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Best Bass In Ear Headphones Under $200 [2019]

Anyone who enjoys listening to music is looking for high sound quality combined with comfort and many can agree to the fact that in-ear headphones offer just that. In-ear headphones are designed for instant use, which is why they should be portable, compact, and easy to pop in a bag (in this aspect, on and over-the-ear headphones just don’t work).

They should cancel outside noise so that you don’t have to turn up the volume in noisy streets and during your commute to the office or to college.

The earphone market is huge and covers everything from dollar store earbuds to $2,000 customized monitors. Their differences prevail, but neither the brand nor the price guarantee that you are getting the very best performance for your listening specifications.

When looking for bass in-ear headphones, there are a number of things to consider besides the quality of sound. These include manufacturing quality, design, convenience, comfort, high noise isolation, built-in microphone, and price.

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In ear Headphones Styles

Earbud-style headphones range from the disposable models you receive on airplanes to the ones that come with your smartphone to high-quality buds that deliver Sonic’s rivaling full-size models.

Their small earpieces rest well on the external ear or need to be inserted in the ear canal, and certain models especially sports buds, come with fins or wings for a more secure and tailored fit. Primarily, there are two styles of in-ear headphones:


Lightweight and ultra-compact, most models comes with a built-in microphone and track navigation controls and can offer moderate to outstanding noise cancellation, little to zero interference with glasses, earrings, hairstyles, or hats.


Bass response and sound quality are typically not comparable with a full-size model, which means that they can result in discomfort over long periods of use. Some models can be a little difficult to remove and insert, making them less ideal for the office environment. Dual cable designs can result in more wire tangling.

Additional Features –Some in-ear headphones come with additional features such as five-button volume remote controls, an array of ear tip materials and sizes (rubber, silicone, and foam), over-ear guides, and various balanced-armature drivers with crossovers.

Quality cheap in-ear headphones should sound uniform across the whole frequency range. This means that the bass guitar should not subdue the lead guitar, the lead guitar should not result in lost vocal details, and the vocals should not have consonants that are piercing, painfully loud.

The earphones should have clear and smooth details (without sounding harsh), and a low-end form and pitch to it.

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Things to Look For When Buying an In Ear Headphone

Due to the plethoric supply of bass in-ear headphones, it is easy to walk away from the shop with the wrong product in hand. So take a look at the following important factors that you need to take into account before making a purchase.

What activities do you need the earphones for?

Make sure you take you assess the activities you will need the earphones for. Examples include intense workout sessions, work, travel, outdoor adventures, dance, commute, etc.

What is the size of your ears?

Earphones come in all shapes and sizes, and the last you want is to invest in something that will either not fit right or cause you discomfort.

What kind of music will you be listening to?

Different earphones cater to different music genres, like superior bass. Assuming that your preference is bass-heavy, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with a pair of earphones that produce a distorted and crackly sound.

Best Bass In Ear Headphones under $200

1. JVC HAFX102B In ear headphone Review

JVC HA-FX101 is JVC’s enhanced-bass “Xtreme Xplosives” are a must-have for bass enthusiasts. They bring plenty of bass with prominent treble and a good overall sound. The low-end is sure to please bass lovers and the sound is just outstanding for the given price. It is energy-star certified and comes in a sleek and portable design, which makes its use all the more convenient.

You can buy the earphones in various colors and a version that comes with a built-in mic and remote.

The real strength of the JVC HA-FX101 lies in maintaining good sound characteristics regardless of its meager price tag and massive low-end. The sound clarity is quite impressive for something that is so bassy. The sound produced is a little dark and warm, and the signature is v-shaped, with a softer treble boost and powerful bass emphasis.

When it comes to treble, some find it a little harsh and not the most refined in comparison with its high-end counterparts.  It can emphasize sibilance and does not go all the way up, thus generating a darker sound. The darker tone prevents the earphones from sounding airy and open. The JVC HA-FX101 plays loud and will crank the bass even at very low volumes.

JVC HAFX102B Features

  • Sleek design with plastic housings and rubber bumpers, paper nozzle filters, and a plastic cable.
  • Comfortable fit thanks to the rubber-sheathed housings
  • Excellent noise canceling quality, which makes the earphones good for angle-nozzle design
  • Comes with single-flange silicone tips in 3 different sizes

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2. ​RHA T10i Review

The RHA T10i is a great option for one simple reason: the sound quality is beyond incredible, thanks to the comfy seal created when you insert the earphones in your ears. In addition, the bass is also outstanding for such tiny earphones.

The design of the earphones features a metal finish around the cable and drivers. They also come with various replacement tips in case the defaults do not fit well in your ear. Even though they are a little pricey, they are sure worth the investment.

The first feature of the in-ear headphones that give them an edge over others is their substitutable tuning filters. These are small attachments that are put on the earphone’s tip to slightly adjust the sound as it passes through. The outcome of this is that you can get an ear-melting bass or go for a sound that is purer.

When it comes to the headset’s design, it is completely made out of metal. This gives them an enormously pleasing weight but also poses the potential of them falling out.

Due to the in-ear fit, design and size of the earphones, the noise cancellation is simply remarkable.

RHA T10i Features

  • Handmade, high-fidelity driver designed to precisely reproduce all music genres with high levels of detail, clarity, and imaging.
  • Noise canceling design
  • Stainless steel construction that is also metal injection molded
  • Comfortable
  • Substitutable tuning filters
  • Microphone and three-button remote for use with Apple devices that are compatible
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Heavy bass
  • Impedance of 26 ohms
  • Frequency response range of 16 Hz to 40,000 Hz

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3. Klipsch Reference X6i In ear headphones Review

The Klipsch Reference X6i In-ear headphones are designed specifically for audiophiles that love listening to music on the go. The sound quality, build, comfort and other wonderful features make this headset a great value for money. If you are a bass lover, then we wholeheartedly recommend this option for you.

The X6i features an outstanding build with a profuse, durable cable and die-cast zinc driver covers. The headphones also feature Klipsch’s original oval-shaped earbuds that are beyond comfortable.

Their lightweight oval ear tips make the headphones one of the most comfortable, especially if you intend to use them for long periods of time. To ensure the comfortable fit of the earphones, Klipsch’s includes 5 sets of ear tips, including a set of double flange tips.

The X6i headphones are beautifully balanced and work great for all music genres, from EDM to classical. Its opulent mids and bright highs stand out the most, making listening to the vocals more pleasurable.

Lastly, the in-ear headphones are comfortable and hold their seal very well in order to cancel external noise. A good majority of Klipsch users are happy with their new headphones since they block most of the ambient noises without the need for active noise isolation and the large battery pack that comes with it.

Klipsch Reference X6i Features

  • Incredibly comfortable and super thin. The thin design follows an oval contour of the ear cups and sits smoothly in the ear canal, making the earphones comfortable to wear even for extended time periods.
  • A microphone and 3-button remote provide easy control of your iPhone, iPod or iPad while jamming to music, answering calls, and watching movies. Clothing clip and carrying case along with 4 different oval ear tips more the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and convenient. The oval ear tips comfortably fit the ear canals, offering the best in comfort besides high-quality noise cancellation and sound quality.
  • Full-range balanced armature offers clearer sound and more natural-sounding vocals with defined upper frequencies.

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4. ​Denon AH-C821 Review

With the AH-C82, Denon has introduced some impressive technology. These tiny earbuds are made use of the company’s proprietary Double Air Compression Drive tech, which means each earphone comprises of one 11.5 mm driver, one ahead of the other. The idea behind is this is to deliver a more powerful sound as compared to one driver unit. Plus, these drivers are further enclosed in a high-quality housing, which is made out of resin and die-cast aluminum so that vibrations can be kept to a minimum.

Even with dual drivers installed, the earphones do not have a bulky design. The C821 drivers come in a compact circular casing. The product also comes with a nice selection of silicone earphones in the box, so regardless of the size your ear canal; you will certainly be able to find a size that fits perfectly.

There is also a pair of Comply tips that use expandable foam to make room for a cozier fit. They are not best suited to everyone, but if you are looking for a decent seal then go for these by all means.

They are designed to offer decent performance, if not the best. The drivers are all for the low-end, and the bass is just super. The sound is powerful and does not negate the mid-levels extensively.

Denon AH-C821 Features

  • Premium design and look
  • Comfortable to wear, especially for extended periods of time
  • Deep bass sound
  • Wireless range of 30 ft. (10 m)
  • Battery life of 5 hours

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5. ​Sony MH1C Review

Designed for smartphone users who are in search of high-quality audio, the Sony MH1C provides a clear, warm and snug sound only made more impressive by the affordable price of the earphones. The bass is heavy and deep, where the emphasis is placed on sub-bass instead of mid-bass. Speaking generally, the MH1C brings better bass quality with less mid-bass bloat as compared to the Audio-Technica CKM500, for instance. Taking the quantity of bass into account, they control brilliantly, even though it is still not as good as the bass of other in-ear headphones, such as the Phillips Fidelio S1, a pricier counterpart.

Although the mids of the earphones are not as emphasized as the low-end, they are still surprisingly smooth and warm. Similarly, the treble is quite average but does not compromise the general level of refinement. The product is designed with a good volume level. It doesn’t matter how loud the music is, the headphones will never compromise their performance and you will not feel that tingling feeling where you have to drop the volume a notch or two.

The soundstage of the earphones is relatively narrower as compared to other headsets, like ATH-CKM500; however, the general presentation is off the charts. They deliver a comparatively open and airy sound regardless of the warm tone with great soundstage depth and width.

Sony MH1C Features

  • Great sound and comfort
  • Flat, tangle-free cord with a 3.5 mm jack
  • Finds and manages apps with SmartKey
  • Includes earbuds of 4 different sizes in 2 different sets of orange and white

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Best Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones for Swimming [2019]

One of the biggest gripes of active music listeners is that they are not able to hear music when they are in or under water. Some people just like the idea of hearing music while taking a shower while others believe they should be able to hear music while swimming just as if they are when jogging and running. Alternatively, maybe you are rushing somewhere in the rain and you have to take an important call. People are motivated by music and there is no reason to keep them deprived of it when they want to enjoy it while swimming and playing in water.

With Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, you can make this wish come true. These headphones combine two of the coolest technologies available today: waterproofing and Bluetooth. The waterproof feature of these headphones lets you use them in water whereas the Bluetooth part of them lets you operate hands-free while swimming or playing any other water sport. A group of people argues that Bluetooth headphones aren’t as great sounding as wired phones but with many Bluetooth headphones with huge drivers, the difference in sound quality is little to none.

Besides swimming with them on, Bluetooth headphones offer several other benefits over wired headphones in general.

What Makes Bluetooth Headphones Better than Wired Headphones?

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Bluetooth headphones and conventional wired headphones. This comparison of general features should disclose the reasons why more and more people are going for Bluetooth headphones these days.


  • 1They offer you the convenience of hands-free operation. Imagine the convenience of swimming with these headphones on.
  • 2Your fun with Bluetooth headphones is not limited by a wired connection. If you want to go swimming in a pool, you could just your phone on your bench and start swimming without a care.
  • 3Portability is not even an issue with Bluetooth headphones. They are small enough to fit in your pocket or depending on the design, you could just hand them on the back of your neck.
  • 4Due to the absence of wires in Bluetooth headphones, they are prone to fewer accidents. You can move about freely while wearing them. This is not the case with wired headphones.


  • 1 – They also offer hands-free operation but not the convenience of Bluetooth headphones. Imagine how troubling the wire can be as you are moving your arms while swimming.
  • 2 – How much fun you can have with these headphones is limited by a wired connection. If you want to go swimming, you will have to take your phone along. If your phone is not waterproof, you just can’t enjoy hearing music on your headphones while swimming.
  • 3 – In-ear Wired headphones are also portable but not as much as their Bluetooth counterparts. After keeping them in your pocket for an hour or so, you will always take them out of your pocket in the form of a clump.
  • 4 – Headphone wires are a big reason for many accidents and broken headphones. A sudden hand movement can hit the wire and yank the headphones out of your ears. Wearing them on a crowded beach or at a water park makes them even more prone to such accidents.

Many other specifications that headphone buyers are looking for are similar on both headphones. How good the features are on your headphones depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

However, if you know your needs well, you can buy some affordable Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Here are the features and specs you need to look at when buying headphones.

