Best Headphones for Digital Piano [2019]

So did you just buy a piano? I know it costs serious bucks. Or maybe you have had it for a couple of years? Either way now you are probably looking to make the next big decision and that is buying a pair of headphones for that coveted piano. And just like buying the best piano that suits your needs, buying the best headphones can be a complicated endeavor as well.

This is because of the huge variety of headphones that are available on the market for your piano. These come with a slew of different features that appeal to different kinds of user needs.

Now you are probably wondering what the best headphones for your piano are. To be honest it is a difficult question and in a sense the question is funny too, isn’t it? How could there be a single “best headphones” for any piano?

Just think about it. Keep in mind that pianos generally have 61, 76, or 88 keys, and could be as inexpensive as $150 or could have a ridiculously steep price tag, which can reach thousands of dollars.

So how can you make a precise determination of what the best headphones for your piano are?

Well, this is exactly what we will be exploring in this article, so hang on and put on your reading glasses as we take a dive into the nitty-gritty of piano headphone features and buying criteria so you can figure out the best piano headphones for your bucks and more importantly the headphones that are truly right for the piano you bought.

Before we move on to the selection criteria there are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself that will go a long way in making the decision less of a dilemma for you. These questions are as follows:

  • Exactly where in your home is your piano located?
  • Do you live with your family or are sharing an apartment with someone?
  • Does your apartment have thin walls?
  • Do you have noisy neighbors and require profound focus on practicing?
  • Are you an experienced or well accomplished pianist and have to more strictly monitor what you are playing

Best Piano Headphones Buying Guide

Before we reveal our top 5 picks for best piano headphones, there are a couple of key things that are important for you to keep in mind. Consider these crucial tips on purchasing headphones for your piano use; they will help you comprehend exactly what makes a pair of headphones for piano great:

Are Over-ear Headphones are better?

Although there may be a few exceptions, over-ear headphones are usually a much better option for plugging into your piano compared to in-ear headphones (popularly called ear buds).

There are a number of different reasons for this, but the bottom line is that over-ear headphones usually have the tendency of providing better sound quality, accuracy and noise cancellation compared to in-ear headphones.

In a majority of cases, it is better to stick with a pair of over-ear headphones if you crave the best sounding audio.

Why is Soundstage Important?

Soundstage is a rather vague element of audio quality that many of us tend to overlook. It can be loosely described as how close it sounds like you are to the source that is generating the audio.

The name of this term is rooted in the idea that in stage performances there is an obvious and notable difference between the audio at the very front of an auditorium and the back of the auditorium.

Although it can be difficult to gauge the soundstage of a pair of headphones, you will usually be able to detect the variation and subtleties in the audio quality based on whether the soundstage is appropriately adjusted. You may have come across a situation where listening through a pair of headphones just seemed off, it may have been the result of soundstage.

Even though they may not advertise it, a quality pair of piano headphones will have the soundstage adjusted perfectly, and you will spot the difference immediately in terms of how immersive the audio is.

Why Should You Pay Attention to your Precise Needs?

This is where those questions we asked earlier really matter. There are a myriad of reasons you may want to buy a pair of headphones for piano use, and these reasons usually make a huge difference in what kind of headphones you will need to purchase.

For example, if you have young ones at home who are learning the art of piano playing and you just need some quiet and peace from their incessant playing sessions, an inexpensive pair of headphones will do just fine. 

On the other hand, if you are a semi-accomplished pianist who requires a pair of headphones so that you can play whenever you want without disturbing your neighbors or family members, then go for a pair that offers a little bit more in terms of sound quality.

However, if you happen to be an advanced pianist looking to get your hands on a pair of piano headphones that will enable you to appreciate subtle nuances in your various performances, then opt for a high quality set of headphones that deliver clear and crisp audio. Determining precisely what you need will help you narrow your search accordingly.

Can you Compromise on Comfort?

The importance of sound quality can never be overstressed, but your headphones need to be comfortable too.

If you are planning long piano sessions with the headphones on then it is paramount that they be totally comfortable;

in fact so comfortable that you should almost forget that they are even there.

The unfortunate thing is, numerous headphones, even ones that have great sound quality, feel uncomfortable and bulky – which is are both factors that deter people from buying them.

In contrast, there are a number of excellent piano headphones that offer great audio quality with plenty of comfort to wear for hours at a time. Remember that a good brand of piano headphones will concentrate on both sound quality and comfort.

