Why Noise Cancellation Headphones for Dogs?

Your beloved Pets are a part of your family, and it is your duty as an owner to provide him with the best care and attention as you would with any other family member. Like humans, dogs too require some quality time alone. And with all the chaos going on in the background, you may be robbing him of this right.

On the other hand, there are those ‘nervous’ dogs that are always highly strung and never seem to calm down no matter how hard you try. They will act up even at the slightest hint of noise and a stormy weather just makes everything a lot hellish.

NOTE: Your dog’s keenest sense, after smell, is hearing. If you find something to be loud, know that it is probably painfully loud for your dog.

After heredity, canine deafness is usually the result of loud environments. But not to worry! Noise-induced loss of hearing is different in one very important aspect… it can be reduced and even prevented altogether. With noise canceling headphones for dogs, say goodbye to bonfire night terrors and constant restlessness for good.

Why use Noise Cancellation Headphones?

With noise cancellation headphones, you can listen to your favorite music and songs without having to be bothered by a constant barrage of ambient and environmental noise. They are perfect to wear when you are traveling or when you are trying to focus.

At present day, there is a sea of noise canceling headphones available in the market, based on different factors such as the design, style, Noise Cancellation Rate (NCR), and price. Whether we want to sleep better or play music without having to listen to the background racket, we can fall back on noise cancellation headphones anytime.

However, thanks to the constantly evolving technology and innovation, human aren’t the only one that can enjoy the bliss of not having to listen to external noises and ambient sounds. Now, your canine companions can too. There isn’t anything better than to provide your dog with maximum comfort and peace, especially if he doesn’t like loud noises and whatnot.

Best noise canceling headphones for dogs – Buying Guide

When you head out to look for the best headphones that fall under the “noise canceling” category for your dog, you will be surprised to find that there are indeed quite a restricted amount of options you can choose from.

However, it is also important to find out exactly what you are looking for in a canine headphone. You need a product that is safe for the dog breed you own and one that comfortably fits the dog’s ears without giving him any trouble. Too lose and he will soon be chewing on it, destroying it completely.

The headphones need to fit perfectly so that your canine does not mess with them. In light of this, mentioned below are some factors to consider when searching for canine noise cancellation headphones:

Passive VS Active Noise Canceling

Passive noise canceling headphones work to block external sound waves thanks to the material that they are designed with. They work similar to ear muffs, softening or dampening external noise.

Active noise canceling headphones also make use of materials that are designed to cancel external noise.

However, they take things a little further by generating their own sound waves. The sound waves they produce imitate ambient noise, but are basically the “mirror image” of one another – causing a cancellation effect of both sounds.


The design should be canine-friendly, the earbuds should be foam-filled and wide so that they can offer maximum level of comfort

Lightweight and comfortable

A lightweight headset will not only be comfortable on your canine friend’s head, but also be portable. A portable pair of headphones means that you can carry them around anywhere without sacrificing too much space.

Adjustable straps

These straps help move around the headphones for optimum fit. Lastly, the headphones you choose should be engineered to properly meet the curve of your canine’s head.

Best hearing protection headphone for dogs

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs Review

MUTT MUFFS DDR337 Dogs Review

Mutt Muff’s DDR337 provides passive noise cancellation, which means they do not completely block external noise; they just reduce it. Your dog will still be able to hear his surroundings, but not as loudly as before. They are designed to not completely eliminate sound, which can be beneficial in its own way.

For example, if someone broke into your house, your dog would still be able to hear it. It is important to keep in mind that the Mutt Muff’s headphones are not designed with the purpose of curing you canine’s thunderstorm phobia. Most dogs sense an approaching storm, and their anxiety is triggered. The headphones are simply there to minimize and prevent hearing damage.

The inner foam used for the noise canceling headphones is the same as ester resin foam that is generally found in a lot of high-class commercial headsets created for humans. On the basis of the material used, the approximate dB reduction is between 2 1 and 24, considering that your dog wears it properly.

Dogs can hear higher frequencies (in the range of 43K cycles every second). As the level of frequency goes up, so does the efficiency of the DDR337, simply due to the fact that higher frequency gets absorbed more effectively. Thus, Mutt Muffs are particularly superior at protecting your canine’s ears against the high-frequency shrieks and wind whistles that we cannot even hear. Another factor that comes into play is: the dog’s ear flaps downwards, fully canopying the ear canal, and providing an extra protection layer.

The headphones also come with 1 year warrany, where appropriate adjustments or replacement will be made by the manufacturer in case of any defects.

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Features

  • Over-the-head protection against hearing loss for dogs
  • Specifically designed with wide-foam earmuffs that provide seals for optimum comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable straps allow optimum fit
  • Designed to really meet the shape of your dog’s head

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