It is sad but true that our generation of infants and children are being exposed to noise a lot more than let’s say 20 years ago. There is just so much that is going around us. Apart from environmental noises, kids today are also exposed to the hustle and bustle of shopping malls, musical events, concerts and whatnot.

It is important to understand that too much noise can damage the sensitive ears of your baby, which could lead to other medical complications that will adversely affect him as he grows up.

The solution? Noise canceling infant headphones.

Noise canceling earmuffs and headphones for babies and kids bring along a number of mental health benefits.

Luckily, they also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can also be worn by infant aged 0 to 2 years. They are also designed for older children.

While you can try your best to raise your child in a noise-free environment, this task is quite physically and mentally daunting. 

You just can’t avoid taking him to the mall with you or if you have to go the movies and can’t find a baby sitter or if you want to take him to the amusement park. There are just so many things.

However, the best thing you can do is invest in a pair of noise canceling headphones designed for infants. These headphones will completely protect those tiny, sensitive ears in place such as airports, schools, shopping malls, concerts and festivals, etc.

Besides protecting hearing, noise-canceling headphones can help children with physical and auditory processing problems, ADHD, and autism by reducing the noise.

Why Should You Invest In Noise-Cancelling Infant Headphones?

Offering your child some noiseless time can bring many varied benefits. If you do not have the ability to soundproof your rooms then using noise-proof earmuffs might be a good substitute. So let’s take a look at the 5 most common benefits you can expect.

Protection of developing ears

The sound density from noise is multiplied in the narrower growing ear canals of babies and young children, which makes them more susceptible and sensitive to ear damage.

Children can perceive a noise to be around 20 dB louder in comparison with adults. Loss of hearing is irreversible and cumulative, and your kid may not even notice the consequences until much later.

Provision of sensory breaks

High levels of stimulation can be bad, specifically for children suffering from ADHD and autism. Headphones can give a break from all the stimulation, while preventing sensory overload or a ‘meltdown’

Reduction of stress related to noise

The soothing effect of using noise canceling headphones can minimize anxiety the child might be feeling. Unpleasant or loud sounds can be largely filtered out, and will possibly prevent meltdowns and outbursts.

Increased focus

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Eliminating background distractions and noise can assist kids with auditory processing problems to really concentrate.

A good set of headphones for children with this kind of disorder can help them only pick out the key sounds while blocking out all background racket.

This in turn, can help a child with hearing problems and enhance their learning skills.

Reduced uneasy and nervous feelings

Some kids feel uneasy and nervous when they in very rowdy and loud environments. What may seem like normal sound to adults may actually be perceived by a child as “nails on a chalkboard”. Noise canceling headphones actually work, they can help your baby experience new environments and places that would otherwise make them feel uneasy.

Choosing the right pair of infant headphones can be a tricky decision, especially since the variety available in the market is insanely diverse. If you fail to choose the right headphones for your child, it may end up becoming counterproductive and even dangerous. For example, if you choose a product that is too big for him, he could easily start chewing on the ear muff when they plop down his head.

The key factors that you should consider when buying infant headphones are fit, design and comfort, but also limit the amount of time your child uses the headphones.

Best Noise-canceling infant headphones Our top 5 picks!

1. Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff Review

Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff are specially designed for newborn babies (according to the manufacturer, 3 months), but are also suitable for children of around 2 years. They weigh 6.7 oz., are very lightweight and also compact, which allows them to be carried around easily.

Baby Banz are well-known for their super soft padding around the cups, which makes them very comfortable and excellent for baby wear for more than a few hours in one shot if required. Many parents found the product great for traveling.

The headband is made in a way that it creates a nice and balanced fit over the ears, and is not too tight and not too loose. The earmuffs come in a variety of colors for both girls and boys so that your baby can be stylish and also protected.

They are made from 100% hard plastic, and the focus is placed on the noise cancellation quality rather than durability. Because these earmuffs are small and extremely lightweight, they make a perfect item for babies as they don’t strain their delicate heads and necks, and are very comfortable.

Baby Banz Infant Features

  1. An aesthetically pleasing design
  2. Light and small
  3. Great category 4 rating noise cancellation
  4. Good durability
  5. Padded cups that add an extra layer of comfort
  6. 100% hard plastic
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2. Peltor Optime Hearing Protection Headphones Review

The Peltor (3M) Optime Hearing Protection Headphones are Amazon’s best-selling passive noise cancellation headphones due to a number of reasons. For starters, they offer superior comfort thanks to their big foam cushioned ear cups, along with a stainless steel headband that is padded. The wire puts very less strain on children’s heads as it is stretchier compared to a plastic band.