This factor must never be overlooked, especially for headphones. You may end up getting a pair having nearly all the qualities of an ideal headphone, but if it is not comfortable it is as good as useless.

Best Headphones for Piano Reviews

1. Bose QuiteComfort 25 Review

Bose QuiteComfort 25  is an excellent pair of noise canceling headphones with sound production that is just phenomenal, but they come with a steep price tag. The headphones are especially designed to entirely eliminate any background noise or distraction even when you don’t have the volume cranked up very high, and they are almost flawless at doing their job.

Weighing a mere 6.9 ounces, Bose QuiteComfort 25 headphones are nearly half the weight compared to SOL Master Tracks, which makes them almost unnoticeable when you put them on. These headphones are extremely durable and well-constructed and have their own protective carrying case.

Put these headphones on and you will feel a sudden change. Your piano sound will sound powerful, balanced and deep, and the quietness will render more clarity to every note. So if you feel like splurging a fair sum on an amazing pair of piano headphones, rest assured you will not go wrong with Bose QuiteComfort 25.

Bose QuiteComfort 25 Features

  • Offers significant reduction in noise and distraction
  • Produces powerful, deep and immersive sound
  • Equipped with inline remote and mic
  • Designed in a manner that makes it a good fit for piano
  • This pair of headphones is also compatible with most of Windows, Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones

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2. Sennheiser Momentum Review

Sennheiser Momentum headphones come with a very stylish and sleek design that differentiates them from their competitors. However, more importantly, these headphones are astoundingly comfortable and generate immersive and crystal clear audio quality.

Their premium quality leather-build ear pads are not just light and soft; they are porous enough to breathe well, this prevents your ears from burning after marathon practicing sessions. In addition, the 18-ohm operating impedance offers an extremely dynamic audio quality level that is not only clear and sharp; it is very immersive and strikes just the right level of soundstage. These headphones also accompany an attractive hard carry case which offers protection and have a 2 years warranty.

Sennheiser Momentum Features

  • Equipped with Noise Gard hybrid noise cancellation which eliminates ambient noise with the use of 4 microphones for ultra isolation, which considerably enhances sound quality in noisy environments
  • Amazing battery life of 22 hours along with Noise Gard and Bluetooth which ensure great performance during long sessions
  • Has a 2 microphone built-in technology that works in a seamless manner to improve sound quality and eliminate external noise
  • If bought from an authorized Sennheiser dealer, you get a warranty of 2 years

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3. V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Review

Your initial glance at V-Moda Crossfade M-100 will reveal that these headphones are designed in a unique way. Their design and shape is visually appealing and sharp unlike most other headphone brands. They have a modest weight of 9.9 ounces with memory phone ear pads especially designed for unparalleled comfort.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 also have V-Moda’s award winning M-Class sound signature that generates impeccable audio at all ranges of volumes and notes with a heavily immersive 3-dimensional soundstage, which does a great job at imitating the experience of a live and up-close performance. This product is packed with innovations with respect to comfort, style and sound quality than any other headphone brand on the market, which makes them a serious contender if you are a musician.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Features

  • These headphones produce award-winning M-class sound perfected and tuned by more than 200 audiophile aficionados
  • They have 50mm Dual Diaphragm Driver which separates bass from highs and mids
  • Ultra-Extended Highs, clean deep bass and vivid mids tuned by audiophiles and industry editors
  • Unique CLIQFOLD design which provides compact storage
  • Extremely compact exoskeleton carrying case with a V-STRAP system

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4. Yamaha Pro 400 Review

Yamahanot only prides itself as a great piano manufacturer, it also produces some exceptional headphones to go with them. So if you have a Yamaha piano, then why not pair it up with Yamaha headphones? Apart from this correlation, there are numerous reasons for buying Yamaha Pro 400.

These are topnotch headphones for your piano, and Yamaha’s experience and expertise in tuning pianos means they are tuned to audio perfection. They are also very comfortable and lightweight with an attractive and sleek geometry. In addition, they are very affordable compared to other brands in the market.

Yamaha Pro 400 Features

  • Uses a combination of finest materials with renowned Yamaha tuning experience to offer a superb listening experience
  • They have extremely smooth and soft ear cushions with an immensely natural feel
  • They come with PRO Series cables that are tangle-resistant, flat and made from materials that are durable and reduce touch noise transfer effects

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5. Noontec Zoro HD Review

Yamaha’s headphones may be affordable, but Noontec Zoro HD is downright cheap. These headphones may not have a few high-end features that are available on many of the top piano headphones, yet they manage to generate an excellent audio quality and provide great comfort.

