Best Therapeutic Listening Headphones [2019]

Modern technological developments in the fields of medicine and healthcare reached a point where you can now treat many psychological and physical conditions using the sound waves.

Using specially arranged frequencies of sounds you can create effects that are therapeutic in nature for the listener.

This sound therapy is used to treat many different conditions:

  • autism,
  • cerebral Palsy,
  • Asperger’s,
  • visual motor related problems,
  • social fear etc.  

However, in order for you to gain maximum benefits from these therapeutic sessions, you need the right headphones too.

Why Do You Need Special Therapeutic Listening Headphones?

Many people would argue that they can work with any headphones for their therapeutic listening programs but that’s not true. If you have subscribed to a program you will notice that they have special requirements from headphones for best effects.

They don’t tell you to buy special headphones just to make their program sound professional but there are practical needs for doing so. For example, during these therapies they play different types of tracks in the ears of the listeners. These tracks can range from certain natural sounds to mainstream pop songs.

In these tracks they have recorded special sounds. These could be clicking sounds, sounds of a chirping bird or falling water droplets etc. In order for these sounds to register properly in the head of the listener, their headphones have to meet certain standards. The most important requirement for therapeutic headphones is that their frequency range. It does not matter which therapeutic listening headphones you buy, their frequency range has to start from 20Hz and cover the 22,000Hz mark. 

BONUS TIPS: Headphones with frequency ranges below 22,000Hz are not recommended for therapeutic listening because they might not be able to play many sounds with frequencies higher than this range.

What Other Things Make Headphones Great Therapeutic Listening Headphones?

There are certain requirements that almost any pair of headphones in the world should meet, not just the therapeutic listening headphones.

For example, your headphones should have proper cushioning not only on the ear cups but headband as well. Their design should conform to the shape and size of the listener’s head, ears and face.

For instance, if the headphones are too tight they will cause pain in temples and skull for the listener. High impedance rating is another factor you should be looking for in headphones meant for therapeutic listening.

Therapeutic Listening Headphones – Top 3 That Meet the Requirements Well

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Sony MDRZX110A+Check Price
Vogek FoldableCheck Price

1. AmazonBasics Lightweight On-ear Headphones Review

As basic as they look at first glance, they get the job done like no other headphones. AmazonBasics headphones are available in 3 different colors: black, blue and white. They have proper cushioning and their selling point is definitely their price. Here are the most notable features of these headphones:

AmazonBasics Lightweight On-ear Notable Features  

  • They have noise canceling properties and an on-ear construction for maximum comfort and isolated listening experience.
  • At this price range, they have an amazing frequency range starting from 12Hz and ending at 22,000Hz. This covers the basic frequency range requirements for most therapeutic listening headphones.
  • Since you would want to take these headphones while traveling to keep therapy sessions going, the ear cups on these headphones rotate so you can store them flat and easy.
  • There is ample cushioning on ear cups and the headband.

There is nothing fancy about these headphones but they cover the requirements of being therapeutic listening headphones. And this is what should matter the most to you when you are buying headphones for a specific purpose.

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2. Vogek Foldable Headphones Review

Vogek foldable headphones look quite similar to AmazonBasics headphones in simplicity and minimalism. They are headphones for people on a budget but for therapeutic listening, they cover all the necessary requirements. Here are the most notable features of these headphones:

Vogek Foldable Headphones Features

  • They have a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz – the exact requirement most therapeutic listening headphones have.
  • They have a minimalist design but with proper cushioning on the ear cups and headband.
  • The headband can be adjusted to fit to the head size of the wearer.
  • They do some noise canceling to provide an isolated listening experience.
  • Swiveling ear cups make it easy for you to store the headphones in a flat position.
  • They also have a high impedance rating of 32ohms.

These are one of the best and most affordable headphones you can get for therapeutic listening. The best thing is that they provide such a good frequency response range and impedance at such an affordable price.

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3. Sony MDRZX110 Headphones Review

When talking about headphones, you can never ignore Sony.  Sony is one of the best brands in the world when it comes to making headphones and other products that produce a sound listening experience. These Sony MDRZX stereo headphones are one of the most affordable headphones from the company but are perfect for therapeutic listening headphones. Here are the good features of these headphones.

Sony MDRZX110 Features

  • They have a very minimalistic design just like the two other headphones on the list. This design is perfect for kids because they tend to start playing with any fancy features on the headphones.
  • They have an amazing frequency response of 12Hz to 22,000Hz at such an affordable price.
  • Not only do the ear cups of these headphones swivel but they rotate as well. This allows them to fold for easy storage options.
  • The cable on the headphones is 1.2 meters in length with a tangle-free design.
  • They have good cushioning on ears but no cushioning on the headband. However, with such a lightweight design they will be very unnoticeable on listener’s head.

There are two different versions available of these headphones. There is one with the microphone but it will cost you a bit more than the one mentioned here without the microphone.

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Best Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones for Sleeping [2019]

If you want to have a more personal experience while hearing music rather than playing your songs loud on a subwoofer, headphones are the way to go. Moreover, when you want your music listening experience to be convenient and completely hassle-free, Bluetooth headphones have to be your choice. Without wires, cables and pins, you have to live with fewer components that can start acting up later. Not to mention the annoyance of tangling wires that comes with wired headphones. In addition to this convenience, Bluetooth headphones have come a long way to offer the rich and impeccable sound experience that you get from them today.

Headphone buying experience can be quite intimidating for new buyers. There are so many different categories and factors to look at that a new buyer might feel lost. Therefore, when you are looking for Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping, your consideration will be completely different from when you are looking for headphones for swimming. You have to ask yourself some important questions in order to buy the right headphones. Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself before buying any type of headphones.

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Important Questions to Ask before Buying Headphones  

What Will You Use Them For?

The first question is of course what you will use your headphones for. Not everyone is going to hear music on headphones. While most people want headphones to hear music, some are looking for a good pair of comfortable headphones for gaming.

In a similar fashion, some people want headphones for listening to podcasts and others need them for attending their sound therapy sessions. Companies that make these headphones design them according to the purpose they will be used for. Gaming headphones don’t have to have the highest quality sound but they must always be comfortable on ears and head even after long hours of gaming.

When you are looking for Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping, you want reliable sound canceling mechanism. People who like to swim and play numerous water sports would go for headphones that have at least IP67 or IP68 water resistance ratings.

In simple words, when you are looking for headphones for sleeping, your utmost requirement is noise cancellation, not water resistance.

How Long Will You Use Them For?

You surely want to use your headphones for as long as possible but here the question means how long will be your each headphone wearing session. If you wear your headphones for hours, you would want proper cushioning.

Even more important than cushioning is the form factor of the headphones. Make sure they have been designed to conform to the shape of your skull. If your headphones are not comfortable on your skull and you still wear them for long hours, they are going to cause unbearable discomfort.

Where Will You Mostly Hear Music?

This is another important question because portability is one of the most important concerns for most modern electronics. If you like to hear music on the go, you would want something that you can easily carry with you. The good thing with Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping is that they don’t have any wires and cables, so portability is not a problem.

However, you would want to look for additional features such as folding, rotating and swiveling cups. These features turn your headphones into a flat form factor making it easy for you to carry them with you in a small bag. When you just want to hear music in your bed, you don’t have to look for these features.

What Environment Will You Be in Mostly?

Noise cancellation has become quite an important part of headphone buying experience. Some headphones provide an inferior music listening experience mainly because the noise from the surroundings comes in your ears easily and it mixes with the music.

Therefore, if your job requires you to stand close to machines or in any noisy environment, you will have to look for headphones with noise cancellation options. Some headphones use closed ear cups from the back and over the ear design to cancel noise and provide an isolated experience while others use special technological components to cancel noise.

However, it does not mean that you will always have to buy headphones with noise cancellation options. If you mostly hear music in quiet environment, just like hearing music on your Bluetooth headphones while lying down in your bed, you don’t need noise cancellation. Pay for this feature only if you really need it.

Which Ear Cup Design Do You Find Most Comfortable?

If you have owned one or multiple pairs of headphones before, you must be aware of the different types of ear cup designs. The design of the ear cup is not only for comfort but different designs provide different sound listening experience as well.

There are three main designs to choose from in ear, on ear and over the ear. In ear headphones, as the name suggests, are inserted in your ear canals. They get as close to your ear drum as possible.

On ear headphones rest on your ear, more like press on your ears. Over the ear headphones have big sized ear cups that cover your entire ear within a hollow groove. They are very comfortable and their noise cancellation qualities are good too.

What Will You Be Connecting Your Headphones To?

Since you are looking for Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping, you don’t have to worry about this particular option. You don’t need to insert any pins in any jacks.

This is a big hassle from which Bluetooth headphones keep you away. For those looking for wired headphones, this is a crucial question. Depending on the impedance of the headphones, they will work well with different devices. 

When your headphones have a high impedance level, you can plug it into any powerful amplifier. A headphone with low impedance can blow out if plugged into a more powerful amplifier. If your headphones will be mostly plugged into devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPods etc. impedance should not matter to you much.

How Much Range Will Be Suitable For You?

This particular point applies to wired headphones as well but it is crucially important for Bluetooth headphones. With wired headphones, the wire of the headphones acts as the range.

If you sit far from the device you connect your headphones to, you might want a lengthy wire. For best coverage, you will go for coiled wire. However, if you are using your headphones for swimming, the smaller the cable is the better it will be.

In the case of Bluetooth headphones it’s the range of your Bluetooth that matters. According to a common standard, your Bluetooth headphones should work just fine for as long as they are within 30 feet of the Bluetooth signals. Some headphones even have up to 40 feet of coverage.

This factor matters when buying headphones because some people need larger range. If you are going to swim with your headphones, you would want your headphones to work find no matter which corner of the pool you are at.

How Latest Is the Technology?

The newness of technology matters a lot when you are looking for Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping. The noise canceling technology will be more reliable if it is new.

