can be a bit tricky. You can’t afford to make any mistakes as you aren’t just looking to provide your kid with a comfortable experience, but you want to ensure his overall health isn’t affected.

Fortunately, this review covers some of the best headphones for babies. You can go over the reviews and select the one that you feel will best serve the needs of your baby. But first, let’s discuss the numerous reasons why you should opt for topnotch products on the market.

Important Reasons to Invest in Good Infant Headphones

There are a variety of advantages of using noise-canceling earphones on babiesand slightly older infants. These products can have a good impact on their overall wellbeing, which is why it is important to select the right product. In light of this, mentioned below are some awesome benefits and reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate buying a good pair of headphones for your infant.

External Noises Will Never Bother the Kid

This type of serenity can take your little one to a whole new happy place inside his mind, helping him sleep better, increase his mental awareness and will also help him feel calmer and less irritable.

Reduced Risks of Hearing Complications or Impairment

Many grownups and young adults are affected with many different types of hearing issues and disorders, a majority of which are developed because of constant exposure to the constant and never-ending background noise in the environment they live in.

Kids wearing noise-canceling headphones can definitely avoid these disorders as they grow up. Kids, especially babies, have extremely delicate auditory bones and soft tissue that can easily be harmed by deafening sounds and uncomfortable noises.

No Stress

Intense noises and being exposed to constant background noises can really be irritating and overly uncomfortable for your little bundle of joy who just wants to sleep and play.

Moreover, these noises can also make him feel more stressed out and easily irritable.

Exposure to loud sounds or noise for long periods can make your baby more anxious and cranky than normal.

The Headphones can Help Kids Suffering with ADHD

Pro Ears – ReVO

Pro Ears – ReVO

ADHD affects many people in the US as well as across the world. The Attention Deficit Human Disorder is a mental condition that most kids suffer from where they aren’t able to focus on their studies or anything else because they are too easily distracted by even the smallest things in their surroundings.

One effective way to ensure your child steers clear of this problem is to get him a good pair of noise canceling headphones to shut all external sources of noise and sound while reading or eating.

Helps Suppress Uncomfortable and Nervous Feelings

Many kids feel uneasy and queasy when they hear unfamiliar sounds or noises in their surroundings. This can lead to them feeling overly nervous or on edge. This could in turn lead them to being scared, angry or easily irritable.

It isn’t necessary the sounds that you perceive to be comfortable and familiar are perceived the same by your children. As a matter of fact, it could totally mean the opposite for them.

Best Infant Headphones Review

1. Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff Review

Baby Banz

The design and style of the Baby Banz Infant headphones is quite funky. However, what is even more important is they provide maximum comfort for your child. The headphones have a Category 4 Rating, which means you have nothing to worry about protecting your kid’s ear from disturbing and uncomfortable and cringe worthy sounds and noises. The headphones weigh 190g and are small, they can fit right into the palm of your hand. Storing them isn’t a problem. Plus, you can take them anywhere you want with you.

The Baby Banz headphones is the perfect way for you to keep your baby’s cute, tiny ears safe, significantly reducing his risk of developing hearing complications. Another really great thing is that the headphones aren’t designed to shut out ambient sounds. Moreover, the headphones are ideal for taking your baby out for virtually any noisy event you like. For example, you can take your baby to a concert if you don’t feel like hiring a babysitter. You can mow the lawn in front of the baby while he is wearing his Banz. You can put them on your baby when driving on the busy highway or in any noisy setting.

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Prominent Features

  • The Baby Banz come in an over-ear design, great for shutting out loud external noises and sounds
  • Great for infants aged 0 to 2 years and over
  • Imported materials
  • You can hand wash them
  • The headband is soft and the ear cups are designed to be overly comfortable

2. Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs Review

Snug Safe n

When it comes to complete ear protection and maximum comfort, there is nothing better out there than the Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs.  The headphones are easy to adjust while perfectly fitting on those little ears for a snug and soft fit offering topnotch external sound protection and shutting out all uncomfortable noises and sounds in the environment. Moreover, one of the coolest reasons to invest in these headphones is they can be used in a variety of settings.