But their low price really makes them popular. They are priced to sell, given their great quality. The sound they render is immersive and clear and they are more than capable of giving their more expensive counterparts a run for their money. So if you are looking to save some bucks they might be just right for you.

Noontec Zoro Features

  • They are very comfortable, lightweight and adjustable
  • They have an inline microphone
  • Have a durable metal rack inside them
  • Come with 1, 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable

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Best Studio Headphones Under $200 [2019]

If you are a musician or a music enthusiast, grabbing the best pair of studio headphones can just be as imperative as investing in a good bed; you are aware that you will be using it every day and if you spend a decent amount it will last you many years. Nevertheless, it is important to note that just because certain headphone brands and models are labeled as ‘studio’ doesn’t automatically make them the best.

You will really need to dig deep into the basics while answering questions such as what exactly do you need them for,  how do you intend to use them, how much do they cost, and what other users have to say about it.

Basically, studio headphones are designed to give a natural, effective and detailed distribution of frequency. They are able to create high volume levels with a balanced audio result for each ear and can be used for both handlings all the way to the most challenging studio routines.

These headphones are primarily used for two purposes in music making: mixing and recording. During recording, high-quality studio headphones can actually stop the sound coming out from the guide track and prevent it from leaking in the microphone and spoiling the music that was recorded.

A lot of audiophiles like to combine their studio headphones with headphone amps to enhance the sound quality. The outstandingly conforming features and robust construction of studio headphones make them the ideal choice for many users, whether you are making beats, recording, mastering and mixing, or simply listening for fun.

What to Look For In a Pair of Studio Headphones?

When shopping for the best studio headphones for the purposes of mixing and recording, there are a few factors that you should value over other.

It is critical to ensure your headphones have components that will be useful since many brands make a huge deal about features that are really just fluff. 

Here are a few things you should look for first:

Large headphones with isolation –You need to make sure the ‘earmuffs’ cover your entire ear and offer you adequate isolation from the external noise. Even a lower key studio can sometimes become a noisy place, and in such as a case you do not really want to hear anything but your music.

Outstanding pressure compromise/padding –If you intend to use the headphones for the purpose of studio monitoring, chances are you will be wearing them for extended periods of time as you record, mix, splice and adjust.

Low-quality headphones can strain your ears, and cause headaches owing to insufficient padding and extra pressured headband elements. The best studio headphones don’t only sound great, but they are also comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Crispy clear, untinted, genuine sound –The quality of the sound should be ‘neutral’ for it to mix properly. Non-studio headphones usually tend to be ‘colored’, which means they are designed to perform better depending on specific music genres.

You should invest in a pair of studio headphones that covers a diverse range of music types and styles so the neutral tuning is perfect.

How to Choose the Best Studio Headphones?

Your budget

Even though we will be looking at studio headphones under $200, there is a huge difference in headphones with a price tag of $50 while others that stop right at $200. The real question is: how much money are you ready to spend? More features come with a pricier tag.

Open-back VS closed-back VS semi-open

A large percentage of studio headphones are closed-back (which makes them better for leisure listening, sound isolation and recording), some are open-ear and best for mastering and mixing, whereas others fall right in the middle as ‘semi-open.’

Open-back headphones use a transducer that is fixed in a space away from the head and come with a foam-filled enclosure that is normally ventilated using holes or slots. Open-back headphones don’t color the sound as much as closed backed ones since they allow some sound in from the outside, instead of totally isolating the sound in the ear. This also means the headphones offer a more natural sound to the user.

On the other hand, closed-back headphones tend to create overall higher sound levels because they are designed to keep the sounds in, isolating the music. They can also feature superior bass reproduction since the low end is confined within the cup of the headphones and doesn’t escape.

Color choices

The majority of studio headphones come in black because most customers prefer that color. However, if you look around a little, you will come across brands that offer some cool aesthetics that may sway your choice.

Electric blue, red and green are also becoming quite popular these days. However, this is strictly a matter of preference and has nothing to do with how the headphones perform.

Additional Accessories

Many studio headphones come with extra converters, cables, or even protective cases. If these are important to you then you should definitely go for it.

Best Studio Headphones Under $200 – Our Top Picks!

To pursue your hobby or career in music, you don’t have to sacrifice an arm and a leg to get started with high-quality equipment. Take a look at the best studio headphones that you can buy under $200.