The size of the headphones are appropriate for small kids aged 2 and above, but can be adjusted even for grownups with relatively smaller heads. Another outstanding feature of the headphones is the noise canceling ratio of 30 decibels, which is way above the average rating of 21 decibels found on the majority of other noise cancellation brands. The 3M Peltor H10A Optime headphones are available in black and red, and are perfect for noisy environments.

Peltor Optime Hearing Protection Features

  1. Noise canceling rating of 30 dB
  2. Superior hearing protection, fit, and comfort
  3. Twin-cup design that is patented
  4. Ideal for extremely loud environments
  5. Stainless steel headband allots the weight evenly, which in turn creates a low-pressure fit.
  6. Foam/liquid filled earmuff paddings
  7. Earcup swivel points that tip for maximum efficiency and comfort
Peltor Optime Protection at Amazon

3. Pro Ears – ReVO – Hearing Protection Review

The Pro Ears ReVO headphones are specially designed to seamlessly fit small heads. Since there is a number of noise canceling products out there, you have to realize that it can be a little tricky to select a product is ideal for your child. However, with Pro Ears ReVO headphones, you don’t have to think twice. These headphones allow you to not fret too much since they are designed to fit small ears, meaning you will not have to worry about continuously adjusting the earmuffs.

When it comes to eliminating environmental racket, it is imperative to rely on a high-tech, high-quality infant headphones that will be equipped with perfect sound attenuation, blocking out all unnecessary external sounds to keep your baby calm and happy. There are a number of products that parents struggle with when it comes to making sure that the headphones will not slip off their babies’ little head. This is where you should consider purchasing the best of the best products present in the market.

The Pro Ears ReVO headphones have a soft and smooth headband that will keep your baby’s head comfy at all times when he is wearing them. Unfitting headphones also increase the risk of swallowing. This is where your baby will start chewing on the wobbly earmuff and inadvertently swallow the lax material, which can prove to be very harmful to his health. For this reason, you need headphones that are will stay put and not become loose when your baby walks, crawls, or runs around.

Pro Ears ReVO Features

  1. Designed to perfectly fit smaller heads
  2. Rugged construction, super-sized ProFoam leather ear padding, and adjustable headband
  3. Noise reduction rating of 25 dB, which is above average of 21 dB
  4. Comes with one year warranty
Pro Ears ReVO at Amazon

4. Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection Review

These earmuffs are specifically designed for kids that are past infancy, ranging from babies that have begun to walk and for children who have learnt how to speak a few words. They are pretty lightweight, weighing just 190g, which makes the product very portable and easy to store. You can take them anywhere you want with you.

The headphones are design used commercial-grade plastic, which makes the casing a durable one against regular wear and tear, as children are more prone throwing things down on the floor. The padding is wide and full of foam for added comfort for the little angel.

The product comes in camo-pink, which can be folded into something that easily fits inside the palm of your hand. They come with a Noise Reduction Rate of 21 dB, which is the average recommended rate.

Baby Banz earBanZ Features

  1. Effective noise cancellation
  2. Impressive design and beautiful color scheme
  3. Can be folded in a smaller size
  4. Small and lightweight design ideal for traveling
  5. Average attenuation at 500 Hz 257 dB, Dimensions 10cm Height 12 cm Width (folded): 17cm Height 13 Cm Width (opened), average attenuation at 1000Hz 352 dB
  6. The earmuffs are practically easy to wear
  7. Padding is wide and filled with cushions to ensure your child’s comfort
  8. The earmuffs make an ideal option for loud events, such as air shows, concerts, lawn mowing, sporting events or airplane trips
Baby Banz earBanZ at Amazon

5. Em’s for Bubs Baby and Newborn Hearing Protector Earmuffs Review

Em’s for Bubs Baby and Newborn Hearing Protector Earmuffs are truly meant for newborn babies. The product is unique as it features no plastic headband, but a soft, stretchable fabric that is just perfect for the delicate newborns. The fabric comes in six different color designs that also add to the style to your baby’s style.

This kind of headband is more suited to evenly distribute the weight of the ear cups more evenly atop that tiny head making it safer and extra comfortable for your baby’s still developing skull. There are parents who found the headband to be more slippery and requiring extra adjustments as compared to traditional headbands.

However, it all winds down to the preference of both the baby and the parents. Owing to the fact that the Em’s for Bubs Baby and Newborn Hearing Protector Earmuffs are so inexpensive, many parents choose it so see and compare the product with other brands such as Baby Banz.

Em’s for Bubs Baby Features

  1. Light and very easy to use
  2. Noise reduction Rate of 25 dB, which is above average of 21 dB
  3. The product meets all the USA and Global safety rating requirements, which means your baby’s delicate eardrums will be protected.
  4. An adjustable headband, which means you can stretch it to perfectly fit the size of your baby’s head.
  5. Perfect for any concerned parent wanting to protect their little’s one’s ear from the external clamor.
Em’s for Bubs Baby at Amazon