Guide to Help You Buy the Best Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

What’s the Right Fit for You?

The first thing you have to check in your waterproof Bluetooth headphones is the fitting and fitting mechanism. When you buy waterproof headphones, it is an indication that you will be using them during your sports activities.

Now, this can cause the headphones to keep dislodging from your ears. Different people prefer different fits to thwart this problem. The first option you can consider is the in-ear headphones with ear hooks.

The hooks on these headphones provide a perfect fit and a way to prevent headphones from slipping out of your ears repeatedly. Another option available to you is the mini one-sided ear bud.

This Bluetooth waterproof headphone is more like invisible in your ear when seen from a distance. However, they are easy to come out of your ear when you are swimming compared to those with hooks. You also have the Bluetooth headphones with neckband feature.

A neckband rests on the back of your neck to provide more support to your headphones, so you can take part in sports without worrying that your headphones will slip away.

How Big Is Their Range?

Why would you want to buy Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming if they don’t offer a good range? You don’t want to carry your mobile phone or iPod with you in the water only to come out with them in a non-working condition.

A good pair of Bluetooth headphones will offer you at least 30 to 35 feet of range. This is an approximate range of 10 meters and with this range, you should be able to have your headphones on while swimming or enjoying some other water sports. Keep in mind that there are Bluetooth headphones that provide great sound quality for even up to 40 feet range.

This range is affected even more when you are inside the house and walls are causing interference, so make sure you buy headphones with a big range.

What’s Their Battery Life?

This is another one of the most important questions that you need the answer for before you purchase any Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Bluetooth headphones need charging but you should not find yourself charging them all the time.

Your headphones should have enough battery that after a full charge you can hear your music, swim around and take part in sports without any fear of your headphones dying out on you. A good pair of Bluetooth headphones will offer you nothing less than 10 hours of continuous music playing.

For the same headphones, the talk time should be a couple of hours more. When it comes to standby time, nothing less than 100 hours of standby time should be acceptable for you.

Many people make the mistake of looking at battery life only, but there is much more you need to look for in a battery. While 10 hours of music playtime with one charge is quite impressive, you must also consider the time it takes for your headphones to charge.

A pair of headphones that provides you 10 hours of music play time should charge in around three and half hours. If your headphones take more time than this to charge, you will always have to charge them overnight. A quick charge of half an hour during the day will never suffice in this situation.

How Compatible Are They?

Compatibility should not be an issue since any device that has Bluetooth should connect with Bluetooth headphones easily.

However, there are certain companies that make their headphones compatible with only certain devices.

Such Bluetooth headphones are quite rare but you should know that they exist.

Always make sure that your Bluetooth headphones are compatible with all the major smartphones such as LG, Samsung, iPhone, HTC etc.

What Bluetooth Version Do They Have?

If you are looking at the most recently released Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, you might not want to look into this particular feature. However, if you are on a budget then you should definitely look at the Bluetooth version of the headphones.

There are many features that are only available on Bluetooth 4.0, which you will not find on Bluetooth 2.0. Modern Bluetooth headphones come with NFC support as well. However, NFC support is only available on Bluetooth 4.0.

Furthermore, pairing with Bluetooth 2.0 can be a pain. With Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect your device with other devices even without a PIN. You cannot do the same with Bluetooth 2.0.

What Voice Command Features Are Available? 

One big reason to buy Bluetooth headphones is that the users want hands free operations. There can be many reasons why a person wants to have hands free operation feature. Maybe you are a chef and your hands are not always clean to pick up the phone.

In that case, Bluetooth headphones provide a great convenience in the form of voice commands. Using voice commands you are able to answer the calls and end them by simply speaking. You can even start pairing with other devices using a voice command. For the busy people, this feature proves to be an invaluable one.

How Waterproof Are They?

Of course, the most important thing when buying Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming is to know just how waterproof the headphones really are. This can be found out by looking at the IP rating on your headphones. If you are buying from an online retail store, the rating should be given in product description.

IP stands for Ingress Protection here. These IP ratings tell you how much protection there is on your item against not only liquids but solids as well. The rating is given in an IPXX format where the first X is a number that denotes protection against solids and the X after it denotes protection from water. The least IP rating you should be looking for on your waterproof headphones is IP67.

In an IP67 rating, the first 6 denotes that your item is fully protected against the ingress of dust. The 7 in the rating tells you that your headphones are protected against water for up to a depth of 1 meter.

Now, you will be glad to know that there are Bluetooth headphones designed for being used under water with a rating of IP68. When you see this rating on your headphones, you can swim in the pool and play most water sports without any worries at all.

What Not to Expect from Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones for Swimming?

After reading the tips on purchasing Bluetooth headphones for swimming, you now have enough knowledge to go online and make the right purchase. However, there are certain things that still need your attention. A wise consumer never pays for things he/she does not need. In fact, it is best that you lock down your requirements before purchasing and avoid changing them while shopping. Too often, you will come across fancy options that will tempt you to buy something that really is not your requirements.

For example, if you notice most of the Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, you will realize that there isn’t much focus on their bass quality, high notes crispiness, mid notes clarity etc. This is because these headphones are designed for swimming and other water sports. They are not a treasure for an audiophile. However, to a person who is interested in listening to good music and not go in the deepest details of its sounds and instrumentation, Bluetooth headphones are more than enough. Think about it, will you be focusing on the clarity of bass and neatness of high-frequency sounds while swimming?

This is not to say that Bluetooth headphones do not offer good sound quality. However, some people end up comparing them to wired headphones that cost hundreds of dollars. If you compare Bluetooth headphones with wired headphones under $200, the quality is pretty much similar. In simple words, do not judge your Bluetooth headphones like an audiophile.

Some Common Issues with Bluetooth Headphones and Their Easy Solutions

Of course, every product in the world has its pros and cons, so Bluetooth headphones don’t have to be an exception here. There are certain problems that you might face while using Bluetooth headphones, so you should know how to solve those problems. You don’t have to be worried about these problems, as they are general in nature and have some really simple fixes.

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Is Your Device not Pairing?

You can come across this problem commonly if you use your Bluetooth headphones very regularly. In fact, this remains the most common problem for Bluetooth headphone users but it is not is not a serious problem in nature. On most occasions, the user has not turned the Bluetooth on. If you are facing such an issue, make sure you have the Bluetooth turned on. On your smartphone, you should see the Bluetooth symbol on top if it is on. Sometimes, you are not able to pair your headphones with the phone even after turning the Bluetooth on.

This is another basic issue and does not require any technical work to be done. On most phones, especially Android phones, you have to turn the Bluetooth on and then do an extra step to make the device “discoverable”. Long pressing on Bluetooth icon in the notification shade will take you to this option on Android phones. Keep in mind that even after you have made your device discoverable, it will remain that way for only a couple of minutes. After that, your Bluetooth is still on but discoverability has been turned off automatically by your phone.

Some additional causes of why your Bluetooth headphones are not pairing with your other device are as follows.

  • Make sure what security method your phone and Bluetooth headphones follow for pairing. Some Bluetooth devices will require the host device to produce a password. You have to enter that password in order to connect the device.
  • At times, you might be trying to pair the devices when they are not close enough. While it kills the purpose of using Bluetooth, there are some old Bluetooth headphones on the market that don’t have enough range.
  • While this issue should not exist but with some Bluetooth headphones you might face it. Your headphones will not connect to your other Bluetooth device because the battery is low. Again, this is not a problem with every Bluetooth headphone but only a few.
  • At times, your phone will discover your headphones and even the name of the device will show up on the screen, but it won’t connect. This mysterious problem has a simple solution. Remove the device from the “paired devices” list and add it again.
  • USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi devices are notorious for creating interference for Bluetooth devices. If you have not been able to pair your devices, make sure you are not standing close to a Wi-Fi device.
  • Lastly, you might want to check in the online description of your product or make a call to your Bluetooth headphone company to know if your headphones are compatible with the device you are trying to connect them to. If there is compatibility issue, only the headphone company can give a solution for that.

The above-mentioned issues are only connected to pairing problems. As you can see, they have really simple solutions, so you should not be bothered by them.

Why Is the Sound Crackling?

This issue is pretty common no matter how expensive your Bluetooth headphones are. You hear certain static and crackling noise while hearing music. This crackling of sound can be very annoying and frustrating. However, the cause of this problem is not a mystery – you can fix it pretty easily. Here is how you can fix the crackling sound problem on your Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming.

  • Make sure that there are no other devices connected to your Bluetooth. Signal interference can sometimes cause the sound to be affected. If there are any other devices connected to Bluetooth in proximity, disconnect them.
  • If you are not successful in getting rid of crackling sounds this way, you might have to perform reset on your headphones.
  • Try going closer to your Bluetooth device to see if it resolves the issue. If it does solve the problem, the crackling might be due to your headphones losing signals.

Resetting the headphones depends on the type of brand. Some Bluetooth headphones require the call button to be pressed for a long time for resetting while others have some different methods. You will have to refer to your manufacturer’s guide to know how your headphones can be reset.

By now, you know what factors make Bluetooth headphones better than wired headphones, the main features to look for in Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming and the common issues with these headphones and their solutions. Now it is time to look at the best Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming.

Best Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones for Swimming Reviews

1. Spidercase 100% Waterproof Headphones Review

When you want Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, there is probably nothing more convenient in the market than Spidercase 100% waterproof headphones. They have been designed to fit inside your ear with ease and not fall out with slightest jerks. The important thing to keep in mind here is that this particular headphone is only for one ear. In addition to being suitable for swimming, these earbuds are also perfect for other sports activities due to their sweat proof features. Here are the most notable features of these earbuds.

The Great Design

These earbuds have a great design. First of all, they are nearly invisible from even a short distance. The small size not only fits in your ear perfectly but looks from a distance as if you are not wearing any headphones at all. The tip inserts in your ear for a perfect fit and a button on the earpiece allows you to take calls.

The True Waterproof and Sweat Proof Headphones

These are the headphones you can trust when you go in water with them. This amazing headset has an IP68 rating allowing it to remain immersed in more than 3ft deep water without any damages. It is also sweat proof so you can do other exercises while wearing it. Keep in mind that the 6 in IP68 rating means they are dust proof as well.

The Music Listening Experience

Music listening experience is not the most commendable thing about Bluetooth headphones but these headphones provide high quality bass and high note registers using the EDR technology and Bluetooth 4.2 for maximum performance even when signals are weak. They even have noise cancellation features allowing you to hear music at its best.

Good Battery Performance

The “good” battery performance means there are headphones with excellent and perfect battery performance too. It has a 70mAh battery that lasts for around 4 to 5 hours when constantly using it. The standby time is over 70 hours. The good news in this department is the fast charging time of just 1 hour using the easily available micro USB cable.

Battery is one area where Spidercase could make some improvements to really make these headphones a deal no one can say no to. However, the slight compromise on battery is justified with a small form factor that makes these headphones really ideal for swimming. There are a lot of accessories that come with these headphones including a set of hooks to provide even better fit so the headset does not fall out of your ear.

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2. Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones Review

Alpatronix HX250 waterproof headphones have been designed with the convenience of water sports lovers in mind. It might be a little more expensive than other Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, but it definitely has some great additional and admirable features too. From the highlighting features of these headphones, you could easily tell that Alpatronix made them convenient not only for water sports lovers but those who are passionate about music listening too. Here are the top features of these headphones.

Full Music Playlist Control

This is something you don’t often find on most Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Surely, there are some controls for your music but they are not as detailed as the ones on these headphones. On the left ear of these headphones, you can play and pause the songs. You can shuffle your playlist using the button on left ear as well. On the right ear, you have volume controls. Using these same buttons, you can forward or rewind the songs too.

Amply Water and Sweat Proof

These headphones earn an IP rating of 67. This rating means your headphones can stay under 3-feet deep water for nearly half an hour without incurring any damages. They are also sweat proof and dust proof for maximum protection and a long life.

A Built-in Memory

Now you can really justify the price of these headphones. How many Bluetooth headphones at this price range offer a free built-in memory? With 8GB of SSD memory, you can store hundreds of your favorite songs in the compatible WMA and MP3 format. With SSD (solid-state drive) memory, your songs play in an instant.