1. ​Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphones Review

The ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphones is the most praised by many audio experts and professional audio reviewers. The headset features large noise isolating ear cups with excellent A-T construction and an unparalleled sound quality that is specially designed for critical audio experts. They deliver precision-based audio with an amazing comfort level, making them the best option for long wearing sessions while in the studio or on-the-go.

The contoured ear cups shut tight and offer solid sound isolation, and are quite comfortable on the ears with minimal pain and sound bleed. The material is pro-grade, which makes it long-lasting and comfortable at the same time. The headphones can be collapsed and ear cups are foldable for maximum convenience and space saving. You can also find some decent color choices with the ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Features

  • Critically acclaimed audio performance praised by best audio critics and engineers
  • 45 mm large drivers with copper-clad aluminum and earth magnets wire coils
  • Outstanding clarity throughout an extended range of frequency, with deep, precise bass response.
  • Circumaural design contours surrounding the ears for high-quality sound isolation in noisy areas
  • 90 degrees revolving ear cups for better, single-ear monitoring, pro-grade headband and earpad material offers more comfort and durability.
  • Detachable cable

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2. Sony MDR7506 Review

The Sony MDR7506 is the perfect option if you are financially restricted. The headset has a solid built, is reliable and durable and is designed to offer excellent sound quality and functionality. They can practically be used in any application (except for professional mastering and mixing). The closed-ear design of the headset has rapidly popularized in professional recording and home studios.

The foldable, well-constructed design features 40 mm driver units with gold connectors for both leisure and studio use. The comfort factor is highly advanced and will not give users much pain thanks to sufficient cushioning for enhanced comfort. The headset also comprises of a stereo ‘unimatch plug’ that can be utilized in ¼ and 1/8 inch applications and also comes with a soft protective casing for storage or traveling.

The sound quality is excellent and very detailed, with nice lows, decent mids, and crisp highs.

Sony MDR7506 Features

  • 40 mm drivers and Neodymium magnets for a detailed and powerful sound
  • A closed-ear design that offers maximum comfort and excellent external noise cancellation
  • A non-detachable 9.8-foot cable that ends in a gold-plated plug
  • Comes with a ¼ inch adapter
  • Features a foldable design for added convenience and space-saving
  • Frequency response level of 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
  • Large, foldable, diaphragm headphones bring a rugged construction along with a safe, highly efficient closed-back design.

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3. KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones Review

Probably the most underrated pair of headphones, the KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones stays true to the standards of KRK’s first-class studio monitors. They make use of the latest technology in acoustic memory foam, which is what makes these headphones incredibly awesome. This series of headphones by KRK is known to be the best when it comes to noise cancellation and sound reproduction.

They also have a natural, more accurate and wide frequency response, are comfortable to wear, come with a detachable cable and rotating ear cups, have a very low distortion, and replaceable head and head cushions.

However, this headset does not bring a strong bass sound, crisp high frequencies, and good mids. This is because these headphones are meant for recording and mixing, which means that adding extra bass could probably make them muddy in the low-end.

KRK KNS8400 Features

  • A detachable in-line volume control
  • The current reference quality frequency response for circumaural dynamic closed-back headphones.
  • Recently developed headphone acoustical system that brings to the table a new level of performance for the very first time.
  • Makes use of the latest acoustic memory foam tech to ensure a high-quality performance in both isolation and reproduction.

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4. Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Acoustically Open Headphones Review

The Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 are open-back dynamic headphones perfect for studio use due to its design and features; it offers an outstanding sound reproduction to attain the high-quality audio result.

It comes with a rugged construction with a spring steel headband for a comfortable and precise fit. You will not have to worry about the headband dropping even when you’re in the car or walking.

The headset comes with an open diffuse-field studio with 250 ohms. In addition to that, they are super lightweight and come with a drawstring bag for added convenience when roaming around with them.

Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Features

  • The headphones come with a single-sided coiled cord and 250-ohm drivers
  • Open, diffuse-field studio headphones
  • Outstanding sound reproduction
  • Comfortable to wear due to their rugged design and a cushioned, adjustable headband construction with soft velour ear cushions
  • Manufacturer warranty of 2 years, provided the headphones are bought from an authorized dealer

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5. ​AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Channel Studio Headphones Review

The AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII is an ingeniously designed pro studio headphone that comes with a sealed construction for very low signal bleeding when recording musical instruments or vocals, thus eliminating the problem of the unwanted spilling. The headset is closed-back for the highest level of noise insulation and great sound reproduction.