The Bluetooth version on your headphones should be 4.2. It won’t hurt much if the Bluetooth is 4.1 but you should not be okay with anything below that. The newer the Bluetooth technology the more reliable it will be. It catches stronger signals and is much easier to connect. 

It can connect within a couple of seconds whereas old Bluetooth technology can take even more than a minute to connect. If your Bluetooth headphones have old Bluetooth technology, you will often find yourself complaining about bad transmission and clicking noise while listening to music.

Write down the answers to these questions and you will have a set of requirements that you would expect your headphones to meet.

However, before you do that, you might want to know the common mistakes people make while buying headphones. Many people end up buying the wrong headphones because they give weight to factors that are not that important.

Common Mistakes That People Make while Buying Headphones

Thinking That Louder Is Better

Some people buy headphones based on how loud they are. While loudness is seemingly quite an appealing factor when buying something that is supposed to make sound, it can be deceiving when it comes to buying headphones.

Headphones that go really loud need to be assessed based on the clarity of their sound. The louder the headphones sound the more the sound distorts.

Headphones that can go really loud without letting the sound distort are the ones you would want to buy. However, if the headphones are only loud but they lose the clarity of sound the louder they go, stay away from buying such headphones.

When buying headphones you will often see noise sensitivity ratings of the headphones. This shows you just what the maximum loudness level your headphones can work with.

If you manage to raise the volume even higher using some software, you might completely destroy your headphones.

Thinking That More Bass Is Better

Another area where people often make the mistake is the bass of headphones. Since the most popular EDM music in today’s world revolves around bass, some people assume that more bass is better.

What they don’t realize is that excessive bass distorts the quality of sound coming from your headphones. Headphones or earphones that have very loud bass settings will often produce unclear and unintelligible sounds.

They have so much bass that other notes can’t be heard clearly. A good test of such headphones is to wear them and listen to an a capella track or a speech. If the voice of the person sounds clear, your headphones are fine.

However, if the sound of the speaker feels muffled, it is because there is too much bass coming in your ears from your headphones.

Thinking That More Cushioning is Better

Headphones that have a lot of cushioning on them appear really comfortable. However, more cushioning does not always mean more comfort. The first thing that really matters here is the type of material being used for cushioning.

You should always look for breathable ear cup cushioning. When the material on your ear cups is not breathable, you will notice a lot of sweat in your ears when you take your headphones off. 

This is because no air is passing through the cushioning material causing suffocation in the ear cups. This can be very discomforting and you will not be able to find any solution to the problem.

So, when you are looking for Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping, do not look for more cushioning rather look for cushioning done with the right materials.

Completely Ignoring the Microphone

Many headphone buyers will get so busy in looking for the most ideally sounding headphones that they will end up completely ignoring the microphone feature. Microphone is an important component on your headphones.

You might need it today but when you will need it you will need it. If the microphone on your headphones is of bad quality it can become quite an annoyance, especially if you are a regular gamer.

A microphone that is excessively sensitive to noise will be very painful for those who are listening to you. In addition to that, you also need to look at the way the microphone is connected to the headphones.

If you are going to use the microphone only rarely, you don’t want it to be in your way all the time. Some microphones are very poorly attached to the ear cup of the headphones.

Such a microphone becomes loose with time and keeps falling in front of your mouth continuously when you don’t want it to.

Thinking That Tight Is Always Bad

Some headphones can be really tight around your skull when you wear them for the first time. Many people would move on to buying some other headphones after this without realizing that they have made a mistake. Many headphones are made from materials that conform to the shape of your head with time.

They are tight in the beginning but become very comfortable as you continue to wear them. This process does not take more than a couple of hours and then you feel fully comfortable wearing these headphones.

On a side note, do not buy headphones that feel very loose on your head just for the sake of comfort. Headphones that are extraordinarily loose will keep on slipping away. They can be very annoying when you are trying to play a game and talking at the same time or head banging to your favorite metal or rock song.

Now that you know the mistakes that people often make while buying headphones, you should make sure to keep away from them when shopping for yours.

The next important piece of information before buying Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping is to know how they have been priced. There are certain factors that can add to the price of your headphones. Here are the components and features that make headphones expensive or inexpensive.

Factors That Affect the Prices of Headphones

What Mode of Connectivity Do They Use?

Generally, Bluetooth headphones are more expensive than wired headphones. However, the manufacturers are not charging you extra money just for offering you a unique wireless connectivity feature.

In fact, they have to add certain components to Bluetooth headphones that make them expensive.

For example, Bluetooth headphones will have a battery on them so they can work wirelessly. This battery is added to the headset and will need to be charged using a charger that also comes with the package.

Not to mention, the wireless connectivity technology is much more sophisticated than the conventional wired technology.

How Much Impedance Do They Have?

As mentioned earlier, impedance in headphones makes them more stable when connected to multitude of devices. Large amplifiers and devices can cause headphones with low impedance levels to blow out.

You will notice that the headphones meant for audiophiles often have very high impedance. These headphones also happen to be the most expensive headphones.

They have great sound quality and higher noise sensitivity ratings as well, so you can play them as loud as you want.

How Much Impedance Do They Have?

Drivers are the components on headphones that are responsible for producing good or bad sound. The bigger the drivers on the headphones the better the headphones will sound.

You will often notice manufacturers talking about the size of drivers on their headphones. This is because audiophiles will always prefer bigger driver sizes for better, richer and pleasing sound listening experience.

You also have to keep in mind that bigger driver size requires the headphone to be bigger as well. You will often notice that in-ear headphones have very small driver sizes.

However, the shape and the fact that they fit right into your ear canal compensate for the smaller driver sizes.

What Materials Have Been Used in Their Construction?

This is one of the most important factors that can have a huge impact on the pricing of headphones. Headphone manufacturers have to use different materials for making different components of their headphones. Some use the same cushioning material for the ear cups and headband while others choose different materials for the two types of cushioning. Some prefer metal construction to make the headphones durable while others go for plastic to keep the costs low. There are headphones with plastic and metal construction as well.

In most cases, headphones made of metal are more expensive than headphones made out of plastic. This is because metal is expensive and it also offers more durability to the unit. You can even find in-ear headphones that are made of metal. As for the cushioning materials, some manufacturers have their own patented materials, and so their headphones are a bit expensive. In simple words, the quality of cushioning material can also add up to the cost of your headphones.

How Waterproof Are They?

People could not imagine waterproof headphones in the past but they are a commonplace thing today. However, water resistance features can still add to the cost of your headphones. Making headphones IP67 or IP68 requires some efforts on manufacturer’s part.

This is why headphones meant for swimmers are often available at higher costs than regular headphones even though the rest of the features on the two headphones might be identical.

How Good Is Their Battery?

This is an important point to consider when buying Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping. Bluetooth headphones run on batteries and if you don’t want to keep on hugging the wall all the time, your headphones need to have a good battery.

While some headphone manufacturers have really affordable headphones despite their amazing battery performance, you will have to pay a few extra bucks for larger battery on most occasions. When buying Bluetooth headphones, you have to make sure to pick a unit that can last for at least 6 hours with one charge. Battery performance can be different for these headphones based on how you are using them and how loud you are using them.

If your Bluetooth headphones have an on-board storage and you are playing songs from that memory, you will get better battery timing. However, you will get less battery time when playing songs over Bluetooth. In a similar way, your battery life is also affected based on how loud you are listening to the music. The higher you keep your volume level the faster your battery will discharge. Good batteries on Bluetooth headphones can provide you standby times of up to 10 days.

Keeping in mind all the important points mentioned above, here are some of the best Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping.

Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones for Sleeping

1. LC Dolida Stereo Sleep Headphones Review

One of the biggest challenges when designing Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping is to come up with a perfect mix of functionality and comfort. LC Dolida surely understands what comfort meant to a sleeper to design such comfortable-to-wear headphones. These headphones are in the form of a headband. The best thing about this design is that you can use your headphones not only to hear serene music while sleeping but to cover your eyes as well. You don’t have to turn off the lights when you have covered them with this band.

Here are some of the most notable features of these headphones.

LC Dolida Stereo Sleep Features

  • The first and most noticeable thing about these headphones is that they have a 2 in 1 design. You can use them to listen to music while trying to sleep and also cover your eyes to help yourself fall asleep faster.
  • The band is tight enough to fit any head size. In fact, if you don’t cover the eyes with it, the band keeps your hair in check so they don’t get messed while you are sleeping.
  • The material used on these headphones is sweat absorbing. This makes these headphones just as perfect for exercising as they are for sleeping.
  • There is a Bluetooth module inserted into the headband. This module can be removed when it comes to washing. And yes, you can wash the fabric of the band just like you wash any other items of clothing.
  • The headband does not irritate your head or forehead because it is made of cotton and nylon.
  • There is a big 200mAh battery on these headphones to provide you a battery backup timing of nearly 5 hours while constantly listening. When you need to charge it charges within only 2 hours.
  • The frequency response is also great on these headphones allowing you to hear bass as deep as 20Hz and treble as high as 20,000Hz.
  • The Bluetooth module on these headphones is pretty strong as it allows you to get transmission within a range of 33 feet or 10 meters.
  • The controls for music are located right on the headband.
  • There is also a built-in microphone on it to answer those instant calls from out of the blue.

LC Dolida Stereo Sleep Overall Impression

This is a beautifully designed Bluetooth headphone for sleeping. The fabric around your ears helps cancel a lot of noise around you as well. In this way, these headphones can be a great addition to your luggage when you are traveling by train or plane, and need a short nap while traveling.

Everything about the headphones is great. The only area where improvements can be and should be made is battery. 5 hours of battery time is not the most impressive battery time for sleeping headphones. Another good addition that LC Dolida can make is colors. The only colors available for now are black, grey and dark blue.

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2. CozyPhones Bluetooth Contour Series Headphones Review

These Bluetooth headphones from CozyPhones have also been designed specifically for sleeping. While you can wear them while doing yoga, running, jogging or any other physical fitness activity, they are most suitable for listening to music while sleeping. The materials used on these headphones make them a perfect fit for anyone. Here are the notable features of these Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping.