From attending water sports to concerts, loud shopping areas, air shows, and movies, you can count on the earmuffs to keep your child happy and in a relaxed and calm mood. In addition, the Snug Safe n Sound Kids headphones shut out even the loudest of noises, for example, the sound of a lawnmower. With a soft and easily adjustable design, your kid can play, crawl or run around the house without you having to worry that the headphones will come off.

Prominent Features

  • Perfectly designed to block all sounds and noises that are caused by cars, airplanes, large crowds, concerts, and sports events
  • Really effective for children standing on the verge of autism, helping them stay calm and collected, especially when you are taking them out in large crowds
  • The headphones have a clam design and are low profile, which provide a chic and stylish look
  • Manufactured using durable materials, prolonging headphone life
  • As a result of the sturdy design, the product comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • The headphones have a lightweight design and padded, soft ear cushion for maximum comfortability
  • Foldable and portable design, which means you can store them anywhere you want and carry them anywhere you want
  • Adjustable fitting, which means the headphones can fit toddlers aged 6 months and even their grandparents

3. Pro Ears – ReVO – Hearing Protection Review

Pro Ears – ReVO

The Pro Ears ReVO headphones are specifically designed to perfectly fit small heads. As there are several products out there, you have to understand it can be a bit difficult to select a product that is a perfect fit for your child. This is where Pro Ears come into play. These headphones take away that problem because they are designed to fit small ears, which mean you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the earmuffs.

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When it comes to negating situational awareness, it is important to rely on cutting-edge infant headphones that have perfect sound attenuation, blocking all external sound to keep your baby happy and calm. There are many products parents struggle with when it come to ensuring the headphones don’t slip off their child’s head. This is where you need to consider buying the best of the best on the market.

The ReVO headphones have a smooth and soft headband keeping your baby’s head comfortable at all times when he has them on. Improper headphones also raise the risk of swallowing. This is where the baby will start to chew on the loose earmuff and accidentally swallow the soft material, which can be harmful to his health. This is why you require headphones that are will no slip or become loose when your baby crawls, walks or runs around.

The shape of the headphones, their size and the ear seals make a big difference. For example, if the headband of the product gets loose or is rather big, the cups will fail to adequately compress your baby’s ears and will slip down or just hang low. Moreover, if the ear seal design is too big, they will not be able to properly shut out external noises because of the gaps.

Prominent Features

  • The product is imported and is designed using commercial grade, durable materials
  • Designed to fit over smaller ears and heads
  • The headband is simple to adjust and the ear cushions are designed with soft leather

4. BEBE Muff Hearing Protection Review


When it comes to budget-friendly ear muffs and headphones for infants and toddlers that are designed for maximum comfort and noise cancellation, it is strongly recommended you opt for the BEBE Muff Hearing Protection headphones. This product comes in a unisex design and has plenty of colors you can select from. Plus, it can be worn by infants aged 3 months to older babies and children. The product has a durable design and is quite ergonomic, which means your baby will never be uncomfortable wearing headphones.

These are must-have headphones, especially when you talk about taking your baby to concert or any other event where you expect a lot of noise. You can even take him to a busy and rowdy shopping mall without fear that he may start crying and whatnot.

Prominent Features

  • The headphones are designed to be highly ergonomic and adjustable
  • Can be worn by both boys and girls
  • Recommended for 3-month olds to 24-month olds and above
  • The exact fitting of the headphones will vary depending on the size, width and shape of the baby’s head
  • The headband measures 10 inches from one ear to another ear, making it more adjustable
  • The product is thoroughly tested and is made as per US standards

Bottom Line

So, there you go, a complete range of the best infant headphones you can buy for maximum performance and comfort.