The headphones come with a switch in the headband that shuts the audio as soon as the headset is taken off. Actually, the headphones are designed to automatically mute in absence of pressure on the headband. This feature comes in very handy in a studio or live environment.

Even though the sound quality of the AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII is incredible, the same cannot be said for their design. The construction looks kind of tacky and some users experienced problems with the wires that became worn out too fast.

In conclusion, the headphones are a great option for recording music because they offer crisp high frequencies and amazing high mids with a general sparking sound. If you wear them properly, you can make the most out of these headphones. You will need some time before you finally become used to them, especially if you have a smaller head.

AKG Pro Audio K271 Features

  • Over-ear design that ensures optimum wearing comfort for extended periods of time
  • Latest closed technology for high levels of noise cancellation and excellent sound reproduction.
  • A self-adjusting headband that allows maximum convenience and optimum fit
  • Sealed design with a minimum level of signal bleeding for instrumental and vocal recordings to avoid any unwanted spill
  • An auto-mute feature that shuts off the audio when the headphones are taken off.

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Top 5 Best Headphones for Guitar Amp [2019]

If you are a guitar buff, I don’t even have to tell you what it feels like connecting the guitar to a huge Marshall amp, cranking up the speakers and letting your power chords roar. But let’s face it; we all have that lousy neighbour who wastes no time in calling the cops on you, restraining that rebellious guitar rage that has pent up inside you.

We don’t want the police to hassle you and to avoid any potential ruckus, the best solution is to get yourself a set of high quality practice headphones for your guitar amp. There are a myriad of factors to consider when making this important decision, mainly because the process is significantly different compared to purchasing headphones for listening to run-of-the-mill MP3 music.

For audiophiles headphones are as important as a pair of pretty shoes to most women, may be more important. However, to others they seem pretty similar.

But like shoes there are thousands of varieties of headphones, and each pair is equipped and designed to deal with different conditions.

This is the reason why we have compiled a list of the best headphones for guitar amp practice, but before we dive into that list we have to get a few things out of the way, so just be patient.

Why do you require a specialized pair of headphones for your guitar amp in the first place?

My answer is plain and simple: to shred your guitar and do it loudly, which is a dream for most guitar players.My answer is plain and simple: to shred your guitar and do it loudly, which is a dream for most guitar players.

When you have the best pair of guitar amp headphones, you can jam until the daylight appears, without pissing off a single soul (remember that lousy neighbor).

Although there are a huge number of headphones out there, we know as a guitar player you have unique needs. You preferably want to have marathon practice sessions in a quiet environment.

Over the last couple of months our team has listened through more pair of headphones than we can count; so you can trust us. But to be honest, only a few have left their mark on us.

As music is an integral part of your life and you will be spending countless hours using and practicing with your headphones, it is crucial you get expert advice. We will first discuss the criteria for choosing the best headphones for guitar amp practice and then reveal our top 5 picks. So hang tight!

Best Guitar Amp Practice Headphones Criteria

There are a couple of key things that are important to keep in mind when purchasing a good pair of guitar amp headphones. We know that selecting the best headphones is a highly subjective process, but it is advisable to consider the following criteria:

Does Comfort Really Matter?

Ever had the terrible experience of sitting on a hard or uncomfortable surface for such a long time your backside practically went numb? I have been a victim too. An uncomfortable headphone can do something very similar to your ears.

Comfort must never be overlooked, especially for guitar amp headphones as practice sessions can be tediously long. You may end up getting a pair of headphones having nearly all the qualities of an ideal headphone, but if it is not comfortable it is as good as useless. 

On the other hand, a comfortable guitar amp headphone will fit your ears well and have plenty of cushioning which will enable you to easily wear them for hours on end without any discomfort or fatigu.

What Should the Impedance be?

Impedance is the power required for the headphones to work, it is measured in ohms.

A pair of headphone with low impedance level (lower than 25 ohms) will usually work well when paired with devices that do not have strong amplification like MP3 players, smartphones and similar portable devices.

These headphones typically run the risk of blowouts when paired with more powerful amps.

On the other hand, high impedance headphones (25 ohms and above) deliver a high audio level but use more power. These headphones are insulated from blowouts and are better at resisting sonic abuse.

Determine your amp’s ohm output first, but anything in the range of 25 to 80 ohms is compatible with a majority of amps and can still be used with portable audio devices.

Headphones with higher ohms are good at reducing white noise and offer a richer and more vibrant listening experience.

What should be the Actual of the Jack?