CozyPhones Bluetooth Contour Series Features

  • The speakers used on these headphones are so thin you will have hard time feeling them inside the fabric. This ensures you are fully comfortable while sleeping with them on.
  • The shape of the band on these headphones is also commendable as it is made to fit over your ears perfectly.
  • The inside lining on the headband is mesh. This not only keeps your head and forehead cool as you are wearing the headphones but also keeps your headphones in place even if you move a lot during your sleep.
  • They are Bluetooth headphones with a standard range of 10 meters. The best thing is that they are compatible with almost any device that has Bluetooth technology on it. You won’t have to worry about their compatibility with Android, iOS or Windows.
  • While they are mainly meant to provide you comfort while sleeping, they have a good frequency range for producing quality sound. The frequency range for these headphones is 20Hz to 20,000Hz

CozyPhones Bluetooth Contour Series Overall Impression

Since they are meant for you to hear soothing music when you are getting ready to sleep, the first thing that matters is comfort level. Of course, they introduced mesh material on the inside lining for that purpose.

Furthermore, they have contoured them to fit your ears perfectly so you can sleep with them without removing them accidentally. People who are not interested in Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping can also buy a wired version of the same headphones.

One area where improvement can be made is introduction of new colors. Currently, there are only a couple of colors available: black and grey.

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3. U-Bluetooth In-Ear Wireless Headphones Review

If you want Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping with some innovation, these might be the right headphones for you. You will be proud to buy these headphones because they look so high-end. They have a beautiful shape and there is a lot of innovation going on in their design. As of now, the company likes to call these headphones the smallest Bluetooth earphones. You will pretty much agree with the claim when you hold them in your hands. Here are the features that make these headphones really great.

U-Bluetooth In-Ear Features

  • The earphones are really small as claimed by the company. You can hardly notice them in your ears after wearing them.
  • They come with a charging case that you can use to charge your headphones for up to 10 times. You don’t get that convenience with most other Bluetooth headphones. Once you have charged the headphones, you can use them continuously for up to 1 hour.
  • It uses the Bluetooth 4.1 technology and according to the company, their Bluetooth headphones can work within a range of 60 feet i.e. 20 meters. This is definitely going to be a huge advantage if the claims prove right. Most other Bluetooth headphones have only 30 feet of Bluetooth range.
  • These are among the few Bluetooth headphones that put great focus on the sound quality as well.  They have big 8.6mm drivers according to their size to produce great sound.
  • Even the frequency range of these headphones is much better than most other Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping. They have a frequency range of 6Hz to 22,000Hz. This means you will be able to hear crispy treble and some deep bass too.
  • The small size of these headphones is a great plus because they fit so perfectly in your ears they don’t come out easily no matter how much you toss and turn during sleep.
  • Being in-ear headphones you can already expect them to cancel the noise pretty good. This allows you to sleep in comfort even when you are traveling in noisy environments.
  • They are available in some beautiful colors options: blue, red, black, and grey.

Some good news for Bluetooth headphone wearers is that these headphones come in a pair. Most other miniature Bluetooth headphones come as a single piece only. With these headphones you will surely have a great time talking to your loved ones and listening to your favorite music or podcasts.

U-Bluetooth In-Ear Overall Impression

There is no doubt that these are the smallest Bluetooth earphones you can get in the market. However, what impresses more about these headphones is that you have two of them.

Furthermore, the charging case holds a 2000mAh battery in it to provide 20 recharges to your earphones. However, on one charge the earphones provide a backup of only 1 hour. This is one area where the makers of these headphones will have to work. This could be challenge since they will have to keep the ear pieces really small while managing to put a big sized battery on them.

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4. Kelodo Bluetooth Earbud Review

Some people are not comfortable listening to music or anything in just one ear. However, if you are in the habit of wearing your headset in only one ear, you should definitely get your hands on this Kelodo Bluetooth earbud. This earbud is really small and fits perfectly in your ears. Once inside your ear, you should not have any problem sleeping with them. However, it is best that you experiment that before wearing them during your sleep. Here are some of the most amazing features of Kelodo Bluetooth earbud.

Kelodo Bluetooth Earbud Features

  • The first thing that impresses about this earbud is the size. While the headphones from U-Bluetooth are pretty small, this earbud is nothing less. Not even the wearer feels their weight in his/her ear.
  • With Bluetooth 4.1 you can listen to the music in your paired device from a distance of 33 feet.
  • The battery on this earbud is only 60mAh but Kelodo has optimized the hardware really well to give you 5.5 hours of music listening on this battery.
  • The battery can be charged fully within just 1.5 hours. With this fast charge they will give you nearly 6 hours of talk time.
  • The latest technology on this earbud allows it to be connected to two devices at the same time.
  • One of the best things about this earbud is the quality of sound it produces. You will be impressed with its rich sound experience with near perfect highs, lows and middles.
  • The tip design perfectly fits inside your ears and does not come out even if you are running fast.
  • One of the best things about this earbud is that you can wear it in either ear. You will not fit any discomfort whether you put it in your right ear or left.
  • They are one of the most compatible ear buds out there. Whether you have an Android phone, Windows phone or an iPhone, these headphones will not trouble you with pairing incompatibility issues.
  • The one button control on this earbud is something that makes it tremendously convenient to use. Using this one button on the earbud not only can you pick and end calls but also change tracks, lower and increase volume etc.
  • There is also a microphone on these headphones. With noise cancellation features, this microphone makes your sound clean when heard on the other side.
  • While many other headphones that look pretty similar to this one are pretty small in size, none is as small as this earbud. It goes in your ear and no part of the earpiece is showing outside your ear. This allows you to sleep in any position and you will not accidentally press your head on the headphone.

Keep in mind that you have to keep the sound of the earphones about half way if you want to get the best battery timing. Don’t let this disappoint you since loud hearing for long time can cause hearing impairment.

Kelodo Bluetooth Earbud Overall Impression

This is a tiny and cute little earbud for sure. It is very small in size and has some great functions on such a small body. There should be no complaint about the battery timing on these headphones.

First, their size is really small to have a big battery. Secondly, even with this little size they are able to give you nearly 6 hours of music listening once your battery is fully charged. The makers should definitely introduce some new colors because people like to personalize their headphones.

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5. SleepPhones Wireless Lightweight Headphones Review

SleepPhones Wireless lightweight headphones have been designed keeping the comfort of sleepers in mind. If you have insomnia and can’t put yourself to sleep, these headphones might be a revolutionary product for you. Listen to soothing and calming music with these headphones on and you might just get a good night sleep. These headphones are also in the form factor of a headband and this makes them perfect for not only sleeping but during exercises, yoga, aerobics etc. Here are the notable features of these headphones.

SleepPhones Wireless Lightweight Features

  • The best thing about these headphones is that they offer good quality of sound. Most phones meant for sleeping focus more on comfort elements and not so much on sound quality, but that’s not the case with these headphones.
  • The speakers on these Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping have been designed for people who sleep on their sides. They are so flat that you will not feel them even when you are sleeping on your side.
  • The headband is really tight so you will never have to worry about your headband sliding off slowly during sleep.
  • The Bluetooth on these headphones is compatible with any other device that has Bluetooth whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone.
  • The transmission range within which the headphones will have no problem pairing with your devices is nearly 10 meters.
  • The fabric used for making the headband can be easily washed in washing machine. It is also hypoallergenic for those who have any allergy related problems.
  • The charging time on the battery is 3 hours.
  • Once your headphones have been charged fully, you can play music non-stop for up to 13 hours. This is probably the best music listening time offered by any headphones from this category.

These headphones are available in two different material options: fleece and breeze. Both the fabric are not only comfortable on your skin and soft to touch but they also provide great blocking of the surrounding noise so you can sleep in comfort listening to some soothing track.

SleepPhones Wireless Lightweight Overall Impression

Right from the first look you can tell these headphones are designed to not slip away no matter how much you toss and turn through the night. The flat speakers make the headphones unnoticeable on your head.

The price is one factor that might make you think twice about these headphones since there are cheaper and similar headphones available too. However, you will hardly be able to find another unit that provides you up to 13 hours of music playback time.

Most other headphones will shut down half way through the night if you sleep for more than 6 hours. One big convenience is that the fabric of these headphones is pre-shrunk. This means you won’t have to worry about shrinkage in size after washing the fabric in machine.

Check Current Price From Amazon

6. Rotibox Lightweight Bluetooth Headband Review

This is another headband headphone with some great features for those who like to hear soothing music while sleeping. You could say that these headphones are the most stylish out of the bunch despite the fact that all these headband headphones look pretty much the same. Due to their fitting design, they are a perfect choice for sports lovers and athletes too. Here are some of the most notable features of these Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping.

Rotibox Lightweight Bluetooth Headband Features

  • The best thing about these headphones is how durable they have been made. The material is 100% lycra which is soft and comfortable.
  • The design fits perfectly on your head and brings the ear pieces right on your ears.
  • The material is washable, so when you feel it looks dirty, throw it in the washing machine after taking out the Bluetooth module.
  • Rotibox has been quite clever in giving public a huge range of options when it comes to colors. The jungle camouflage version is probably the coolest out of tens of others.
  • It uses Bluetooth 4.1 for transmission. You get clear signals, fast pairing and great sound quality with this newer version of Bluetooth.
  • The range of Bluetooth on this device is up to 10 meters. This means you can hear your favorite songs with ease even if you are 33 feet away from your paired device.
  • There is also a built-in microphone on these headphones to allow you to make calls.
  • There is a big 120mAh battery on these headphones. This battery can take up to 2.5 hours before it fully charges but once it has been fully charged, you can listen to music for up to 6 hours without stopping. The standby time of the battery is up to 60 hours.
  • From iPhones to most Android phones on the market, this device is compatible with almost all of them.
  • The good part about their material and construction is that they can be a great head warming headband in winters or when your air conditioning unit is giving you chills.

There is no doubt about the fact that Rotibox has played it well with the colors. The colors and color patterns have been created for men, women, children and even sportsmen.