Latest Bluetooth

As mentioned in the guide, you should not settle for any Bluetooth headphones with Bluetooth technology older than 4.0. These headphones have the 4.2 technology for lightning fast pairing and clean transmission. With a clean transmission, you can really focus on these headphones’ deep bass and crispy high not registers if you are into quality of music.

The Excellent Battery Performance

Once again, these headphones might not have the best battery performance, especially when you are using their Bluetooth, but their standby time of 200 hours is something commendable. Playing music with Bluetooth will give you nearly 5 hours of playtime whereas you can get up to 8 hours while playing music from the built-in memory. It takes between 1 and 2 hours for the battery to fully charge.

Looking at the amazing features these headphones offer, they are pretty fairly priced. The most memorable thing about them is the music playback controls on both earpieces. The built-in memory is an impressive addition for listening to music when doing water sports if your Bluetooth connection is breaking over and over. The Bluetooth operation range is a standard 10 meters i.e. 33 feet. The noise cancellation feature ensures an isolated music listening experience. They can be the perfect Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming if the music playback time on Bluetooth could be improved.

3. AOKII Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones Review

AOKII Noise canceling Bluetooth headphones are a perfect grab for anyone looking for feature-rich waterproof headphones at an affordable price. At such an amazing price, these headphones offer many of the features you rarely find even on the most expensive Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Here are the most notable features.

An Intelligent Design

These headphones have been design with sheer intelligence. First, they have a flat tangle-free cable for your convenience. Secondly, there are magnets inserted in the back of the earpieces so when you are not using them, you can just magnetically attach the two earpieces and wear them like a necklace.

Good Waterproof Rating

With an IPX7 rating, these headphones can be immersed 3-feet deep in water for a little less than 30 minutes. If you are not going for swimming in deep water, you can wear them with ease. Since they are also dust and sweat proof, you can wear them during other sports activities such as jogging, running, kayaking, exercising etc.

Great Battery Performance

Among the three Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming listed so far, these headphones have undoubtedly the best battery performance. The best thing is that each earpiece has its own battery with a charge capacity of 60mAh. You could simply say you have a 120mAh battery on these headphones. With a big battery like this, you get nearly 8 hours of talk time, and a tremendous standby time of 10 days. You can charge the battery in less than 2 hours.

Good Music Controls

Everything is great about these headphones, even the music controls. The on-cable remote allows you to control your music with ease. Using the volume up and down keys, you can also skip the tracks. Furthermore, you have voice controls available too. Using the same buttons on the remote, you can make and receive the calls. With a standard Bluetooth range of 33-feet, you should be able to listen to your songs clearly even when you are swimming.

The first reason you would want to buy these headphones for is the value against price. They are easily available for well under low but they have a lot of amazing features on them. From a clever design to excellent music controls and clear bass and treble notes, these headphones are a complete package for anyone looking for affordable Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. The only area where they need some improvement is Bluetooth technology. While there isn’t much different between Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 4.1, you still want to have the latest and the greatest on your devices. These headphones have a 4.1 Bluetooth.

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4. HunDun HD Professional Waterproof Headphones Review

When you want complete security of your headphones in water, a great music listening experience and a fashionable pair of headphones, HunDun Professional waterproof sport Bluetooth headphones might just be the thing for you. They look stylish and deliver an equally cool performance when it comes to taking calls and listening to music. Since they are supposed to be fashionable, you can find a pair that’s exactly the color you want. There is a lot to like about these headphones. Here are their most notable features.

Reliable Waterproofing

With most headphones designed for exercises, sports activities and swimming, an IP67 rating is attached. While it allows you to go for shallow swimming in the pool, it is not the most reliable waterproof rating if you really want to enjoy a long session of swimming. With these headphones, you get an IPX8 waterproofing rating, which means your headphones can remain, submerged in over 3ft deep water for up to 30 minutes. With these headphones on, you could easily go for skiing, surfing, kayaking etc. HunDun seems very confident in claiming the waterproofing features of its headphones.

Multiple Device Connectivity

One of the best things about these headphones is that they can connect to two devices at the same time. This is a feature many people are looking for but don’t find on most Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. The best thing is that it connects with the phones within 3 seconds, so you don’t have to spend too much time in waiting for your devices to connect.

Beautiful Esthetics

If you are into esthetics and you want headphones that look cool, pick these without having a second thought. They are available in a lot of colors wherein each color is contrasted with black components. The earpieces look amazing with the shark fin design on them – now that’s something that you can relate to as a water sports lover. The big hook design over the earpieces makes sure they stay in your ears whether you are swimming or taking part in some other action sports activity.

Great Controls for Music Playlists

Of course, one of the reasons you are getting these headphones is because you want to hear your favorite songs during water sports to keep you motivated and boosted. The volume controls are located on one earpiece and the buttons have been kept big enough for you to easily press them without playing hide and seek. You could long press the volume up and down buttons to skip the tracks in forward or backward direction. In between the volume and playlist control buttons, you have the call button that also works as the power button. Double clicking this button allows you to redial the last call.

Good Battery Performance

The battery on these headphones is a bit above average. It might not be the best battery on Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming but it is much better than many. There is a 95mAh battery that powers these headphones. With this battery capacity, you are easily able to keep listening to music uninterrupted for up to 6 hours. When not using these headphones, the standby time can be easily near 100 hours. With 6 hours of battery timing for playing continuous music, you can play whatever sport you like without worrying that you will have to put down your headphones in the middle.

These headphones are perfect for adults, women, children etc. The most noticeable thing about them is how stylish they look with those bright and live colors, and the shark fin design on the earpieces. HunDun should also be admired for putting IPX8 rating on headphones that cost so little.

The ability to connect two phones at the same time with these headphones is a rare feature on Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. The range for these headphones is pretty similar to others on the list at nearly 10 meters. One area of improvement for HunDun in the next iterations of these headphones will be Bluetooth technology.

While it is not a major setback, but a 4.1 Bluetooth starts sounding old when you already have so many devices with Bluetooth 4.2. They are a perfect deal for anyone who wants fashionable headphones for water sports.

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5. Punkcase Earstud Bluetooth Headphone Review

The Punkcase earstud Bluetooth headphone is as close as you can get to the Spidercase waterproof headphone. They look quite similar but both offer great convenience for consumers who want to hear music as they are swimming. This is a single ear headset and its ergonomic design keeps it comfortable in your ear for hours of use. Here are some of the best features of these headphones.

Beautiful Design

These single-ear headphones have a category of their own. They look beautiful and are a perfect choice for someone looking for headphones that get the job done. This one piece fits into your ear and is barely noticeable to the people because of its size. The jet-black color makes it look really awesome when you get a closer look. The tubular design ensures that the earpiece fits perfectly in your ear and the battery portion stays out but well supported so it does not fall off.

Trustable Waterproofing

The most important piece of information for someone who is looking for Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming is the waterproofing rating. With an IP68 rating these earbuds can stay with you even if you are going to do some swimming in the pool. The best thing about them is that they have been tested to stay in 5-feet deep water for nearly an hour, so taking calls or hearing music while swimming will not be a big deal for Punkcase earstuds.

The Amazing One-Button Controls

There is only one small button located on it but that one button can control a lot of stuff. It can answer and end the calls for you. This same button can be used to play your favorite music and reduce or increase the loudness based on your mood. The button is raised to be conveniently located with the touch of a finger on the earpiece.

Impressively Good Battery Life

One of the drawbacks of these types of earbuds is that they don’t have a big enough battery because the manufacturers are trying to keep the device as small as possible. However a lithium-ion polymer 70mAh battery you can continue to listen to your favorite music for up to 5 hours. The standby time is pretty amazing at 72 hours. The most likeable thing about the battery is that you can fully charge it within an hour.

Transmission Distance

Transmission distance of 33-feet i.e. 10-meters, is a very commonplace thing for most Bluetooth headphones. However, Bluetooth range for these headphones needs to be mentioned separately because they offer a transmission range of nearly 40 feet. With nearly 6 feet of extra coverage you can feel a bit free while swimming and listening to music.

Latest Version of Bluetooth

Some headphones on this list have some great features but they still have Bluetooth 4.1 on them. These headphones compromise on nothing. They have a Bluetooth 4.2 on them for fastest and cleanest connectivity.

These headphones are pretty similar or nearly identical to the ones from Spidercase. Most of the features are pretty similar too. This particular design of Bluetooth headphones is a great pick for executives who spend some time swimming to keep their bodies fit but also want Bluetooth for taking important calls during the day. These earbuds provide a seamless hands free experience of taking calls and listening to music. You would hope that the manufacturers of Bluetooth waterproof earbuds would find a way to increase the battery capacity of these earbuds. A little improvement of music playlist control will also be a great addition in future.

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6. SENSO Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones Review

SENSO noise canceling Bluetooth headphones are probably one of the best pairs of headphones you can buy on the market due to their solid construction, great audio quality and trustable waterproof features. The design of these headphones is pretty simplistic. It is amazing that at such an affordable price they come with a lot of accessories that are really useful. Here are some important features that make these headphones special.

The Sound Quality

The acoustic components on these headphones make them sound amazing. The headphones use true HD high fidelity sound producing components giving your ears the pleasure of deep bass and crispy clear treble notes. Sound quality is not the main focus of most manufacturers that make headphones for water sports and swimming. It is good to see that these headphones offer great sound in addition to other amazing features. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 22,000Hz – this offers great bass and excellent treble quality.

Comfortable and Solid Fit

These headphones come with multiple pairs of silicon tips so you can pick the ones that fit your ears perfectly. However, what makes them even better for sports activities and minor swimming is the hooks. These are some solid hooks that will keep your headphones in place no matter how much shaking of the head takes place.

The hassle-Free Cable and Carrying Case

This particular point makes these headphones such a famous pair of headphones for thousands of people. First, the cable is tangle-free, but that’s not what makes it special. A tangle-free cable is not the highest priority with Bluetooth headphones because it is pretty short in length. However, this cable is flat so it feels comfortable on the back of your neck. With the carrying case, you can carry the headphones around with ease.

Excellent Waterproofing

These headphones have an IP67 rating allowing you to immerse them in water up to 3 feet deep for nearly 30 minutes without incurring any damages. This means you can do some swimming with them by not going deep in water. Wear them while playing physically demanding sports because they are also sweat proof. Enjoy music while showering without a care.

Bluetooth Compatibility

They have Bluetooth 4.1 on them for fast connectivity but the best thing about their connectivity is that you can connect these headphones with two smartphones at the same time. It does not matter which two smartphones they are because these headphones are compatible with any smartphones with Bluetooth technology.

Great Battery Performance

One of the most important concerns with Bluetooth headphones is the battery. You want your battery to last you for several hours and recharge fast too. With an 85mAh battery on these headphones, you should easily be able to play music continuously for nearly 8 hours. When it comes to charging, you can charge the battery within 2 hours. The standby time on these headphones is just impressive at 240 hours – that’s exactly 10 days.

Good Controls for Music

If you want a true hands-free experience with your headphones and hear songs with convenience, you need good controls. These headphones simply offer two buttons on top of the right earpiece for controlling music. While they intuitively serve for you to reduce or increase the volume of your music tracks, these same buttons also allow you to pause, play and skip the tracks when you need to.

Noise Suppression

It’s amazing that you can find headphones that are so affordable but they have all the great features one would expect expensive headphones to have. The noise suppression quality of these headphones allows you to hear your music in as clean a form as possible and converse over calls without hiccups.

These headphones were designed by SENSO to be great and impressive. The company has successfully given consumers a product that’s hard to beat by its competitors. The focus on sound quality of music and calls, easy controls, consumer convenience and long battery life is what makes these headphones such a wise choice. The only minor shortcoming of these headphones is the absence of Bluetooth 4.2. However, Bluetooth 4.1 is pretty much identical in performance and features to Bluetooth 4.2, so you will not notice any differences. It will also be amazing if they could introduce some more colors that suit females more.

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7. Ahuimin Bluetooth Headphones Review

When you look at the features of these headphones, you find a lot of similarities between them and the SENSO Bluetooth headphones. Once you have looked at both, it can get pretty difficult to decide which ones to pick. However, there are certain areas where Ahuimin Bluetooth headphones take the lead but these minor feature differences can be important for some and ignorable for others. Here are the notable features of these headphones.