Rotibox Lightweight Bluetooth Headband Overall Impression

The overall impression of these headphones is great. They have been made with great care. You can tell by holding them in your hands for the first time that they are built to last. The size is perfect to fit on most head sizes.

While the performance of battery on these headphones is not bad at all, there are others with even better battery life. In this scenario, Rotibox should definitely invest in improving its battery life and quality to beat its competitors.

They should also consider introducing fast charging because 2.5 hours of charging time can be a bit frustrating for some people when the total battery time is only 6 hours.

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7. FanJazz Wireless Bluetooth Eye Mask Headphones Review

Just when you thought headband headphones were the most functional and comfortable headphones out there for sleepers, FanJazz comes with its amazing wireless Bluetooth eye mask headphones. Yes, these are headphones designed in the shape of eye mask for people who have problem sleeping, or need to sleep on a plane or train. They are available in many different colors. Some of the color options have been particularly introduced for girls such as the pink one. Here are the highlights of these headphones.

FanJazz Features

  • They have an amazing design that not only covers your ears but eyes as well. The eye mask design is big so there is no way for rays of light to pass through from any angles once you are wearing these headphones.
  • The eye mask design extends up to your ears to keep the noise out when you are hearing music.
  • The controls for music are located conveniently on the right ear.
  • The fabric is soft and even machine-washable. Just make sure you have taken out the Bluetooth module before you take it for washing.
  • Bluetooth compatibility is not a problem on these headphones. Most of the smartphones, tablets and laptops will be easily compatible with them.
  • There is also a built-in microphone so you can take and make calls.
  • The battery on these headphones is a Lithium battery with 130mAh charge capacity. Once you have fully charged the headphones they can give you a music playback time of up to 6 hours.
  • The latest Bluetooth technology makes it easy for you to pair with other Bluetooth devices. The range of this device is up to 33 feet or 10 meters.
  • The fabric is more like soft foam so it is super comfortable on your eyes.
  • This fabric can be easily washed in machines.
  • The controls available on the headband make it easy for you to change the tracks. The volume buttons can be used for additional functions such as skipping the songs too.

Many Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping are designed in the shape of headbands. These headphones stay in place as you turn while sleeping and provide a great fit even for sports activities. However, these headphones are some of the rare ones that are in the shape of an eye mask. It is time to protect your eyes as well as your ears.

FanJazz Wireless Overall Impression

You won’t find many products quite like this one with the same price tag or lower. These headphones have been priced reasonably despite the great comfort features they offer.

While these headphones are meant for sleeping, the size of speakers on the ears is a bit bulky comparatively. This means the headphones can be a little discomforting if you sleep on your side.

However, if you are sleeping on a comfortable and soft surface, this should not be a big issue. With a charging time of more than 2 hours, the company claims the headphones will run for 4 to 6 hours. Improvements can be made in this area as well.

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So, these are the 7 best Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping. Some of them are a bit pricey but they also have some really distinguishing features. Once you have made up your mind to buy one of the headphones from the list, make sure you follow these tips to use your headphones the right way.

Tips before You Start Using Your Headphones

  1. Make sure that you have confirmed with the company that your headphones are made for side sleepers. Many of the headphones made for sleepers are not as good for people who sleep on their side.
  2. Always make sure while pairing the headphones with your smartphones and other devices that Bluetooth is on. On many smartphones, you will have to make the phone visible in the settings even after you have turned the Bluetooth on.
  3. Always make sure you have turned your headphones off after using them otherwise the battery will discharge and you will be met with a surprise when you pick them up to hear music the next time.
  4. Whenever you hear any distortions in the sound, do not assume that your headphones have started to act up. As a first step to resolve the problem, move closer to the Bluetooth device. In most cases, this distortion is caused by weak signals.
  5. Keep the sound low at around 50% whenever you are hearing music, especially when you are about to sleep. Hearing music loudly for longer durations can cause hearing impairment. A better way to go about this problem is to buy headphones that stop and remind you about taking them off for some time after regular intervals.
  6. Always make sure to check the fabric in your hand or ask the company representatives when buying online. The fabric should be breathable to prevent sweating.
  7. Always check the version of Bluetooth technology that’s on your headphones. Almost all the headphones on this list have Bluetooth version over 4.0. However, you will still find many headphones on the market with Bluetooth 3.0 and lower.
  8. Make sure you are keeping the count of recharges when using headphones with a charging dock. Many headphones that come with their own charging dock don’t have any mechanism of displaying that the dock is about to run out of battery.
  9. Always take safety precautions if you are a mother taking care of a little baby in the house. Keeping the sound too loud might keep you from hearing your crying baby.
  10. When looking at the battery performance, don’t just look at the time it takes for the battery to fully discharge but also the time it takes for it to fully charge.

Best Noise Canceling Headphones for Sleeping Conclusion

Hopefully, this guide has helped you know about some good quality Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for sleeping. The intention was also to help you buy any type of headphones in general by knowing which factors matter and which don’t. With this valuable information at hand, you should be able to buy the best Bluetooth headphones for a good night sleep.

Best Noise Canceling Headphones for Dogs [2019]

Why Noise Cancellation Headphones for Dogs?

Your beloved canine is a part of your family, and it is your duty as an owner to provide him with the best care and attention as you would with any other family member. Like humans, dogs too require some quality time alone. And with all the chaos going on in the background, you may be robbing him of this right.

On the other hand, there are those ‘nervous’ dogs that are always highly strung and never seem to calm down no matter how hard you try. They will act up even at the slightest hint of noise and a stormy weather just makes everything a lot hellish.

NOTE: Your dog’s keenest sense, after smell, is hearing. If you find something to be loud, know that it is probably painfully loud for your dog.

After heredity, canine deafness is usually the result of loud environments. But not to worry! Noise-induced loss of hearing is different in one very important aspect… it can be reduced and even prevented altogether. With noise canceling headphones for dogs, say goodbye to bonfire night terrors and constant restlessness for good.

Why use Noise Cancellation Headphones?

With noise cancellation headphones, you can listen to your favorite music and songs without having to be bothered by a constant barrage of ambient and environmental noise. They are perfect to wear when you are traveling or when you are trying to focus.

At present day, there is a sea of noise canceling headphones available in the market, based on different factors such as the design, style, Noise Cancellation Rate (NCR), and price. Whether we want to sleep better or play music without having to listen to the background racket, we can fall back on noise cancellation headphones anytime.

However, thanks to the constantly evolving technology and innovation, human aren’t the only one that can enjoy the bliss of not having to listen to external noises and ambient sounds. Now, your canine companions can too. There isn’t anything better than to provide your dog with maximum comfort and peace, especially if he doesn’t like loud noises and whatnot.

Best noise canceling headphones for dogs – Buying Guide

When you head out to look for the best headphones that fall under the “noise canceling” category for your dog, you will be surprised to find that there are indeed quite a restricted amount of options you can choose from.

However, it is also important to find out exactly what you are looking for in a canine headphone. You need a product that is safe for the dog breed you own and one that comfortably fits the dog’s ears without giving him any trouble. Too lose and he will soon be chewing on it, destroying it completely.

The headphones need to fit perfectly so that your canine does not mess with them. In light of this, mentioned below are some factors to consider when searching for canine noise cancellation headphones:

Passive VS Active Noise Canceling

Passive noise canceling headphones work to block external sound waves thanks to the material that they are designed with. They work similar to ear muffs, softening or dampening external noise.

Active noise canceling headphones also make use of materials that are designed to cancel external noise.

However, they take things a little further by generating their own sound waves. The sound waves they produce imitate ambient noise, but are basically the “mirror image” of one another – causing a cancellation effect of both sounds.


The design should be canine-friendly, the earbuds should be foam-filled and wide so that they can offer maximum level of comfort

Lightweight and comfortable

A lightweight headset will not only be comfortable on your canine friend’s head, but also be portable. A portable pair of headphones means that you can carry them around anywhere without sacrificing too much space.

Adjustable straps

These straps help move around the headphones for optimum fit. Lastly, the headphones you choose should be engineered to properly meet the curve of your canine’s head.

Best hearing protection headphone for dogs

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs Review

MUTT MUFFS DDR337 Dogs Review

Mutt Muff’s DDR337 provides passive noise cancellation, which means they do not completely block external noise; they just reduce it. Your dog will still be able to hear his surroundings, but not as loudly as before. They are designed to not completely eliminate sound, which can be beneficial in its own way.

For example, if someone broke into your house, your dog would still be able to hear it. It is important to keep in mind that the Mutt Muff’s headphones are not designed with the purpose of curing you canine’s thunderstorm phobia. Most dogs sense an approaching storm, and their anxiety is triggered. The headphones are simply there to minimize and prevent hearing damage.

The inner foam used for the noise canceling headphones is the same as ester resin foam that is generally found in a lot of high-class commercial headsets created for humans. On the basis of the material used, the approximate dB reduction is between 2 1 and 24, considering that your dog wears it properly.

Dogs can hear higher frequencies (in the range of 43K cycles every second). As the level of frequency goes up, so does the efficiency of the DDR337, simply due to the fact that higher frequency gets absorbed more effectively. Thus, Mutt Muffs are particularly superior at protecting your canine’s ears against the high-frequency shrieks and wind whistles that we cannot even hear. Another factor that comes into play is: the dog’s ear flaps downwards, fully canopying the ear canal, and providing an extra protection layer.

The headphones also come with 1 year warrany, where appropriate adjustments or replacement will be made by the manufacturer in case of any defects.

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Features

  • Over-the-head protection against hearing loss for dogs
  • Specifically designed with wide-foam earmuffs that provide seals for optimum comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable straps allow optimum fit
  • Designed to really meet the shape of your dog’s head

View Mutt Muffs DDR337 at Amazon

Best Bass In Ear Headphones Under $200 [2019]

Anyone who enjoys listening to music is looking for high sound quality combined with comfort and many can agree to the fact that in-ear headphones offer just that. In-ear headphones are designed for instant use, which is why they should be portable, compact, and easy to pop in a bag (in this aspect, on and over-the-ear headphones just don’t work).

They should cancel outside noise so that you don’t have to turn up the volume in noisy streets and during your commute to the office or to college.

The earphone market is huge and covers everything from dollar store earbuds to $2,000 customized monitors. Their differences prevail, but neither the brand nor the price guarantee that you are getting the very best performance for your listening specifications.

When looking for bass in-ear headphones, there are a number of things to consider besides the quality of sound. These include manufacturing quality, design, convenience, comfort, high noise isolation, built-in microphone, and price.

JVC HAFX102BA​+Check Price
RHA T10iA+Check Price
Klipsch X6iCheck Price
Denon AH-C821Check Price
Sony MH1CA-Check Price

In ear Headphones Styles

Earbud-style headphones range from the disposable models you receive on airplanes to the ones that come with your smartphone to high-quality buds that deliver Sonic’s rivaling full-size models.

Their small earpieces rest well on the external ear or need to be inserted in the ear canal, and certain models especially sports buds, come with fins or wings for a more secure and tailored fit. Primarily, there are two styles of in-ear headphones:


Lightweight and ultra-compact, most models comes with a built-in microphone and track navigation controls and can offer moderate to outstanding noise cancellation, little to zero interference with glasses, earrings, hairstyles, or hats.


Bass response and sound quality are typically not comparable with a full-size model, which means that they can result in discomfort over long periods of use. Some models can be a little difficult to remove and insert, making them less ideal for the office environment. Dual cable designs can result in more wire tangling.

Additional Features –Some in-ear headphones come with additional features such as five-button volume remote controls, an array of ear tip materials and sizes (rubber, silicone, and foam), over-ear guides, and various balanced-armature drivers with crossovers.

Quality cheap in-ear headphones should sound uniform across the whole frequency range. This means that the bass guitar should not subdue the lead guitar, the lead guitar should not result in lost vocal details, and the vocals should not have consonants that are piercing, painfully loud.

The earphones should have clear and smooth details (without sounding harsh), and a low-end form and pitch to it.

JVC HAFX102BA​+Check Price
RHA T10iA+Check Price
Klipsch X6iCheck Price
Denon AH-C821Check Price
Sony MH1CA-Check Price

Things to Look For When Buying an In Ear Headphone

Due to the plethoric supply of bass in-ear headphones, it is easy to walk away from the shop with the wrong product in hand. So take a look at the following important factors that you need to take into account before making a purchase.

What activities do you need the earphones for?

Make sure you take you assess the activities you will need the earphones for. Examples include intense workout sessions, work, travel, outdoor adventures, dance, commute, etc.

What is the size of your ears?

Earphones come in all shapes and sizes, and the last you want is to invest in something that will either not fit right or cause you discomfort.

What kind of music will you be listening to?

Different earphones cater to different music genres, like superior bass. Assuming that your preference is bass-heavy, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with a pair of earphones that produce a distorted and crackly sound.

Best Bass In Ear Headphones under $200

1. JVC HAFX102B In ear headphone Review

JVC HA-FX101 is JVC’s enhanced-bass “Xtreme Xplosives” are a must-have for bass enthusiasts. They bring plenty of bass with prominent treble and a good overall sound. The low-end is sure to please bass lovers and the sound is just outstanding for the given price. It is energy-star certified and comes in a sleek and portable design, which makes its use all the more convenient.

You can buy the earphones in various colors and a version that comes with a built-in mic and remote.

The real strength of the JVC HA-FX101 lies in maintaining good sound characteristics regardless of its meager price tag and massive low-end. The sound clarity is quite impressive for something that is so bassy. The sound produced is a little dark and warm, and the signature is v-shaped, with a softer treble boost and powerful bass emphasis.

When it comes to treble, some find it a little harsh and not the most refined in comparison with its high-end counterparts.  It can emphasize sibilance and does not go all the way up, thus generating a darker sound. The darker tone prevents the earphones from sounding airy and open. The JVC HA-FX101 plays loud and will crank the bass even at very low volumes.

JVC HAFX102B Features

  • Sleek design with plastic housings and rubber bumpers, paper nozzle filters, and a plastic cable.
  • Comfortable fit thanks to the rubber-sheathed housings
  • Excellent noise canceling quality, which makes the earphones good for angle-nozzle design
  • Comes with single-flange silicone tips in 3 different sizes

Check Current Price From Amazon

2. ​RHA T10i Review

The RHA T10i is a great option for one simple reason: the sound quality is beyond incredible, thanks to the comfy seal created when you insert the earphones in your ears. In addition, the bass is also outstanding for such tiny earphones.

The design of the earphones features a metal finish around the cable and drivers. They also come with various replacement tips in case the defaults do not fit well in your ear. Even though they are a little pricey, they are sure worth the investment.

The first feature of the in-ear headphones that give them an edge over others is their substitutable tuning filters. These are small attachments that are put on the earphone’s tip to slightly adjust the sound as it passes through. The outcome of this is that you can get an ear-melting bass or go for a sound that is purer.

When it comes to the headset’s design, it is completely made out of metal. This gives them an enormously pleasing weight but also poses the potential of them falling out.

Due to the in-ear fit, design and size of the earphones, the noise cancellation is simply remarkable.

RHA T10i Features

  • Handmade, high-fidelity driver designed to precisely reproduce all music genres with high levels of detail, clarity, and imaging.
  • Noise canceling design
  • Stainless steel construction that is also metal injection molded
  • Comfortable
  • Substitutable tuning filters
  • Microphone and three-button remote for use with Apple devices that are compatible
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Heavy bass
  • Impedance of 26 ohms
  • Frequency response range of 16 Hz to 40,000 Hz

Check Current Price From Amazon

3. Klipsch Reference X6i In ear headphones Review

The Klipsch Reference X6i In-ear headphones are designed specifically for audiophiles that love listening to music on the go. The sound quality, build, comfort and other wonderful features make this headset a great value for money. If you are a bass lover, then we wholeheartedly recommend this option for you.

The X6i features an outstanding build with a profuse, durable cable and die-cast zinc driver covers. The headphones also feature Klipsch’s original oval-shaped earbuds that are beyond comfortable.

Their lightweight oval ear tips make the headphones one of the most comfortable, especially if you intend to use them for long periods of time. To ensure the comfortable fit of the earphones, Klipsch’s includes 5 sets of ear tips, including a set of double flange tips.

The X6i headphones are beautifully balanced and work great for all music genres, from EDM to classical. Its opulent mids and bright highs stand out the most, making listening to the vocals more pleasurable.

Lastly, the in-ear headphones are comfortable and hold their seal very well in order to cancel external noise. A good majority of Klipsch users are happy with their new headphones since they block most of the ambient noises without the need for active noise isolation and the large battery pack that comes with it.

Klipsch Reference X6i Features

  • Incredibly comfortable and super thin. The thin design follows an oval contour of the ear cups and sits smoothly in the ear canal, making the earphones comfortable to wear even for extended time periods.
  • A microphone and 3-button remote provide easy control of your iPhone, iPod or iPad while jamming to music, answering calls, and watching movies. Clothing clip and carrying case along with 4 different oval ear tips more the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and convenient. The oval ear tips comfortably fit the ear canals, offering the best in comfort besides high-quality noise cancellation and sound quality.
  • Full-range balanced armature offers clearer sound and more natural-sounding vocals with defined upper frequencies.

Check Current Price From Amazon

4. ​Denon AH-C821 Review

With the AH-C82, Denon has introduced some impressive technology. These tiny earbuds are made use of the company’s proprietary Double Air Compression Drive tech, which means each earphone comprises of one 11.5 mm driver, one ahead of the other. The idea behind is this is to deliver a more powerful sound as compared to one driver unit. Plus, these drivers are further enclosed in a high-quality housing, which is made out of resin and die-cast aluminum so that vibrations can be kept to a minimum.

Even with dual drivers installed, the earphones do not have a bulky design. The C821 drivers come in a compact circular casing. The product also comes with a nice selection of silicone earphones in the box, so regardless of the size your ear canal; you will certainly be able to find a size that fits perfectly.

There is also a pair of Comply tips that use expandable foam to make room for a cozier fit. They are not best suited to everyone, but if you are looking for a decent seal then go for these by all means.

They are designed to offer decent performance, if not the best. The drivers are all for the low-end, and the bass is just super. The sound is powerful and does not negate the mid-levels extensively.

Denon AH-C821 Features

  • Premium design and look
  • Comfortable to wear, especially for extended periods of time
  • Deep bass sound
  • Wireless range of 30 ft. (10 m)
  • Battery life of 5 hours

Check Current Price From Amazon

5. ​Sony MH1C Review

Designed for smartphone users who are in search of high-quality audio, the Sony MH1C provides a clear, warm and snug sound only made more impressive by the affordable price of the earphones. The bass is heavy and deep, where the emphasis is placed on sub-bass instead of mid-bass. Speaking generally, the MH1C brings better bass quality with less mid-bass bloat as compared to the Audio-Technica CKM500, for instance. Taking the quantity of bass into account, they control brilliantly, even though it is still not as good as the bass of other in-ear headphones, such as the Phillips Fidelio S1, a pricier counterpart.

Although the mids of the earphones are not as emphasized as the low-end, they are still surprisingly smooth and warm. Similarly, the treble is quite average but does not compromise the general level of refinement. The product is designed with a good volume level. It doesn’t matter how loud the music is, the headphones will never compromise their performance and you will not feel that tingling feeling where you have to drop the volume a notch or two.

The soundstage of the earphones is relatively narrower as compared to other headsets, like ATH-CKM500; however, the general presentation is off the charts. They deliver a comparatively open and airy sound regardless of the warm tone with great soundstage depth and width.

Sony MH1C Features

  • Great sound and comfort
  • Flat, tangle-free cord with a 3.5 mm jack
  • Finds and manages apps with SmartKey
  • Includes earbuds of 4 different sizes in 2 different sets of orange and white

Check Current Price From Amazon

Best Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones for Swimming [2019]

One of the biggest gripes of active music listeners is that they are not able to hear music when they are in or under water. Some people just like the idea of hearing music while taking a shower while others believe they should be able to hear music while swimming just as if they are when jogging and running. Alternatively, maybe you are rushing somewhere in the rain and you have to take an important call. People are motivated by music and there is no reason to keep them deprived of it when they want to enjoy it while swimming and playing in water.

With Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, you can make this wish come true. These headphones combine two of the coolest technologies available today: waterproofing and Bluetooth. The waterproof feature of these headphones lets you use them in water whereas the Bluetooth part of them lets you operate hands-free while swimming or playing any other water sport. A group of people argues that Bluetooth headphones aren’t as great sounding as wired phones but with many Bluetooth headphones with huge drivers, the difference in sound quality is little to none.

Besides swimming with them on, Bluetooth headphones offer several other benefits over wired headphones in general.

What Makes Bluetooth Headphones Better than Wired Headphones?

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Bluetooth headphones and conventional wired headphones. This comparison of general features should disclose the reasons why more and more people are going for Bluetooth headphones these days.


  • 1They offer you the convenience of hands-free operation. Imagine the convenience of swimming with these headphones on.
  • 2Your fun with Bluetooth headphones is not limited by a wired connection. If you want to go swimming in a pool, you could just your phone on your bench and start swimming without a care.
  • 3Portability is not even an issue with Bluetooth headphones. They are small enough to fit in your pocket or depending on the design, you could just hand them on the back of your neck.
  • 4Due to the absence of wires in Bluetooth headphones, they are prone to fewer accidents. You can move about freely while wearing them. This is not the case with wired headphones.


  • 1 – They also offer hands-free operation but not the convenience of Bluetooth headphones. Imagine how troubling the wire can be as you are moving your arms while swimming.
  • 2 – How much fun you can have with these headphones is limited by a wired connection. If you want to go swimming, you will have to take your phone along. If your phone is not waterproof, you just can’t enjoy hearing music on your headphones while swimming.
  • 3 – In-ear Wired headphones are also portable but not as much as their Bluetooth counterparts. After keeping them in your pocket for an hour or so, you will always take them out of your pocket in the form of a clump.
  • 4 – Headphone wires are a big reason for many accidents and broken headphones. A sudden hand movement can hit the wire and yank the headphones out of your ears. Wearing them on a crowded beach or at a water park makes them even more prone to such accidents.

Many other specifications that headphone buyers are looking for are similar on both headphones. How good the features are on your headphones depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

However, if you know your needs well, you can buy some affordable Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Here are the features and specs you need to look at when buying headphones.

Guide to Help You Buy the Best Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

What’s the Right Fit for You?

The first thing you have to check in your waterproof Bluetooth headphones is the fitting and fitting mechanism. When you buy waterproof headphones, it is an indication that you will be using them during your sports activities.

Now, this can cause the headphones to keep dislodging from your ears. Different people prefer different fits to thwart this problem. The first option you can consider is the in-ear headphones with ear hooks.

The hooks on these headphones provide a perfect fit and a way to prevent headphones from slipping out of your ears repeatedly. Another option available to you is the mini one-sided ear bud.

This Bluetooth waterproof headphone is more like invisible in your ear when seen from a distance. However, they are easy to come out of your ear when you are swimming compared to those with hooks. You also have the Bluetooth headphones with neckband feature.

A neckband rests on the back of your neck to provide more support to your headphones, so you can take part in sports without worrying that your headphones will slip away.

How Big Is Their Range?

Why would you want to buy Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming if they don’t offer a good range? You don’t want to carry your mobile phone or iPod with you in the water only to come out with them in a non-working condition.

A good pair of Bluetooth headphones will offer you at least 30 to 35 feet of range. This is an approximate range of 10 meters and with this range, you should be able to have your headphones on while swimming or enjoying some other water sports. Keep in mind that there are Bluetooth headphones that provide great sound quality for even up to 40 feet range.

This range is affected even more when you are inside the house and walls are causing interference, so make sure you buy headphones with a big range.

What’s Their Battery Life?

This is another one of the most important questions that you need the answer for before you purchase any Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Bluetooth headphones need charging but you should not find yourself charging them all the time.

Your headphones should have enough battery that after a full charge you can hear your music, swim around and take part in sports without any fear of your headphones dying out on you. A good pair of Bluetooth headphones will offer you nothing less than 10 hours of continuous music playing.

For the same headphones, the talk time should be a couple of hours more. When it comes to standby time, nothing less than 100 hours of standby time should be acceptable for you.

Many people make the mistake of looking at battery life only, but there is much more you need to look for in a battery. While 10 hours of music playtime with one charge is quite impressive, you must also consider the time it takes for your headphones to charge.

A pair of headphones that provides you 10 hours of music play time should charge in around three and half hours. If your headphones take more time than this to charge, you will always have to charge them overnight. A quick charge of half an hour during the day will never suffice in this situation.

How Compatible Are They?

Compatibility should not be an issue since any device that has Bluetooth should connect with Bluetooth headphones easily.

However, there are certain companies that make their headphones compatible with only certain devices.

Such Bluetooth headphones are quite rare but you should know that they exist.

Always make sure that your Bluetooth headphones are compatible with all the major smartphones such as LG, Samsung, iPhone, HTC etc.

What Bluetooth Version Do They Have?

If you are looking at the most recently released Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, you might not want to look into this particular feature. However, if you are on a budget then you should definitely look at the Bluetooth version of the headphones.

There are many features that are only available on Bluetooth 4.0, which you will not find on Bluetooth 2.0. Modern Bluetooth headphones come with NFC support as well. However, NFC support is only available on Bluetooth 4.0.

Furthermore, pairing with Bluetooth 2.0 can be a pain. With Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect your device with other devices even without a PIN. You cannot do the same with Bluetooth 2.0.

What Voice Command Features Are Available? 

One big reason to buy Bluetooth headphones is that the users want hands free operations. There can be many reasons why a person wants to have hands free operation feature. Maybe you are a chef and your hands are not always clean to pick up the phone.

In that case, Bluetooth headphones provide a great convenience in the form of voice commands. Using voice commands you are able to answer the calls and end them by simply speaking. You can even start pairing with other devices using a voice command. For the busy people, this feature proves to be an invaluable one.

How Waterproof Are They?

Of course, the most important thing when buying Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming is to know just how waterproof the headphones really are. This can be found out by looking at the IP rating on your headphones. If you are buying from an online retail store, the rating should be given in product description.

IP stands for Ingress Protection here. These IP ratings tell you how much protection there is on your item against not only liquids but solids as well. The rating is given in an IPXX format where the first X is a number that denotes protection against solids and the X after it denotes protection from water. The least IP rating you should be looking for on your waterproof headphones is IP67.

In an IP67 rating, the first 6 denotes that your item is fully protected against the ingress of dust. The 7 in the rating tells you that your headphones are protected against water for up to a depth of 1 meter.

Now, you will be glad to know that there are Bluetooth headphones designed for being used under water with a rating of IP68. When you see this rating on your headphones, you can swim in the pool and play most water sports without any worries at all.

What Not to Expect from Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones for Swimming?

After reading the tips on purchasing Bluetooth headphones for swimming, you now have enough knowledge to go online and make the right purchase. However, there are certain things that still need your attention. A wise consumer never pays for things he/she does not need. In fact, it is best that you lock down your requirements before purchasing and avoid changing them while shopping. Too often, you will come across fancy options that will tempt you to buy something that really is not your requirements.

For example, if you notice most of the Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, you will realize that there isn’t much focus on their bass quality, high notes crispiness, mid notes clarity etc. This is because these headphones are designed for swimming and other water sports. They are not a treasure for an audiophile. However, to a person who is interested in listening to good music and not go in the deepest details of its sounds and instrumentation, Bluetooth headphones are more than enough. Think about it, will you be focusing on the clarity of bass and neatness of high-frequency sounds while swimming?

This is not to say that Bluetooth headphones do not offer good sound quality. However, some people end up comparing them to wired headphones that cost hundreds of dollars. If you compare Bluetooth headphones with wired headphones under $200, the quality is pretty much similar. In simple words, do not judge your Bluetooth headphones like an audiophile.

Some Common Issues with Bluetooth Headphones and Their Easy Solutions

Of course, every product in the world has its pros and cons, so Bluetooth headphones don’t have to be an exception here. There are certain problems that you might face while using Bluetooth headphones, so you should know how to solve those problems. You don’t have to be worried about these problems, as they are general in nature and have some really simple fixes.

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Is Your Device not Pairing?

You can come across this problem commonly if you use your Bluetooth headphones very regularly. In fact, this remains the most common problem for Bluetooth headphone users but it is not is not a serious problem in nature. On most occasions, the user has not turned the Bluetooth on. If you are facing such an issue, make sure you have the Bluetooth turned on. On your smartphone, you should see the Bluetooth symbol on top if it is on. Sometimes, you are not able to pair your headphones with the phone even after turning the Bluetooth on.

This is another basic issue and does not require any technical work to be done. On most phones, especially Android phones, you have to turn the Bluetooth on and then do an extra step to make the device “discoverable”. Long pressing on Bluetooth icon in the notification shade will take you to this option on Android phones. Keep in mind that even after you have made your device discoverable, it will remain that way for only a couple of minutes. After that, your Bluetooth is still on but discoverability has been turned off automatically by your phone.

Some additional causes of why your Bluetooth headphones are not pairing with your other device are as follows.

  • Make sure what security method your phone and Bluetooth headphones follow for pairing. Some Bluetooth devices will require the host device to produce a password. You have to enter that password in order to connect the device.
  • At times, you might be trying to pair the devices when they are not close enough. While it kills the purpose of using Bluetooth, there are some old Bluetooth headphones on the market that don’t have enough range.
  • While this issue should not exist but with some Bluetooth headphones you might face it. Your headphones will not connect to your other Bluetooth device because the battery is low. Again, this is not a problem with every Bluetooth headphone but only a few.
  • At times, your phone will discover your headphones and even the name of the device will show up on the screen, but it won’t connect. This mysterious problem has a simple solution. Remove the device from the “paired devices” list and add it again.
  • USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi devices are notorious for creating interference for Bluetooth devices. If you have not been able to pair your devices, make sure you are not standing close to a Wi-Fi device.
  • Lastly, you might want to check in the online description of your product or make a call to your Bluetooth headphone company to know if your headphones are compatible with the device you are trying to connect them to. If there is compatibility issue, only the headphone company can give a solution for that.