Simple yet Beautiful Design

As simple and minimalistic as they seem, the overall looks of these headphones are pretty admirable. These are one of the earphones with an angled ear tip to perfectly fit inside your ear and mimic the shape of your ear canal. They definitely have hooks but these are in-ear hooks, not the on-ear ones that go around your ear. However, they fit so perfectly that the manufacturers say they will not fall off even if you are dancing with all your passion.

Great Volume and Call Controls

The controls for these headphones are located on the cable because the size of the earpieces is very compact. However, there is no doubt that on-cable controls are easier to manage because they have big buttons that can easily be felt with fingers and pressed. The volume up/down keys allow you to skip to next and previous tracks. The button in the middle allows you to pick the calls and even control your music’s pause and play functions. There is also an indicator light on the control panel.

Good Waterproof Ratings

The IPX7 rating makes these headphones waterproof under 3 feet deep water for less than 30 minutes. Some minor swimming can be done wearing them. Do not dive deep into water or keep the headphones immersed for longer durations. You can play any water sports while wearing them and even take a shower.

Great Battery Life

These headphones from Ahuimin are head-to-head with SENSO headphones when it comes to battery life and performance. You can play music on these headphones uninterrupted for more than 6 hours easily. Within one and a half hour, you are able to charge them fully to start rocking again. The charging USB port is located on the volume and call control panel. Once they are fully charged, you will be able to put them on standby for 240 days.

Great Transmission Range

SENSO claims to give you up to 8 hours of music time whereas these headphones offer 6.5 hours. However, the compensation is made by Ahuimin when it comes to Bluetooth range. These headphones can operate within 40 feet distance from your Bluetooth device. The SENSO headphones have a standard 30ft range.

As you can see from the specifications, these headphones are pretty similar to SENSO headphones. The increased 10-feet on transmission range are something that could really work for many people. It has a solid battery life with an impressive 240 hours of standby time. Their fitting is pretty good in your ears. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about compatibility whether you have Android or iOS devices because these headphones are compatible with both the operating systems. Just like many other Bluetooth headphones on the list, these too should have a 4.2 Bluetooth on board but that’s not the case right now. Since different customers have different choices, it will also be a great move by the manufacturers if they could introduce some more colors.

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Bluetooth Headphones Summary

The most important things when purchasing Bluetooth headphones are battery timing, charging time, fitting in ears, sound quality and music and call controls. You should make sure to look into these factors before you purchase any Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Of course, you want your headphones to be properly waterproof as well. If your primary purpose of buying headphones were swimming, it would be best that you pick the headphones with an IP68 rating. However, if you do minor swimming on the water and don’t go deeper, IP67 rating should be enough as well.

Lastly, you have to be personally responsible for taking care of your headphones too. If they come with a carrying case, use it whenever you are traveling. Do not charge the headphones unless you have made sure to dry off any moisture and water droplets. If the earphones don’t feel comfortable in your ears even after a couple of days of use, try changing the tips. With these things in mind and practice, all the headphones mentioned in the list will offer you a great experience.

Best Cheap DJ Headphones under $100 [2019]

If you have always wanted to buy the best cheap DJ headphones under 100 without taking a nosedive quality-wise, you have come to the right place.

This guide will help you buy the best headphones meant for DJs at an affordable cost. DJs have certain requirements when it comes to functionality and features – requirements that a normal user won’t really think twice about. 

This is nothing out of the world, but any feature that lets the DJ make music without any complications and with streamline precision is something that will be on his list of favorite headphones.

So, if you are looking for headphones designed specifically for DJs here’s some information to help you pick the best.

Important Considerations When Buying Headphones for DJs

Do They Have Good Highs and Lows?

Whether you are looking for best cheap DJ headphones under 100 or higher, your top most concern in terms of sound should be highs and lows.

You want the lows to be enhanced and crisp when it comes to highs. DJs don’t focus much on the accuracy of sound. If the headphones create a deep, rich deep bass and crispy high-hat sounds, you should be good to go. 

When it comes to impedance, you will be looking at something above 25ohms. The drivers should be bigger than 40mm and the lower end of the frequency range should be 20Hz.

Is the Maximum Input a Big Number?

Another important thing with DJ headphones is that they should have a high input. Why would you need headphones with high input level?

This is because a high input level prevents your headphone sounds from distorting as you go louder. Of course, DJs have to perform in loud and crowded places.

To be able to hear sounds from their headphones they need to play the music at loud volume. 3000mW is a good input rating for any DJ headphones.

Do They Swivel and Rotate?

This is one of the most important concerns when DJs are buying headphones. This particular feature might not be important if you use headphones at home just to listen to your favorite music artists.

As for DJs, they have to listen to their headphones and the music playing on the good amplifiers simultaneously. They are constantly making music while listening to it in one ear only.

If the ear cups on your headphones don’t swivel and rotate, they will make your job much harder than it really is.

Do They Look Durable?

This becomes an even more important consideration when you are looking for headphones with swiveling and rotating features.

Such mechanisms on headphones require special connections and several joints. The more joints there are, the more weak points there will be on a pair of headphones.

Therefore, you have to look carefully at the product to examine how durable the joints, pivot points, screws and hinges seem.

Do They Have Closed Or Open Back?

To many headphone users it may seem that closed or open back ear cups are just there for aesthetic purposes, but that’s not the case.

With open-back headphones, the ambient and surrounding sounds can easily pass through and get in your ears while you are listening to your headphones.

Closed-back headphones are known for providing a very isolated experience as they keep outside noises out. You can see many DJs they pick closed-back headphones. 

Another reason why they pick closed-back headphones is because they often have better bass compared to their counterparts.

Are They Portable?

Portability translates to the size of your headphones and their storage options. First, your headphones should have a compact design so you can carry them anywhere easily.

Since you will be trying to fit them in a small bag of your DJ accessories, it is best that you can fold them in a smaller shape. Even if they don’t fold, they should be designed well to be portable.

Lastly, they should be made of light materials so you can use them for hours without feeling uncomfortable or tiring your ears.

These are some important considerations that you can keep in mind while looking for the best cheap DJ headphones under 100. They are not hard and fast rules. If you have your personal requirements that differ from the list given above, you can make them a part of your considerations to buy the best DJ headphones.

Best Cheap DJ Headphones under $100 

1. Behringer HPX2000 Headphones Review

The Behringer HPX2000 Headphones are the true definition of affordable DJ headphones. When you want the best cheap DJ headphones under 100 with beautifully produced highs and lows, these headphones have to be your first choice. Here are the top and most notable features of these headphones.

Prominent Features

  • Behringer takes pride in producing high quality bass sounds and super crispy lows.
  • The 1/8” and ¼” connector and adapter are included with the headphones. This is something that any DJ needs to connect headphones to their gear.
  • The cord is free of oxygen to transmit best sound quality to your ears.
  • The round shaped ear cups can be rotated and reversed with a durable hinged connection.
  • The headband is fully cushioned for comfort and contrasted with the rest of the material for pleasing esthetics.

The overall construction of these headphones is amazing. Customers have given them really positive responses, especially loving the sound quality. The best thing about these headphones is how affordable they are despite these amazing features.

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2. TASCAM TH02-B Stylish Headphones Review

When you want best cheap DJ headphones under 100 that also look stylish, the TASCAM TH02-B headphones are the perfect pick for you. Not only are these headphones a perfect fit for a DJ on a budget, but they even look really cool when you wear them. They have some really cool features that you can talk about. Here are the most notable ones.

TASCAM TH02-B Features

  • Aesthetically pleasing design sporting a single color throughout the frame.
  • The ear cups fold inside the frame so you can carry these folded headphones easily even in a small backpack.
  • The closed back ear cups provide complete isolation from the surrounding to listen to every sound detail.
  • The headband and ear cups are fully cushioned with a nice, soft material for your comfort.
  • The ear cups can be rotated to 90-degree – a design feature that’s necessary for DJs.
  • High impedance of 32ohms and big drivers at 50mm to produce neatest bass.
  • Frequency response ranges from 18Hz to 22 kHz – exactly what a DJ needs.
  • It has an extra 3 meter long cable to avoid yanking it out of the ports.

Catering to DJs’ very need, these headphones come with a snap-on 1/8” to ¼” adapter so you can use them with mp3 players, smartphones, DJ consoles, etc.

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3. OneOdio Adapter-free DJ Headphones Review

They might be priced a bit higher than the other two on the list, but your first glance at the OneOdio adapter-free DJ headphones will make you fall in love with them. From adapter-free design to looks and high quality audio to a mind blowing folding featured, this headphone boasts the most amazing aesthetics and the coolest features. Here is what makes these headphones so great.

OneOdio Adapter-free DJ Features

  • They are esthetically fashionable, trendy, beautiful and unique.
  • The adapter free design means there is a cable with 6.3mm and 3.5mm connector on each end so you can switch between them whenever you need to.
  • The cable is coiled to provide you great freedom of movement while making music.
  • Fully cushioned headband and ear cups with contrasted red stitching on black material for esthetic beauty.
  • Closed back ear cups for deep bass and adjustable sliding design to fit any head size.
  • The ear cups fold inside completely and the headphone becomes small enough to fit inside any small sized bag.
  • Big 50mm drivers for high quality sound production.
  • Reversible ear cups so you can hear in one ear only when mixing different beats.
  • 32ohms of impedance and frequency range of 20Hz to 20000Hz.
  • The breathable leather on ear cups and headband make it comfortable for hours of use.

They might seem a bit deceiving at first glance, but they are over-ear headphones that will completely cover your ears when you wear them.

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4. Monoprice 108323 Hi-Fi Dj Style Headphones Review

The Monoprice 108323 DJ style headphones have a very minimalistic design, but don’t let the looks fool you. They have all the amazing features that a DJ looking for best cheap DJ headphones under 100 wants. These are over the ear headphones so they will cover your ears completely and block a lot of the noise from the outside. Here are some of their notable features.

Monoprice 108323 Features

  • As per the manufacturer, these are rugged headphones ready for rough use.
  • The big ear pieces are covered with thick cushioning that not only provides you comfort, but shuts out surrounding noise too.
  • Ear cups swivel up to 90 degrees for DJs to listen with one ear when it comes to matching two different beats.
  • They have the detachable cable feature, which means you can detach the cable after using the headphones to avoid breaking the cable accidentally.
  • The drivers are large sized at 50mm to produce high quality sound.
  • There is a 3.5mm to ¼” adapter plug included with the package.
  • With rotating ear cups on a hinge, you can fold these headphones for easy portability.

These headphones have 100dB sensitivity for you to listen to your sounds at loud volumes without any distortions.

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5. Audio Technica ATH-M20x Professional Headphones Review

When you have been looking for best cheap DJ headphones under 100 and want sturdy built at that price, Audio Technica ATH-M20x professional headphones are the best headphones you can get your hands on. You would want to buy these headphones not only with DJ requirements in mind, but also when you need something sturdier and more durable than ordinary headphones. Check out the best features of these headphones.

Audio Technica ATH-M20x Features

  • The best thing about these headphones is their build quality. The metal frame can take a lot of beating without showing any signs of damage.
  • The headband and ear cups are cushioned with breathable material and provide maximum comfort even after multiple hours of use.
  • Ear cups rotate vertically for one side listening and 15 degrees horizontally for a perfect fit on your ears.
  • The big 40mm drivers throw powerful sounds to your ear drums.
  • The ear cups seal your ears perfectly for maximum isolation from the surroundings.
  • The noise sensitivity is 96dB and impedance offering is 47ohms.
  • It has a nearly 10 feet long cable so you can make music while moving freely without fearing that your cable will get yanked out of the jack.

The design of these headphones might look very minimalistic and simple, but the focus on quality is what makes these headphones better from the rest of the pack.

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Best Cheap DJ Headphones Summary

There are certain features that you miss out on when you look for affordable headphones, but with these best cheap DJ headphones under 100 you are guaranteed to experience good sound and hardware quality despite the affordable price.

The makers of these headphones understand their market well and try to fit in all the most needed DJ features on these headphones, so your purchase never seems like a compromise.

The good thing about the headphones mentioned in the list above is that they have all received some really positive comments from their users.

So, take a look at these one by one and pick the one that seems the perfect fit for your requirements.

Best Motorcycle Headphones [2019]

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting and thrilling experience, and if you love listening to music while riding your bike, nothing is more important than a pair of feature-packed and simple to use headphones.