The above-mentioned issues are only connected to pairing problems. As you can see, they have really simple solutions, so you should not be bothered by them.

Why Is the Sound Crackling?

This issue is pretty common no matter how expensive your Bluetooth headphones are. You hear certain static and crackling noise while hearing music. This crackling of sound can be very annoying and frustrating. However, the cause of this problem is not a mystery – you can fix it pretty easily. Here is how you can fix the crackling sound problem on your Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming.

  • Make sure that there are no other devices connected to your Bluetooth. Signal interference can sometimes cause the sound to be affected. If there are any other devices connected to Bluetooth in proximity, disconnect them.
  • If you are not successful in getting rid of crackling sounds this way, you might have to perform reset on your headphones.
  • Try going closer to your Bluetooth device to see if it resolves the issue. If it does solve the problem, the crackling might be due to your headphones losing signals.

Resetting the headphones depends on the type of brand. Some Bluetooth headphones require the call button to be pressed for a long time for resetting while others have some different methods. You will have to refer to your manufacturer’s guide to know how your headphones can be reset.

By now, you know what factors make Bluetooth headphones better than wired headphones, the main features to look for in Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming and the common issues with these headphones and their solutions. Now it is time to look at the best Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming.

Best Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones for Swimming Reviews

1. Spidercase 100% Waterproof Headphones Review

When you want Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, there is probably nothing more convenient in the market than Spidercase 100% waterproof headphones. They have been designed to fit inside your ear with ease and not fall out with slightest jerks. The important thing to keep in mind here is that this particular headphone is only for one ear. In addition to being suitable for swimming, these earbuds are also perfect for other sports activities due to their sweat proof features. Here are the most notable features of these earbuds.

The Great Design

These earbuds have a great design. First of all, they are nearly invisible from even a short distance. The small size not only fits in your ear perfectly but looks from a distance as if you are not wearing any headphones at all. The tip inserts in your ear for a perfect fit and a button on the earpiece allows you to take calls.

The True Waterproof and Sweat Proof Headphones

These are the headphones you can trust when you go in water with them. This amazing headset has an IP68 rating allowing it to remain immersed in more than 3ft deep water without any damages. It is also sweat proof so you can do other exercises while wearing it. Keep in mind that the 6 in IP68 rating means they are dust proof as well.

The Music Listening Experience

Music listening experience is not the most commendable thing about Bluetooth headphones but these headphones provide high quality bass and high note registers using the EDR technology and Bluetooth 4.2 for maximum performance even when signals are weak. They even have noise cancellation features allowing you to hear music at its best.

Good Battery Performance

The “good” battery performance means there are headphones with excellent and perfect battery performance too. It has a 70mAh battery that lasts for around 4 to 5 hours when constantly using it. The standby time is over 70 hours. The good news in this department is the fast charging time of just 1 hour using the easily available micro USB cable.

Battery is one area where Spidercase could make some improvements to really make these headphones a deal no one can say no to. However, the slight compromise on battery is justified with a small form factor that makes these headphones really ideal for swimming. There are a lot of accessories that come with these headphones including a set of hooks to provide even better fit so the headset does not fall out of your ear.

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2. Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones Review

Alpatronix HX250 waterproof headphones have been designed with the convenience of water sports lovers in mind. It might be a little more expensive than other Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming, but it definitely has some great additional and admirable features too. From the highlighting features of these headphones, you could easily tell that Alpatronix made them convenient not only for water sports lovers but those who are passionate about music listening too. Here are the top features of these headphones.

Full Music Playlist Control

This is something you don’t often find on most Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Surely, there are some controls for your music but they are not as detailed as the ones on these headphones. On the left ear of these headphones, you can play and pause the songs. You can shuffle your playlist using the button on left ear as well. On the right ear, you have volume controls. Using these same buttons, you can forward or rewind the songs too.

Amply Water and Sweat Proof

These headphones earn an IP rating of 67. This rating means your headphones can stay under 3-feet deep water for nearly half an hour without incurring any damages. They are also sweat proof and dust proof for maximum protection and a long life.

A Built-in Memory

Now you can really justify the price of these headphones. How many Bluetooth headphones at this price range offer a free built-in memory? With 8GB of SSD memory, you can store hundreds of your favorite songs in the compatible WMA and MP3 format. With SSD (solid-state drive) memory, your songs play in an instant.

Latest Bluetooth

As mentioned in the guide, you should not settle for any Bluetooth headphones with Bluetooth technology older than 4.0. These headphones have the 4.2 technology for lightning fast pairing and clean transmission. With a clean transmission, you can really focus on these headphones’ deep bass and crispy high not registers if you are into quality of music.

The Excellent Battery Performance

Once again, these headphones might not have the best battery performance, especially when you are using their Bluetooth, but their standby time of 200 hours is something commendable. Playing music with Bluetooth will give you nearly 5 hours of playtime whereas you can get up to 8 hours while playing music from the built-in memory. It takes between 1 and 2 hours for the battery to fully charge.

Looking at the amazing features these headphones offer, they are pretty fairly priced. The most memorable thing about them is the music playback controls on both earpieces. The built-in memory is an impressive addition for listening to music when doing water sports if your Bluetooth connection is breaking over and over. The Bluetooth operation range is a standard 10 meters i.e. 33 feet. The noise cancellation feature ensures an isolated music listening experience. They can be the perfect Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming if the music playback time on Bluetooth could be improved.

3. AOKII Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones Review

AOKII Noise canceling Bluetooth headphones are a perfect grab for anyone looking for feature-rich waterproof headphones at an affordable price. At such an amazing price, these headphones offer many of the features you rarely find even on the most expensive Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Here are the most notable features.

An Intelligent Design

These headphones have been design with sheer intelligence. First, they have a flat tangle-free cable for your convenience. Secondly, there are magnets inserted in the back of the earpieces so when you are not using them, you can just magnetically attach the two earpieces and wear them like a necklace.

Good Waterproof Rating

With an IPX7 rating, these headphones can be immersed 3-feet deep in water for a little less than 30 minutes. If you are not going for swimming in deep water, you can wear them with ease. Since they are also dust and sweat proof, you can wear them during other sports activities such as jogging, running, kayaking, exercising etc.

Great Battery Performance

Among the three Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming listed so far, these headphones have undoubtedly the best battery performance. The best thing is that each earpiece has its own battery with a charge capacity of 60mAh. You could simply say you have a 120mAh battery on these headphones. With a big battery like this, you get nearly 8 hours of talk time, and a tremendous standby time of 10 days. You can charge the battery in less than 2 hours.

Good Music Controls

Everything is great about these headphones, even the music controls. The on-cable remote allows you to control your music with ease. Using the volume up and down keys, you can also skip the tracks. Furthermore, you have voice controls available too. Using the same buttons on the remote, you can make and receive the calls. With a standard Bluetooth range of 33-feet, you should be able to listen to your songs clearly even when you are swimming.

The first reason you would want to buy these headphones for is the value against price. They are easily available for well under low but they have a lot of amazing features on them. From a clever design to excellent music controls and clear bass and treble notes, these headphones are a complete package for anyone looking for affordable Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. The only area where they need some improvement is Bluetooth technology. While there isn’t much different between Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 4.1, you still want to have the latest and the greatest on your devices. These headphones have a 4.1 Bluetooth.

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4. HunDun HD Professional Waterproof Headphones Review

When you want complete security of your headphones in water, a great music listening experience and a fashionable pair of headphones, HunDun Professional waterproof sport Bluetooth headphones might just be the thing for you. They look stylish and deliver an equally cool performance when it comes to taking calls and listening to music. Since they are supposed to be fashionable, you can find a pair that’s exactly the color you want. There is a lot to like about these headphones. Here are their most notable features.

Reliable Waterproofing

With most headphones designed for exercises, sports activities and swimming, an IP67 rating is attached. While it allows you to go for shallow swimming in the pool, it is not the most reliable waterproof rating if you really want to enjoy a long session of swimming. With these headphones, you get an IPX8 waterproofing rating, which means your headphones can remain, submerged in over 3ft deep water for up to 30 minutes. With these headphones on, you could easily go for skiing, surfing, kayaking etc. HunDun seems very confident in claiming the waterproofing features of its headphones.

Multiple Device Connectivity

One of the best things about these headphones is that they can connect to two devices at the same time. This is a feature many people are looking for but don’t find on most Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. The best thing is that it connects with the phones within 3 seconds, so you don’t have to spend too much time in waiting for your devices to connect.

Beautiful Esthetics

If you are into esthetics and you want headphones that look cool, pick these without having a second thought. They are available in a lot of colors wherein each color is contrasted with black components. The earpieces look amazing with the shark fin design on them – now that’s something that you can relate to as a water sports lover. The big hook design over the earpieces makes sure they stay in your ears whether you are swimming or taking part in some other action sports activity.

Great Controls for Music Playlists

Of course, one of the reasons you are getting these headphones is because you want to hear your favorite songs during water sports to keep you motivated and boosted. The volume controls are located on one earpiece and the buttons have been kept big enough for you to easily press them without playing hide and seek. You could long press the volume up and down buttons to skip the tracks in forward or backward direction. In between the volume and playlist control buttons, you have the call button that also works as the power button. Double clicking this button allows you to redial the last call.

Good Battery Performance

The battery on these headphones is a bit above average. It might not be the best battery on Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming but it is much better than many. There is a 95mAh battery that powers these headphones. With this battery capacity, you are easily able to keep listening to music uninterrupted for up to 6 hours. When not using these headphones, the standby time can be easily near 100 hours. With 6 hours of battery timing for playing continuous music, you can play whatever sport you like without worrying that you will have to put down your headphones in the middle.