Although it will add to your accessories, good headphones can really enhance the overall experience. Listening to your favorite songs and melodies with crystal clear sound and with noise cancellation is the perfect way to enjoy your rides.

The best motorcycle headphones comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and are in-built with a multitude of features that will make listening to songs enjoyable and hands-free.

However, when it comes to buying headphones, it is vital that you select the best ones on the market. For this you need to consider certain factors.

For example, some motorcycle headphones are designed for only a single type of helmet, but there are products for half-faced helmets as well.

Fortunately for you, mentioned below are some of the best motorcycle headphones that you can choose from to boost your overall experience:

Best Motorcycle Headphones Reviews

1. Sena SMH5D-FM-02 Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset

The Sena SMH5D headphones are designed for comfort and fast installation. The product is specifically designed for bikers that wear full-faced helmets. Integrated with Bluetooth technology, you can easily pair the headphones with your smartphone and listen to your favorite tunes while on the road.

Sena SMH5D-FM-02 Features

  • Wireless Connection – Bluetooth v3.0

With this latest Bluetooth technology, you can relax when it comes to answering calls while riding your bike. You can answer calls anytime you want without even touching your phone. Plus, you don’t need to adjust the cords or physically attach the wire of the headphones. Moreover, using the headphone is easy because it is designed with intuitive buttons.

  • Voice Prompt

Adhering to road laws and safety, the Sena SMH5D headphones are in-built with a powerful voice-prompt function, which means you will not even have to touch the headphone or your smartphone. You can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

  • Individual Adjustable Volume Profiles

These cutting-edge motorcycle headphones will enable you to conveniently adjust the volume of your music, your voice and intercom as per your preferences. The best part is, the device saves voices recorded earlier, allowing you to create different profiles.

  • Simple Installation

When it comes to ease of use and installation, there are no other headphone brands that can match the Sena SMH5D headphones. They come with a step by step, easy installation manual and are boxed in a handy package.

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2. Chips Wireless Helmet Headphones with Bluetooth by Outdoor Technology

The Chips Wireless Helmet headphones, designed by Outdoor Technology are universally compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Moreover, you can pair them with any motorcycle helmet as long as the helmet has a dedicated audio liner.

Get ready to give your skull a melodious treatment with clear and crisp sound and bass. The best part about the headphones is they have a 10-hour battery life. Pause the song, play it, receive calls, make calls, and adjust the volume, all without having to take off your mitts.

Chips Wireless Helmet Features

  • 2-in-1 Built-In Features – Helmet Compatibility and Call Answering

With a powerful Bluetooth connection, durable microphone (which is built-in) and an easy interface button, you can easily receive calls without having to take your hands of the handlebar. And neither will you have to remove your helmet or you gloves. Say goodbye to constantly reaching for your pocket while riding whenever you receive a call.

  • Crystal Clear Sounds, Powerful Bass and Clear Highs

The Chips Wireless headphones for motorcyclists are designed with amazing 40 millimeter sound drivers that undoubtedly produce exceptional sound quality. And what is even more breathtaking is the fact that you will get to listen to perfect bass and sound without having to cover your ears. Although they aren’t designed with full-ear buds or seals, the quality of the sound is absolutely stunning. You might never want to get rid of the helmet even when you get to your driveway.

  • Completely Portable and Wireless

Another great reason you should go for these headphone is that they are compatible with different types of helmets that come with an audio liner. You can effortlessly stream content and receive calls without having to touch the headphones.

  • Longest Battery Life

The headphones are lithium battery-powered and are rechargeable. Moreover, they offer up to 10 hours of playback and have a 280-hour standby reserve.

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3. iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers

The IASUS XSound 3 motorcycle headphones are hailed as the best in this category. Integrated high definition sound quality, the headphones have a streamlined chassis (aluminum machined). The wires of the speakers are reinforced with Kevlar and deliver exceptionally high bass and sound quality. You can literally feel that ‘bass buzz’ right in your ear.

iASUS XSound 3 Features

  • Customized Fitting for Ultimate Comfort and Experience

With the incredibly thin design of the XSound3, you don’t have to worry about mounting the headphone while wearing your helmet. The customized fitting includes foam pads to ensure comfort, maximum sound, high-end performance and to completely get rid of audio degradation when you are riding at high speeds.

  • High End Durability

The headphone wire is reinforced with Kevlar, ensuring long-term durability against wear and tear. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to know the wires can bear up to 10 pounds of weight. This can come in especially useful in demanding situations, where you may have to pull the wire.

  • Compatibility

The headphones are compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices and can be used with iASUS amplifiers, Bluetooth headsets and smartphones.

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Best Methods to Clean Your Headphone Pads

Headphone pads are prone to collecting dirt. They are placed in the ears where ear wax and oils inevitably get deposited on them, especially if they’re used for long hours every day. A buildup of dirt on headphone pads is not only unhygienic but may also lead to loss of sound quality. It can be annoying to have to wear dirtied pads, and even more irritating to have the dirt muffle the sound coming from the headphones.

Cleaning your headphones is easy, and should be a regular activity if you want them to remain clean all the time.

Here is how to clean headphone pads in quick, easy steps.

Headphone Cleaning Method 1

If you intend to clean the headphone pads only, these are the steps to follow:

Things you will need:

  • A bowl of warm water
  • Another bowl of cold water
  • Shampoo


1. Remove the headphone pads.

2. Immerse the pads in the bowl of warm water.

3. Splash some little shampoo onto the pads and rub it in with the fingers.

4. Once well cleaned, rinse the pads in another bowl of clean water.

5. Squeeze the shampoo suds out of the pads until the suds are no more.

6. Dry the pads by placing them in the open or by hanging them if possible.

Headphone Cleaning Method 2

Cleaning the headphone pads alongside other parts of the headphone.

What you will need:

  • Soap ( a mild bar soap or detergent)
  • Some warm water in a bowl
  • A dry toothbrush
  • A towel
  • A piece of cloth, preferably cotton


1. Start by dipping the piece of cloth in warm soapy water and wringing it to remove excess water. Use it to wipe the outer parts of the headphones. Be careful not to leave any water dripping from the piece of cloth, or it will find its way into the headphones’ interior and cause damage to the electronics.

If the piece of cloth is unable to remove all the dirt because it’s too stuck to the headphones, use the toothbrush to dislodge it. Gently but firmly brush off the stubborn deposits of dirt until loose enough, After that, use the cloth to wipe the affected part clean.

2. Cleaning the headphone pads

Remove the headphone pads, including the outer mesh if there’s one. Use the toothbrush and the damp cloth to clean the cups first. Wipe every area clean including crevices.

Next, use the damp piece of cloth to wipe the pads clean. Be careful with the pads as they’re delicate and can easily get damaged if cleaned roughly.

3. Cleaning the ear pad mesh

If the earpads of your headphones are covered by a mesh, clean that one separately. You can use a damp piece of cloth to clean it. If there’s too much dirt on the mesh, soak a piece of cloth in a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide and use it to wipe it. Let the mesh to dry before reattaching it to the ear pad.

4. The final touches

Now that you have cleaned every part of your of headphones, allow everything to dry before putting the parts back together. Put everything in the open to speed up the drying and to ensure it’s through. Allow at least thirty minutes.

5. Putting the parts back together

Once you’re sure no moisture is left on the parts of your headphones, it’s now time to reassemble them.

Your headphone pads and other parts are now clean and in usable condition.

How Often Should Headphone Pads be Cleaned?

It depends on the frequency of use. If you have to wear your headphones daily, a weekly cleaning would be enough. Otherwise, if you don’t use them a lot, cleaning them on a monthly basis would do.

Tips on How to Clean Headphone Pads Safely

  • Never clean your headphones while they’re still plugged into any electronic gadget, however small
  • Never sock your headphone in water to clean it
  • Only use mild soap or detergent to clean headphone pads. Using just any cleaning chemical and strong soaps would result in irreversible damage
  • Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines concerning cleaning your particular brand and model of headphone

Cleaning headphone pads only takes a few minutes, and the materials you need to clean them are readily available. There’s, therefore, no reason why you should leave them to accumulate dirt.

Best Noise Canceling Headphones under $200 [2019]

If you prefer listening to music at lower levels and still want to hear every minuscule detail, purchasing noise-canceling headphones is your best option. Noise canceling headphones are great at eliminating our ambient sounds, such as those in our bustling environment, by producing frequencies that prevent the extraneous noise which creeps into our ears.

A pair of noise-canceling headphones can cancel noise to a great extent, but the best ones (the ones you are looking for), can cancel everything. You will say goodbye to rackety crowd chatter, your annoying air-conditioning system and nagging parents and enter the realm of crisp and crystal-clear music at your preferred sound level.

You can choose from a plethora of noise canceling headphones, and headphones types vary from ear buds to full size, therefore, there are some to suit every trend and taste. So don’t worry, you will surely find a pair that is tailored to your needs, in fact, that is exactly what we are here to help you with.

The best thing about noise canceling headphones is that they get rid of external noise, so you will not have to crank up the volume to suppress background noise. Listening at low sound levels prevents your delicate ears from damage.

If you are on a tight budget finding top-notch noise canceling headphones can be tricky. Although a budget of under $200 is not modest by any means, it can still restrict your options.

Fortunately, with every passing day noise canceling technologies are improving, which means a drop in prices as these headphones are gaining popularity among the masses. We have compiled our buying guide and the top 5 list in order to assist you in discovering top-quality noise canceling headphones at the most affordable price.

Before we move onto our buying criteria and top 5 picks, there are a few nuggets of information that you will find useful in narrowing down your choices. These are discussed below.

What Makes Noise Canceling Headphones Unique?

As we briefly alluded to, noise cancellation is an active feature in a headphone. This feature requires batteries and additional electronics for the headphones to function.

This increase the bulkiness and weight of the headphones. Here it is important to point out that most headphones can function without batteries, but when they do so, their noise canceling feature is disabled.

And there are a few noise canceling headphones out there that do not work at all without batteries. And in some rare situations, the noise canceling feature can actually deteriorate the sound quality because the nullifying pitch tends to monkey with the actual audio

Best Noise Canceling Headphones under $200 Buying Criteria

Before we reveal our top 5 picks for best noise canceling headphones, there are a couple of key things that are important for you to keep in mind.

Consider these crucial tips on purchasing noise-canceling headphones for your personal use.

They will help you comprehend exactly what makes a pair of noise canceling headphones awesome:

Active Noise Cancelation Vs Passive Noise Isolation – What Should You Go For?

You will be surprised to hear that even audiophiles occasionally confuse passive noise isolation headphones with active noise canceling headphones.

So let’s find out the difference between the 2. Noise isolating headphones work in a passive manner. They prevent external noise from penetrating your ears using a physical barrier and cushioning which seal your ears (over ear headphones) or ear canal (in ear headphones) from outside commotion and noise.

In contrast, noise canceling headphones function actively. They use microphones for detecting sounds and noises in your environment and electronically offset the sounds emanating from the outside world.

They use inverse waves for countering ambient noises in your external environment.

However, they are a far cry from being perfect because they are not equipped to completely block out the sounds of screaming, crying or loud conversations.

Open, Closed or Semi-Open Backs – Is it an Easy Decision to Make?

If you can’t let others within earshot of you to get an earful of what is blaring on your headphones, go for a pair of closed headphones.

They are great at sealing off sound from the external environment which prevents music from getting out and ambient noise from coming in.

However, if you are craving for a fuller and richer sound and are least bothered about your music leaking out into the environment; it is recommended that you opt for a semi-open or open pair. It is crucial that the type of headphones you choose should be suited to your listening environment.

What is Your Budget?

It is obvious that a headphone’s quality correlates roughly with the price you are willing to pay for it. Having said that there is a variety of noise canceling headphones you can get your hands on in under $200.

Generally, you can get your hands on a nice pair for anything above $100. If you can shell out around $200, you can secure some of the best noise cancellation headphone brands on the market. And don’t fret, even for a meager $100, there are a few excellent options available.

What is the Ideal Battery Life?

If you prefer a pair of active noise canceling headphones, keep in mind that due to the specific technology involved in noise cancellation, the headphones feature an audio processor that requires power, so your headphones may not last for marathon listening sessions.

Also, give due consideration to whether or not you want a pair of headphones that uses replaceable batteries. If you go for a battery-operated pair it is good to have a few extras on-hand.

Are there any Warranty Statistics?

A pair of noise canceling headphones is quite expensive and requires complex electronic mechanisms that often have a tendency to fail. Therefore, make sure that the brand you choose has a warranty that will ensure their repair or replacement in case things don’t go as planned.

Peruse the reviews of the headphone and also of the company that is manufacturing the brand. Carefully go through the company’s customer service policies and procedures to figure out exactly how you may be dealt with in case your headphones break.

Best Noise Canceling Headphones under $200 Reviews 

1. Sony MDR10RNCIP Noise Canceling Wired Headphones Review

Sony MDR10RNCIP is a pair of noise-canceling headphones that are simply superb, and that’s why they have taken the top spot on our list. Although they are inexpensive compared to other headphones on this list, they provide the very best active noise canceling options by far.

With a mere click of a button, this pair will select the best noise-blocking style for you, with active noise cancellation precisely designed for buses, planes, trains and office situations. They have that unique Sony sound and offer superior comfort. They also have a passive listening mode that functions well even if the batteries run out. With these headphones, you will not miss a beat.

Consumers of this brand rave that they reduce outside noise to nearly absolute silence (noise cancellation of up to 99.4 % of ambient noise). And in case your headphone batteries run out, Sony MDR10RNCIP are designed for optimal noise isolation too.

This pair of headphones is also one of the most portable listening devices out there on the market; they have over-ear speakers which you can rotate to ease storage and traveling. If you are seeking that perfect pair of over-ear headphones and can afford to dole out some cash, these are your best tried-and-tested headphones.

Sony MDR10RNCIP Features

  • They offer great ambient noise cancellation
  • Provide the benefit of enjoying broad frequency response
  • They are extremely comfortable
  • They have a swivel function that promotes portability
  • They are compatible with most devices like iPods, iPads and iPhones

Check Current Price From Amazon

2. Soul by Ludacris SL300 HD Noise Canceling Headphones Review

If headphones manufactured by Bose set the gold standard in terms of noise cancellation, Soul by Ludacris SL300 is not very far away. Consumers who have tried Bose’s high-end and expensive headphones were stunned when they found out that these Soul headphones had almost equal, if not better, noise cancellation abilities. Although this brand is pricey, it offers a great value for money when you consider the sound quality.

Soul by Ludacris SL300 has speakers that work superbly irrespective of whether their noise cancellation feature is enabled or not. These headphones are probably the most stylish and sleekest on this list and come in a number of different colors, ranging from white and classic black to exotic blue.

Get ready for a fully isolated and high definition listening experience any place and anytime with Soul by Ludacris SL300. This high-performance pair of headphones is engineered to deliver such a high- quality, balanced and pristine sound that they are equally good for both amateurs and pros.  Whether you are a DJ, music producer, or music enthusiast this brand delivers sound that literally moves your soul.

Ludacris SL300 HD Features

  • Equipped with advanced drivers and circuitry designed for clear highs and mids and superb bass
  • Produces very precise and accurate audio balance
  • They are compatible with most devices like iPods, iPads and iPhones
  • Top-notch active noise cancellation technology that eliminates unwanted noises and sounds
  • Over-ear and superior design along with full ear cup articulation that delivers the most comfortable fit

Check Current Price From Amazon

3. Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint Noise-Canceling Headphones Review

Although Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint is not as popular as Bose or Sony, this brand is one of the top noise canceling headphones on the market. These on-ear headphones make use of proprietary active noise cancellation technology to offer a very comfortable listening experience especially in areas with high ambient noise. They deliver a staggering noise cancellation rate of 95 % and feature Audio-Technica’s latest tri-level cancelation.

This pair of headphones is extremely comfortable and includes thick memory foam support for great sound isolation. Consumers especially praise this brand for its ability to mute different sounds like plane engines and dishwasher rumblings.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 Features

  • Features 40 mm drivers for high-fidelity and crystal-clear audio reproduction
  • Its ear cups and headband are padded with luxurious memory foam
  • Audio functions passively even without a battery

Check Current Price From Amazon

4. Monoprice 10010 Review

Monoprice 10010 are a great pair of mid-range over-ear headphones. Their noise cancellation abilities are so good that listening to some quiet music on them can easily drown out a window-rattling action movie.

They have an incredible battery which lasts up to 50 hours which makes them ideal for long trips as well as daily use. The quality of this brand is comparable to Bose’s noise canceling headphones, but their price is less than half of Bose’s headphones.

If you want to own a high-quality over-ear headphone without draining your financial resources, these headphones may be the perfect fit for you.

Monoprice 10010 Features

  • They feature active noise reduction circuitry
  • Have 40 mm  neodymium drivers which offer a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Have a hardshell nylon storage case
  • Have a 58 inches audio cable with sound controls and in-line mic

Check Current Price From Amazon

5.  Solitude XCS Active Noise Canceling and Amplifier Headphones Review

Solitude XCS is an incredibly strong and robust pair of headphones given their low price tag. They deliver high-end sounds which pack a punch; they are also very comfortable with a design that allows your ears to breathe while blocking out both consistent white noise and sporadic sounds.

If you are a frequent air traveler they’re especially suitable for you, because they can lessen the unpleasant effect of engine noise and make the trip easier. They have 3 different modes which are noise canceling, regular and amp boost; all of them render a distinct audio profile and are a good option for people who have wide-ranging musical tastes.

Solitude XCS Features

  • They are the company’s premium noise canceling headphones
  • Come with a microphone cable
  • Have a 40-hour battery life (2 AAA batteries)
  • They have high-quality around-the-ear ear cushions that feature memory foam inserts
  • They deliver premium quality sound

Check Current Price From Amazon

7 Tips to Make your Headphones Louder

If you are like most people, chances are, you like listening to music. It is not uncommon to see people walking around with their headphones on. However, if you have volume problems with your headphones, it can ruin your whole listening experience.

Nothing is more frustrating than plugging in your headphones to enjoy your playlist only for your expectations to be marred by muffled sounds and overall poor sound quality. So, how do you rectify the volume issue and make your headphone louder? Here are a few tips to increase the volume of your headphones:

1. Turn Up The Volume on Your Device

This might seem like a basic tip, but it is actually one of the most effective ways to enhance the sound of your headphones. If you find the volume of your audios far too low, it is imperative that you check the volume level on your device. Sometimes, simply turning it up a notch will solve the problem.

If even turning the volume to a maximum does not produce the desired results, you might want to consider removing the volume limit on your device. Most devices will have a volume limit when earphones are plugged in and for good reason too. The limit serves to prevent accidental ear damage as exposure to loud sound is wont to cause. Remove the limit from the control panel of your PC or the settings of your smart device. Hopefully the volume will be high enough for your liking.

2. Use a Volume Increasing App

If the maximum volume is still not satisfactory, you might consider using apps meant specifically to raise the volume on your device. The apps are many and varied. There are some for Apple devices and some for Android devices too. These enhance the volume on your device past the device’s maximum volume. They can come in handy if you have problems listening to music using headphones due to a low volume. Some of these apps include the following:

  • Equalizer +
  • Volume Booster Pro
  • Volume Boost +
  • Volume Control +

3. Enhance the Bass Another way to ensure that you get the best sound quality possible is to enhance the bass on your device.

This also has the effect of making sound louder, which ultimately contributes to a better listening experience. To do so:

  1. Go to the Control Panel of your PC
  2. Click on Hardware and Sounds
  3. Click on Sound
  4. When the Playback tab opens, click on Headphones
  5. Click on Properties to start modifying the headphones
  6. Click on the Enhancement tab, and then on Bass Boost
  7. Click on Apply to save the changes

4. Use Ear Muffs

One of the things that can make your headphones not be loud enough is external noise. It is really hard to hear a thing when you are surrounded by noise. Rather than buy expensive headphones that cancel out all external noises, why not use earmuffs on your current pair?

Earmuffs are a cheap alternative and they do as good a job as their expensive alternatives. With them, you can rest assured that all external noises will be completely drowned out.

5. Use Velour Pads

Alternatively, you could also opt to use Velour pads instead of earmuffs. Besides the obvious benefit of shutting out external noises, Velour pads also make it much more comfortable to wear your earphones. They can come in real handy especially if you have faux leather pads on your earphones which tend to wear out fast and cause irritation.

6. Use a Stand- Alone Amplifier

You may also choose to buy a stand- alone amplifier if all else fails. Generally, stand- alone amplifiers are better than built- in ones because they are not limited in terms of space as built- in amplifiers are. This in turn means that they have more power, which translates to louder sound.

7. Buy Quality Headphones

Finally, you can save yourself a lot of volume-related trouble by buying quality headphones and taking good care of them. Clean them often and avoid storing them in a tangled way. This will pay off the in the long run.

Make your Headphones Louder Summary

Now you know what to do in order to get louder sounds from your headphones. Beware that exposing your ears to extremely loud sound can damage them, so follow these tips with moderation so that you can get the right sound from your headphones. If you do, volume shouldn’t be a bother when listening to music. Knowing how to get the best from your headphones is one of the fundamental factors that will ensure you enjoy your music.

Best Headphones for Digital Piano [2019]

So did you just buy a piano? I know it costs serious bucks. Or maybe you have had it for a couple of years? Either way now you are probably looking to make the next big decision and that is buying a pair of headphones for that coveted piano. And just like buying the best piano that suits your needs, buying the best headphones can be a complicated endeavor as well.

This is because of the huge variety of headphones that are available on the market for your piano. These come with a slew of different features that appeal to different kinds of user needs.

Now you are probably wondering what the best headphones for your piano are. To be honest it is a difficult question and in a sense the question is funny too, isn’t it? How could there be a single “best headphones” for any piano?

Just think about it. Keep in mind that pianos generally have 61, 76, or 88 keys, and could be as inexpensive as $150 or could have a ridiculously steep price tag, which can reach thousands of dollars.

So how can you make a precise determination of what the best headphones for your piano are?

Well, this is exactly what we will be exploring in this article, so hang on and put on your reading glasses as we take a dive into the nitty-gritty of piano headphone features and buying criteria so you can figure out the best piano headphones for your bucks and more importantly the headphones that are truly right for the piano you bought.

Before we move on to the selection criteria there are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself that will go a long way in making the decision less of a dilemma for you. These questions are as follows:

  • Exactly where in your home is your piano located?
  • Do you live with your family or are sharing an apartment with someone?
  • Does your apartment have thin walls?
  • Do you have noisy neighbors and require profound focus on practicing?
  • Are you an experienced or well accomplished pianist and have to more strictly monitor what you are playing

Best Piano Headphones Buying Guide

Before we reveal our top 5 picks for best piano headphones, there are a couple of key things that are important for you to keep in mind. Consider these crucial tips on purchasing headphones for your piano use; they will help you comprehend exactly what makes a pair of headphones for piano great:

Are Over-ear Headphones are better?

Although there may be a few exceptions, over-ear headphones are usually a much better option for plugging into your piano compared to in-ear headphones (popularly called ear buds).

There are a number of different reasons for this, but the bottom line is that over-ear headphones usually have the tendency of providing better sound quality, accuracy and noise cancellation compared to in-ear headphones.

In a majority of cases, it is better to stick with a pair of over-ear headphones if you crave the best sounding audio.

Why is Soundstage Important?

Soundstage is a rather vague element of audio quality that many of us tend to overlook. It can be loosely described as how close it sounds like you are to the source that is generating the audio.

The name of this term is rooted in the idea that in stage performances there is an obvious and notable difference between the audio at the very front of an auditorium and the back of the auditorium.

Although it can be difficult to gauge the soundstage of a pair of headphones, you will usually be able to detect the variation and subtleties in the audio quality based on whether the soundstage is appropriately adjusted. You may have come across a situation where listening through a pair of headphones just seemed off, it may have been the result of soundstage.

Even though they may not advertise it, a quality pair of piano headphones will have the soundstage adjusted perfectly, and you will spot the difference immediately in terms of how immersive the audio is.

Why Should You Pay Attention to your Precise Needs?

This is where those questions we asked earlier really matter. There are a myriad of reasons you may want to buy a pair of headphones for piano use, and these reasons usually make a huge difference in what kind of headphones you will need to purchase.

For example, if you have young ones at home who are learning the art of piano playing and you just need some quiet and peace from their incessant playing sessions, an inexpensive pair of headphones will do just fine. 