These headphones are perfect for adults, women, children etc. The most noticeable thing about them is how stylish they look with those bright and live colors, and the shark fin design on the earpieces. HunDun should also be admired for putting IPX8 rating on headphones that cost so little.

The ability to connect two phones at the same time with these headphones is a rare feature on Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. The range for these headphones is pretty similar to others on the list at nearly 10 meters. One area of improvement for HunDun in the next iterations of these headphones will be Bluetooth technology.

While it is not a major setback, but a 4.1 Bluetooth starts sounding old when you already have so many devices with Bluetooth 4.2. They are a perfect deal for anyone who wants fashionable headphones for water sports.

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5. Punkcase Earstud Bluetooth Headphone Review

The Punkcase earstud Bluetooth headphone is as close as you can get to the Spidercase waterproof headphone. They look quite similar but both offer great convenience for consumers who want to hear music as they are swimming. This is a single ear headset and its ergonomic design keeps it comfortable in your ear for hours of use. Here are some of the best features of these headphones.

Beautiful Design

These single-ear headphones have a category of their own. They look beautiful and are a perfect choice for someone looking for headphones that get the job done. This one piece fits into your ear and is barely noticeable to the people because of its size. The jet-black color makes it look really awesome when you get a closer look. The tubular design ensures that the earpiece fits perfectly in your ear and the battery portion stays out but well supported so it does not fall off.

Trustable Waterproofing

The most important piece of information for someone who is looking for Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming is the waterproofing rating. With an IP68 rating these earbuds can stay with you even if you are going to do some swimming in the pool. The best thing about them is that they have been tested to stay in 5-feet deep water for nearly an hour, so taking calls or hearing music while swimming will not be a big deal for Punkcase earstuds.

The Amazing One-Button Controls

There is only one small button located on it but that one button can control a lot of stuff. It can answer and end the calls for you. This same button can be used to play your favorite music and reduce or increase the loudness based on your mood. The button is raised to be conveniently located with the touch of a finger on the earpiece.

Impressively Good Battery Life

One of the drawbacks of these types of earbuds is that they don’t have a big enough battery because the manufacturers are trying to keep the device as small as possible. However a lithium-ion polymer 70mAh battery you can continue to listen to your favorite music for up to 5 hours. The standby time is pretty amazing at 72 hours. The most likeable thing about the battery is that you can fully charge it within an hour.

Transmission Distance

Transmission distance of 33-feet i.e. 10-meters, is a very commonplace thing for most Bluetooth headphones. However, Bluetooth range for these headphones needs to be mentioned separately because they offer a transmission range of nearly 40 feet. With nearly 6 feet of extra coverage you can feel a bit free while swimming and listening to music.

Latest Version of Bluetooth

Some headphones on this list have some great features but they still have Bluetooth 4.1 on them. These headphones compromise on nothing. They have a Bluetooth 4.2 on them for fastest and cleanest connectivity.

These headphones are pretty similar or nearly identical to the ones from Spidercase. Most of the features are pretty similar too. This particular design of Bluetooth headphones is a great pick for executives who spend some time swimming to keep their bodies fit but also want Bluetooth for taking important calls during the day. These earbuds provide a seamless hands free experience of taking calls and listening to music. You would hope that the manufacturers of Bluetooth waterproof earbuds would find a way to increase the battery capacity of these earbuds. A little improvement of music playlist control will also be a great addition in future.

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6. SENSO Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones Review

SENSO noise canceling Bluetooth headphones are probably one of the best pairs of headphones you can buy on the market due to their solid construction, great audio quality and trustable waterproof features. The design of these headphones is pretty simplistic. It is amazing that at such an affordable price they come with a lot of accessories that are really useful. Here are some important features that make these headphones special.

The Sound Quality

The acoustic components on these headphones make them sound amazing. The headphones use true HD high fidelity sound producing components giving your ears the pleasure of deep bass and crispy clear treble notes. Sound quality is not the main focus of most manufacturers that make headphones for water sports and swimming. It is good to see that these headphones offer great sound in addition to other amazing features. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 22,000Hz – this offers great bass and excellent treble quality.

Comfortable and Solid Fit

These headphones come with multiple pairs of silicon tips so you can pick the ones that fit your ears perfectly. However, what makes them even better for sports activities and minor swimming is the hooks. These are some solid hooks that will keep your headphones in place no matter how much shaking of the head takes place.

The hassle-Free Cable and Carrying Case

This particular point makes these headphones such a famous pair of headphones for thousands of people. First, the cable is tangle-free, but that’s not what makes it special. A tangle-free cable is not the highest priority with Bluetooth headphones because it is pretty short in length. However, this cable is flat so it feels comfortable on the back of your neck. With the carrying case, you can carry the headphones around with ease.

Excellent Waterproofing

These headphones have an IP67 rating allowing you to immerse them in water up to 3 feet deep for nearly 30 minutes without incurring any damages. This means you can do some swimming with them by not going deep in water. Wear them while playing physically demanding sports because they are also sweat proof. Enjoy music while showering without a care.

Bluetooth Compatibility

They have Bluetooth 4.1 on them for fast connectivity but the best thing about their connectivity is that you can connect these headphones with two smartphones at the same time. It does not matter which two smartphones they are because these headphones are compatible with any smartphones with Bluetooth technology.

Great Battery Performance

One of the most important concerns with Bluetooth headphones is the battery. You want your battery to last you for several hours and recharge fast too. With an 85mAh battery on these headphones, you should easily be able to play music continuously for nearly 8 hours. When it comes to charging, you can charge the battery within 2 hours. The standby time on these headphones is just impressive at 240 hours – that’s exactly 10 days.

Good Controls for Music

If you want a true hands-free experience with your headphones and hear songs with convenience, you need good controls. These headphones simply offer two buttons on top of the right earpiece for controlling music. While they intuitively serve for you to reduce or increase the volume of your music tracks, these same buttons also allow you to pause, play and skip the tracks when you need to.

Noise Suppression

It’s amazing that you can find headphones that are so affordable but they have all the great features one would expect expensive headphones to have. The noise suppression quality of these headphones allows you to hear your music in as clean a form as possible and converse over calls without hiccups.

These headphones were designed by SENSO to be great and impressive. The company has successfully given consumers a product that’s hard to beat by its competitors. The focus on sound quality of music and calls, easy controls, consumer convenience and long battery life is what makes these headphones such a wise choice. The only minor shortcoming of these headphones is the absence of Bluetooth 4.2. However, Bluetooth 4.1 is pretty much identical in performance and features to Bluetooth 4.2, so you will not notice any differences. It will also be amazing if they could introduce some more colors that suit females more.

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7. Ahuimin Bluetooth Headphones Review

When you look at the features of these headphones, you find a lot of similarities between them and the SENSO Bluetooth headphones. Once you have looked at both, it can get pretty difficult to decide which ones to pick. However, there are certain areas where Ahuimin Bluetooth headphones take the lead but these minor feature differences can be important for some and ignorable for others. Here are the notable features of these headphones.

Simple yet Beautiful Design

As simple and minimalistic as they seem, the overall looks of these headphones are pretty admirable. These are one of the earphones with an angled ear tip to perfectly fit inside your ear and mimic the shape of your ear canal. They definitely have hooks but these are in-ear hooks, not the on-ear ones that go around your ear. However, they fit so perfectly that the manufacturers say they will not fall off even if you are dancing with all your passion.

Great Volume and Call Controls

The controls for these headphones are located on the cable because the size of the earpieces is very compact. However, there is no doubt that on-cable controls are easier to manage because they have big buttons that can easily be felt with fingers and pressed. The volume up/down keys allow you to skip to next and previous tracks. The button in the middle allows you to pick the calls and even control your music’s pause and play functions. There is also an indicator light on the control panel.

Good Waterproof Ratings

The IPX7 rating makes these headphones waterproof under 3 feet deep water for less than 30 minutes. Some minor swimming can be done wearing them. Do not dive deep into water or keep the headphones immersed for longer durations. You can play any water sports while wearing them and even take a shower.

Great Battery Life

These headphones from Ahuimin are head-to-head with SENSO headphones when it comes to battery life and performance. You can play music on these headphones uninterrupted for more than 6 hours easily. Within one and a half hour, you are able to charge them fully to start rocking again. The charging USB port is located on the volume and call control panel. Once they are fully charged, you will be able to put them on standby for 240 days.

Great Transmission Range

SENSO claims to give you up to 8 hours of music time whereas these headphones offer 6.5 hours. However, the compensation is made by Ahuimin when it comes to Bluetooth range. These headphones can operate within 40 feet distance from your Bluetooth device. The SENSO headphones have a standard 30ft range.

As you can see from the specifications, these headphones are pretty similar to SENSO headphones. The increased 10-feet on transmission range are something that could really work for many people. It has a solid battery life with an impressive 240 hours of standby time. Their fitting is pretty good in your ears. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about compatibility whether you have Android or iOS devices because these headphones are compatible with both the operating systems. Just like many other Bluetooth headphones on the list, these too should have a 4.2 Bluetooth on board but that’s not the case right now. Since different customers have different choices, it will also be a great move by the manufacturers if they could introduce some more colors.

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Bluetooth Headphones Summary

The most important things when purchasing Bluetooth headphones are battery timing, charging time, fitting in ears, sound quality and music and call controls. You should make sure to look into these factors before you purchase any Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming. Of course, you want your headphones to be properly waterproof as well. If your primary purpose of buying headphones were swimming, it would be best that you pick the headphones with an IP68 rating. However, if you do minor swimming on the water and don’t go deeper, IP67 rating should be enough as well.

Lastly, you have to be personally responsible for taking care of your headphones too. If they come with a carrying case, use it whenever you are traveling. Do not charge the headphones unless you have made sure to dry off any moisture and water droplets. If the earphones don’t feel comfortable in your ears even after a couple of days of use, try changing the tips. With these things in mind and practice, all the headphones mentioned in the list will offer you a great experience.