On the other hand, if you are a semi-accomplished pianist who requires a pair of headphones so that you can play whenever you want without disturbing your neighbors or family members, then go for a pair that offers a little bit more in terms of sound quality.

However, if you happen to be an advanced pianist looking to get your hands on a pair of piano headphones that will enable you to appreciate subtle nuances in your various performances, then opt for a high quality set of headphones that deliver clear and crisp audio. Determining precisely what you need will help you narrow your search accordingly.

Can you Compromise on Comfort?

The importance of sound quality can never be overstressed, but your headphones need to be comfortable too.

If you are planning long piano sessions with the headphones on then it is paramount that they be totally comfortable;

in fact so comfortable that you should almost forget that they are even there.

The unfortunate thing is, numerous headphones, even ones that have great sound quality, feel uncomfortable and bulky – which is are both factors that deter people from buying them.

In contrast, there are a number of excellent piano headphones that offer great audio quality with plenty of comfort to wear for hours at a time. Remember that a good brand of piano headphones will concentrate on both sound quality and comfort.

This factor must never be overlooked, especially for headphones. You may end up getting a pair having nearly all the qualities of an ideal headphone, but if it is not comfortable it is as good as useless.

Best Headphones for Piano Reviews

1. Bose QuiteComfort 25 Review

Bose QuiteComfort 25  is an excellent pair of noise canceling headphones with sound production that is just phenomenal, but they come with a steep price tag. The headphones are especially designed to entirely eliminate any background noise or distraction even when you don’t have the volume cranked up very high, and they are almost flawless at doing their job.

Weighing a mere 6.9 ounces, Bose QuiteComfort 25 headphones are nearly half the weight compared to SOL Master Tracks, which makes them almost unnoticeable when you put them on. These headphones are extremely durable and well-constructed and have their own protective carrying case.

Put these headphones on and you will feel a sudden change. Your piano sound will sound powerful, balanced and deep, and the quietness will render more clarity to every note. So if you feel like splurging a fair sum on an amazing pair of piano headphones, rest assured you will not go wrong with Bose QuiteComfort 25.

Bose QuiteComfort 25 Features

  • Offers significant reduction in noise and distraction
  • Produces powerful, deep and immersive sound
  • Equipped with inline remote and mic
  • Designed in a manner that makes it a good fit for piano
  • This pair of headphones is also compatible with most of Windows, Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones

Check Current Price From Amazon

2. Sennheiser Momentum Review

Sennheiser Momentum headphones come with a very stylish and sleek design that differentiates them from their competitors. However, more importantly, these headphones are astoundingly comfortable and generate immersive and crystal clear audio quality.

Their premium quality leather-build ear pads are not just light and soft; they are porous enough to breathe well, this prevents your ears from burning after marathon practicing sessions. In addition, the 18-ohm operating impedance offers an extremely dynamic audio quality level that is not only clear and sharp; it is very immersive and strikes just the right level of soundstage. These headphones also accompany an attractive hard carry case which offers protection and have a 2 years warranty.

Sennheiser Momentum Features

  • Equipped with Noise Gard hybrid noise cancellation which eliminates ambient noise with the use of 4 microphones for ultra isolation, which considerably enhances sound quality in noisy environments
  • Amazing battery life of 22 hours along with Noise Gard and Bluetooth which ensure great performance during long sessions
  • Has a 2 microphone built-in technology that works in a seamless manner to improve sound quality and eliminate external noise
  • If bought from an authorized Sennheiser dealer, you get a warranty of 2 years

Check Current Price From Amazon

3. V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Review

Your initial glance at V-Moda Crossfade M-100 will reveal that these headphones are designed in a unique way. Their design and shape is visually appealing and sharp unlike most other headphone brands. They have a modest weight of 9.9 ounces with memory phone ear pads especially designed for unparalleled comfort.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 also have V-Moda’s award winning M-Class sound signature that generates impeccable audio at all ranges of volumes and notes with a heavily immersive 3-dimensional soundstage, which does a great job at imitating the experience of a live and up-close performance. This product is packed with innovations with respect to comfort, style and sound quality than any other headphone brand on the market, which makes them a serious contender if you are a musician.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Features

  • These headphones produce award-winning M-class sound perfected and tuned by more than 200 audiophile aficionados
  • They have 50mm Dual Diaphragm Driver which separates bass from highs and mids
  • Ultra-Extended Highs, clean deep bass and vivid mids tuned by audiophiles and industry editors
  • Unique CLIQFOLD design which provides compact storage
  • Extremely compact exoskeleton carrying case with a V-STRAP system

Check Current Price From Amazon

4. Yamaha Pro 400 Review

Yamahanot only prides itself as a great piano manufacturer, it also produces some exceptional headphones to go with them. So if you have a Yamaha piano, then why not pair it up with Yamaha headphones? Apart from this correlation, there are numerous reasons for buying Yamaha Pro 400.

These are topnotch headphones for your piano, and Yamaha’s experience and expertise in tuning pianos means they are tuned to audio perfection. They are also very comfortable and lightweight with an attractive and sleek geometry. In addition, they are very affordable compared to other brands in the market.

Yamaha Pro 400 Features

  • Uses a combination of finest materials with renowned Yamaha tuning experience to offer a superb listening experience
  • They have extremely smooth and soft ear cushions with an immensely natural feel
  • They come with PRO Series cables that are tangle-resistant, flat and made from materials that are durable and reduce touch noise transfer effects

Check Current Price From Amazon

5. Noontec Zoro HD Review

Yamaha’s headphones may be affordable, but Noontec Zoro HD is downright cheap. These headphones may not have a few high-end features that are available on many of the top piano headphones, yet they manage to generate an excellent audio quality and provide great comfort.

But their low price really makes them popular. They are priced to sell, given their great quality. The sound they render is immersive and clear and they are more than capable of giving their more expensive counterparts a run for their money. So if you are looking to save some bucks they might be just right for you.

Noontec Zoro Features

  • They are very comfortable, lightweight and adjustable
  • They have an inline microphone
  • Have a durable metal rack inside them
  • Come with 1, 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable

Check Current Price From Amazon

Best Studio Headphones Under $200 [2019]

If you are a musician or a music enthusiast, grabbing the best pair of studio headphones can just be as imperative as investing in a good bed; you are aware that you will be using it every day and if you spend a decent amount it will last you many years. Nevertheless, it is important to note that just because certain headphone brands and models are labeled as ‘studio’ doesn’t automatically make them the best.

You will really need to dig deep into the basics while answering questions such as what exactly do you need them for,  how do you intend to use them, how much do they cost, and what other users have to say about it.

Basically, studio headphones are designed to give a natural, effective and detailed distribution of frequency. They are able to create high volume levels with a balanced audio result for each ear and can be used for both handlings all the way to the most challenging studio routines.

These headphones are primarily used for two purposes in music making: mixing and recording. During recording, high-quality studio headphones can actually stop the sound coming out from the guide track and prevent it from leaking in the microphone and spoiling the music that was recorded.

A lot of audiophiles like to combine their studio headphones with headphone amps to enhance the sound quality. The outstandingly conforming features and robust construction of studio headphones make them the ideal choice for many users, whether you are making beats, recording, mastering and mixing, or simply listening for fun.

What to Look For In a Pair of Studio Headphones?

When shopping for the best studio headphones for the purposes of mixing and recording, there are a few factors that you should value over other.

It is critical to ensure your headphones have components that will be useful since many brands make a huge deal about features that are really just fluff. 

Here are a few things you should look for first:

Large headphones with isolation –You need to make sure the ‘earmuffs’ cover your entire ear and offer you adequate isolation from the external noise. Even a lower key studio can sometimes become a noisy place, and in such as a case you do not really want to hear anything but your music.

Outstanding pressure compromise/padding –If you intend to use the headphones for the purpose of studio monitoring, chances are you will be wearing them for extended periods of time as you record, mix, splice and adjust.

Low-quality headphones can strain your ears, and cause headaches owing to insufficient padding and extra pressured headband elements. The best studio headphones don’t only sound great, but they are also comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Crispy clear, untinted, genuine sound –The quality of the sound should be ‘neutral’ for it to mix properly. Non-studio headphones usually tend to be ‘colored’, which means they are designed to perform better depending on specific music genres.

You should invest in a pair of studio headphones that covers a diverse range of music types and styles so the neutral tuning is perfect.

How to Choose the Best Studio Headphones?

Your budget

Even though we will be looking at studio headphones under $200, there is a huge difference in headphones with a price tag of $50 while others that stop right at $200. The real question is: how much money are you ready to spend? More features come with a pricier tag.

Open-back VS closed-back VS semi-open

A large percentage of studio headphones are closed-back (which makes them better for leisure listening, sound isolation and recording), some are open-ear and best for mastering and mixing, whereas others fall right in the middle as ‘semi-open.’

Open-back headphones use a transducer that is fixed in a space away from the head and come with a foam-filled enclosure that is normally ventilated using holes or slots. Open-back headphones don’t color the sound as much as closed backed ones since they allow some sound in from the outside, instead of totally isolating the sound in the ear. This also means the headphones offer a more natural sound to the user.

On the other hand, closed-back headphones tend to create overall higher sound levels because they are designed to keep the sounds in, isolating the music. They can also feature superior bass reproduction since the low end is confined within the cup of the headphones and doesn’t escape.

Color choices

The majority of studio headphones come in black because most customers prefer that color. However, if you look around a little, you will come across brands that offer some cool aesthetics that may sway your choice.

Electric blue, red and green are also becoming quite popular these days. However, this is strictly a matter of preference and has nothing to do with how the headphones perform.

Additional Accessories

Many studio headphones come with extra converters, cables, or even protective cases. If these are important to you then you should definitely go for it.

Best Studio Headphones Under $200 – Our Top Picks!

To pursue your hobby or career in music, you don’t have to sacrifice an arm and a leg to get started with high-quality equipment. Take a look at the best studio headphones that you can buy under $200.

1. ​Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphones Review

The ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphones is the most praised by many audio experts and professional audio reviewers. The headset features large noise isolating ear cups with excellent A-T construction and an unparalleled sound quality that is specially designed for critical audio experts. They deliver precision-based audio with an amazing comfort level, making them the best option for long wearing sessions while in the studio or on-the-go.

The contoured ear cups shut tight and offer solid sound isolation, and are quite comfortable on the ears with minimal pain and sound bleed. The material is pro-grade, which makes it long-lasting and comfortable at the same time. The headphones can be collapsed and ear cups are foldable for maximum convenience and space saving. You can also find some decent color choices with the ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Features

  • Critically acclaimed audio performance praised by best audio critics and engineers
  • 45 mm large drivers with copper-clad aluminum and earth magnets wire coils
  • Outstanding clarity throughout an extended range of frequency, with deep, precise bass response.
  • Circumaural design contours surrounding the ears for high-quality sound isolation in noisy areas
  • 90 degrees revolving ear cups for better, single-ear monitoring, pro-grade headband and earpad material offers more comfort and durability.
  • Detachable cable

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2. Sony MDR7506 Review

The Sony MDR7506 is the perfect option if you are financially restricted. The headset has a solid built, is reliable and durable and is designed to offer excellent sound quality and functionality. They can practically be used in any application (except for professional mastering and mixing). The closed-ear design of the headset has rapidly popularized in professional recording and home studios.

The foldable, well-constructed design features 40 mm driver units with gold connectors for both leisure and studio use. The comfort factor is highly advanced and will not give users much pain thanks to sufficient cushioning for enhanced comfort. The headset also comprises of a stereo ‘unimatch plug’ that can be utilized in ¼ and 1/8 inch applications and also comes with a soft protective casing for storage or traveling.

The sound quality is excellent and very detailed, with nice lows, decent mids, and crisp highs.

Sony MDR7506 Features

  • 40 mm drivers and Neodymium magnets for a detailed and powerful sound
  • A closed-ear design that offers maximum comfort and excellent external noise cancellation
  • A non-detachable 9.8-foot cable that ends in a gold-plated plug
  • Comes with a ¼ inch adapter
  • Features a foldable design for added convenience and space-saving
  • Frequency response level of 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
  • Large, foldable, diaphragm headphones bring a rugged construction along with a safe, highly efficient closed-back design.

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3. KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones Review

Probably the most underrated pair of headphones, the KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones stays true to the standards of KRK’s first-class studio monitors. They make use of the latest technology in acoustic memory foam, which is what makes these headphones incredibly awesome. This series of headphones by KRK is known to be the best when it comes to noise cancellation and sound reproduction.

They also have a natural, more accurate and wide frequency response, are comfortable to wear, come with a detachable cable and rotating ear cups, have a very low distortion, and replaceable head and head cushions.

However, this headset does not bring a strong bass sound, crisp high frequencies, and good mids. This is because these headphones are meant for recording and mixing, which means that adding extra bass could probably make them muddy in the low-end.

KRK KNS8400 Features

  • A detachable in-line volume control
  • The current reference quality frequency response for circumaural dynamic closed-back headphones.
  • Recently developed headphone acoustical system that brings to the table a new level of performance for the very first time.
  • Makes use of the latest acoustic memory foam tech to ensure a high-quality performance in both isolation and reproduction.

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4. Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Acoustically Open Headphones Review

The Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 are open-back dynamic headphones perfect for studio use due to its design and features; it offers an outstanding sound reproduction to attain the high-quality audio result.

It comes with a rugged construction with a spring steel headband for a comfortable and precise fit. You will not have to worry about the headband dropping even when you’re in the car or walking.

The headset comes with an open diffuse-field studio with 250 ohms. In addition to that, they are super lightweight and come with a drawstring bag for added convenience when roaming around with them.

Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Features

  • The headphones come with a single-sided coiled cord and 250-ohm drivers
  • Open, diffuse-field studio headphones
  • Outstanding sound reproduction
  • Comfortable to wear due to their rugged design and a cushioned, adjustable headband construction with soft velour ear cushions
  • Manufacturer warranty of 2 years, provided the headphones are bought from an authorized dealer

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5. ​AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Channel Studio Headphones Review

The AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII is an ingeniously designed pro studio headphone that comes with a sealed construction for very low signal bleeding when recording musical instruments or vocals, thus eliminating the problem of the unwanted spilling. The headset is closed-back for the highest level of noise insulation and great sound reproduction.

The headphones come with a switch in the headband that shuts the audio as soon as the headset is taken off. Actually, the headphones are designed to automatically mute in absence of pressure on the headband. This feature comes in very handy in a studio or live environment.

Even though the sound quality of the AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII is incredible, the same cannot be said for their design. The construction looks kind of tacky and some users experienced problems with the wires that became worn out too fast.

In conclusion, the headphones are a great option for recording music because they offer crisp high frequencies and amazing high mids with a general sparking sound. If you wear them properly, you can make the most out of these headphones. You will need some time before you finally become used to them, especially if you have a smaller head.

AKG Pro Audio K271 Features

  • Over-ear design that ensures optimum wearing comfort for extended periods of time
  • Latest closed technology for high levels of noise cancellation and excellent sound reproduction.
  • A self-adjusting headband that allows maximum convenience and optimum fit
  • Sealed design with a minimum level of signal bleeding for instrumental and vocal recordings to avoid any unwanted spill
  • An auto-mute feature that shuts off the audio when the headphones are taken off.

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Top 5 Best Headphones for Guitar Amp [2019]

If you are a guitar buff, I don’t even have to tell you what it feels like connecting the guitar to a huge Marshall amp, cranking up the speakers and letting your power chords roar. But let’s face it; we all have that lousy neighbour who wastes no time in calling the cops on you, restraining that rebellious guitar rage that has pent up inside you.

We don’t want the police to hassle you and to avoid any potential ruckus, the best solution is to get yourself a set of high quality practice headphones for your guitar amp. There are a myriad of factors to consider when making this important decision, mainly because the process is significantly different compared to purchasing headphones for listening to run-of-the-mill MP3 music.

For audiophiles headphones are as important as a pair of pretty shoes to most women, may be more important. However, to others they seem pretty similar.

But like shoes there are thousands of varieties of headphones, and each pair is equipped and designed to deal with different conditions.

This is the reason why we have compiled a list of the best headphones for guitar amp practice, but before we dive into that list we have to get a few things out of the way, so just be patient.

Why do you require a specialized pair of headphones for your guitar amp in the first place?

My answer is plain and simple: to shred your guitar and do it loudly, which is a dream for most guitar players.My answer is plain and simple: to shred your guitar and do it loudly, which is a dream for most guitar players.

When you have the best pair of guitar amp headphones, you can jam until the daylight appears, without pissing off a single soul (remember that lousy neighbor).

Although there are a huge number of headphones out there, we know as a guitar player you have unique needs. You preferably want to have marathon practice sessions in a quiet environment.

Over the last couple of months our team has listened through more pair of headphones than we can count; so you can trust us. But to be honest, only a few have left their mark on us.

As music is an integral part of your life and you will be spending countless hours using and practicing with your headphones, it is crucial you get expert advice. We will first discuss the criteria for choosing the best headphones for guitar amp practice and then reveal our top 5 picks. So hang tight!

Best Guitar Amp Practice Headphones Criteria

There are a couple of key things that are important to keep in mind when purchasing a good pair of guitar amp headphones. We know that selecting the best headphones is a highly subjective process, but it is advisable to consider the following criteria:

Does Comfort Really Matter?

Ever had the terrible experience of sitting on a hard or uncomfortable surface for such a long time your backside practically went numb? I have been a victim too. An uncomfortable headphone can do something very similar to your ears.

Comfort must never be overlooked, especially for guitar amp headphones as practice sessions can be tediously long. You may end up getting a pair of headphones having nearly all the qualities of an ideal headphone, but if it is not comfortable it is as good as useless. 

On the other hand, a comfortable guitar amp headphone will fit your ears well and have plenty of cushioning which will enable you to easily wear them for hours on end without any discomfort or fatigu.

What Should the Impedance be?

Impedance is the power required for the headphones to work, it is measured in ohms.

A pair of headphone with low impedance level (lower than 25 ohms) will usually work well when paired with devices that do not have strong amplification like MP3 players, smartphones and similar portable devices.

These headphones typically run the risk of blowouts when paired with more powerful amps.

On the other hand, high impedance headphones (25 ohms and above) deliver a high audio level but use more power. These headphones are insulated from blowouts and are better at resisting sonic abuse.

Determine your amp’s ohm output first, but anything in the range of 25 to 80 ohms is compatible with a majority of amps and can still be used with portable audio devices.

Headphones with higher ohms are good at reducing white noise and offer a richer and more vibrant listening experience.

What should be the Actual of the Jack?

Headphone jacks come in 2 sizes, one is eighth inch and the other is quarter inch. The former is 3 mm, which is a jack size that will be compatible with your MP3 player, PC or laptop and smartphones. A quarter inch jack which is 6.35 mm is typically reserved for instruments such as guitar cables.

The good news is that a majority of headphones for guitar amp practice have an eighth-inch jack that has an adapter that converts it into a quarter inch jack, giving you the luxury of using the headphone on a wide range of devices.

What is the Frequency and Balance?

Signals emitted by a guitar are very different compared to signals coming from an MP3 device. If your guitar amp is blaring at maximum volume, an inappropriate type of headphone can crackle terribly and cause noise distortion.

To avoid this embarrassing situation go for a durable, well-constructed headphone made by a reputable brand with a frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. 

Be rest assured that this frequency range will cover all of the human listening spectra and a higher frequency response will not necessarily lead to better sound quality.

This is because bass level of less than 20 Hz is more likely to be felt than heard, while treble in excess of 20 KHz is barely audible.

Best Headphones for Guitar Amp Practice Reviews

1. Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Sony MDRV6 is a very popular headphone and it is made by Sony, a company, which is well-known for its headphone making capability. This pair of headphones has been around for a very long time which seems like eternity and you may think that factor works against it, but these headphones do very little wrong despite their age. The pair is well -constructed and rugged which makes it very durable. It has very soft cushions and will feel very comfortable on your ears, even if your guitar sessions last for hours. The headphone is also good at isolating external noise which is important for a guitar player.

The pair is a tad less portable compared to ATH-M50x but it comes with a 10 feet cord which is handier than you may initially think. These headphones have a unique sound signature along with great sound quality which never fails to impress. The best part is that these headphones sound very accurate without appearing too sterile or cold. Experts think that they are a very good match to use with guitar sonic because their treble response is incredible. The brand is also quite cheap and is an excellent budget friendly choice.

Sony MDRV6 Features

  • Has 40 mm drivers and neodymium magnets for powerful and detailed sound
  • Has an over-ear design that gives superior comfort and reduction of outside noises
  • Has a 10 feet oxygen free copper cord along with 3.5 mm plug
  • Has  a copper-clad aluminum coil wire for enhanced power handling
  • Incredible frequency range of 5 Hz to 30 KHz

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2. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Review

Beyerdynamic DT770 is an excellent pair of closed-back and rugged headphones that have the uncanny knack of enduring lots of physical and sonic punishment. They are German-made, so you can expect that they are made from durable materials, and more importantly all the parts are replaceable so you won’t have to buy a new pair any time soon. They are great at noise cancellation, leak less sound and provide a richer listening experience because they let in less external noise.

Beyerdynamic DT770  is also immensely comfortable. Their ear cups are well cushioned and it has a nicely-padded headband which distributes weight evenly and alleviates pain and discomfort that accompanies when they are worn for long practice hours. However, their best feature is the generation of realistic and clear sound. You know that realistic sound is the first priority when purchasing headphones for guitar practice.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Features

  • They have a closed, diffuse-field systems bass reflex technology that enhances your bass response
  • They are excellent at reproducing mid-range and clinically high frequencies
  • They have a rugged and robust headband design
  • Soft and smooth ear cushions and single-sided cable
  • Have a gold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug and also a 6.35 mm adapter
  • Come with a 2 year warranty when bought from a Beyerdynamic dealer

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3. AKG K44 Headphones Review

If you are looking for an affordable option for your guitar amp practice sessions, AKG K44 is one of the most affordable pair of headphones you can purchase and still listen to top-quality sound. The pair can be bought for under low price and delivers an astonishingly rich sonic specter and very good durability.

Although there are minor issues with overloaded bass frequencies, these headphones do offer a very meaty middle section along with a strong and incredible treble range. We think that this is more than good enough for practice headphones especially given their low price tag. With respect to volume handling, there are good at delivering sonic spikes when you crank them up.

Overall, this product gets the job done and would not disappoint you. You will hear amazing sound quality that will render a realistic and accurate image of your guitar performance, which is crucial, as lousy sound can severely mess up your approach and cripple you once you decide to switch to live gigs or band rehearsals.

AKG K44 Features

  • They have a circumaural and semi-closed design
  • They have a self-adjusting headband which fill fit snugly over your head
  • Equipped with Patented Varimotion speakers
  • They have Leatherette ear pads  which provide great comfort

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4. Sennheiser HD 598 Review

In terms of comfort, Sennheiser HD 598 is one of the best headphones on our list. They are probably amongst the best looking headphones in their price range. They have a leatherette headband and velour enclosed ear cups and are cushioned in all the right places for long usage.

They render a very realistic in-room experience along with an open soundstage, which makes this pair a match made in heaven for guitar players.  Sennheiser HD 598 boasts a wide and dynamic frequency ranging from 12 Hz to 38.5 KHz, which will enable you to pick every sound your guitar produces.

Sennheiser HD 598 Features

  • Audiophile-grade over-ear, premium and sleek, open-back headphones
  • Have an impedance of 50 Ohms
  • 2 cable options along with 3.5mm adapter
  • 2 year warranty when bought from a Sennheiser dealer

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5. Philips X2/27 Fidelio Premium Headphones Review

Philips X2/27 Fidelio is an excellent pair of headphones which are just right for your guitar practice sessions.  You would be blown away by their ridiculously wide ranging frequency of 5 Hz to 40 KHz and you will still listen to crisp and precise sound which is natural and true. You can immerse yourself in the pristine details of your guitar sound with this pair.

They have an open-backed design which is extremely comfortable to wear, and have an excellent and dynamic sound quality. This pair of headphones also comes with a tangle-free cord.

Philips X2/27 Features

  • They are equipped with powerful 50 mm neodymium drivers which offer wide yet precise range
  • They have an acoustic open-back design for pristine audio fidelity
  • They feature double-layered ear shells which are designed for sound precision
  • They have a dedicated cable which offers ease

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