Headphone jacks come in 2 sizes, one is eighth inch and the other is quarter inch. The former is 3 mm, which is a jack size that will be compatible with your MP3 player, PC or laptop and smartphones. A quarter inch jack which is 6.35 mm is typically reserved for instruments such as guitar cables.

The good news is that a majority of headphones for guitar amp practice have an eighth-inch jack that has an adapter that converts it into a quarter inch jack, giving you the luxury of using the headphone on a wide range of devices.

What is the Frequency and Balance?

Signals emitted by a guitar are very different compared to signals coming from an MP3 device. If your guitar amp is blaring at maximum volume, an inappropriate type of headphone can crackle terribly and cause noise distortion.

To avoid this embarrassing situation go for a durable, well-constructed headphone made by a reputable brand with a frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. 

Be rest assured that this frequency range will cover all of the human listening spectra and a higher frequency response will not necessarily lead to better sound quality.

This is because bass level of less than 20 Hz is more likely to be felt than heard, while treble in excess of 20 KHz is barely audible.

Best Headphones for Guitar Amp Practice Reviews

1. Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Sony MDRV6 is a very popular headphone and it is made by Sony, a company, which is well-known for its headphone making capability. This pair of headphones has been around for a very long time which seems like eternity and you may think that factor works against it, but these headphones do very little wrong despite their age. The pair is well -constructed and rugged which makes it very durable. It has very soft cushions and will feel very comfortable on your ears, even if your guitar sessions last for hours. The headphone is also good at isolating external noise which is important for a guitar player.

The pair is a tad less portable compared to ATH-M50x but it comes with a 10 feet cord which is handier than you may initially think. These headphones have a unique sound signature along with great sound quality which never fails to impress. The best part is that these headphones sound very accurate without appearing too sterile or cold. Experts think that they are a very good match to use with guitar sonic because their treble response is incredible. The brand is also quite cheap and is an excellent budget friendly choice.

Sony MDRV6 Features

  • Has 40 mm drivers and neodymium magnets for powerful and detailed sound
  • Has an over-ear design that gives superior comfort and reduction of outside noises
  • Has a 10 feet oxygen free copper cord along with 3.5 mm plug
  • Has  a copper-clad aluminum coil wire for enhanced power handling
  • Incredible frequency range of 5 Hz to 30 KHz

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2. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Review

Beyerdynamic DT770 is an excellent pair of closed-back and rugged headphones that have the uncanny knack of enduring lots of physical and sonic punishment. They are German-made, so you can expect that they are made from durable materials, and more importantly all the parts are replaceable so you won’t have to buy a new pair any time soon. They are great at noise cancellation, leak less sound and provide a richer listening experience because they let in less external noise.

Beyerdynamic DT770  is also immensely comfortable. Their ear cups are well cushioned and it has a nicely-padded headband which distributes weight evenly and alleviates pain and discomfort that accompanies when they are worn for long practice hours. However, their best feature is the generation of realistic and clear sound. You know that realistic sound is the first priority when purchasing headphones for guitar practice.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Features

  • They have a closed, diffuse-field systems bass reflex technology that enhances your bass response
  • They are excellent at reproducing mid-range and clinically high frequencies
  • They have a rugged and robust headband design
  • Soft and smooth ear cushions and single-sided cable
  • Have a gold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug and also a 6.35 mm adapter
  • Come with a 2 year warranty when bought from a Beyerdynamic dealer

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3. AKG K44 Headphones Review

If you are looking for an affordable option for your guitar amp practice sessions, AKG K44 is one of the most affordable pair of headphones you can purchase and still listen to top-quality sound. The pair can be bought for under low price and delivers an astonishingly rich sonic specter and very good durability.

Although there are minor issues with overloaded bass frequencies, these headphones do offer a very meaty middle section along with a strong and incredible treble range. We think that this is more than good enough for practice headphones especially given their low price tag. With respect to volume handling, there are good at delivering sonic spikes when you crank them up.

Overall, this product gets the job done and would not disappoint you. You will hear amazing sound quality that will render a realistic and accurate image of your guitar performance, which is crucial, as lousy sound can severely mess up your approach and cripple you once you decide to switch to live gigs or band rehearsals.

AKG K44 Features

  • They have a circumaural and semi-closed design
  • They have a self-adjusting headband which fill fit snugly over your head
  • Equipped with Patented Varimotion speakers
  • They have Leatherette ear pads  which provide great comfort

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4. Sennheiser HD 598 Review

In terms of comfort, Sennheiser HD 598 is one of the best headphones on our list. They are probably amongst the best looking headphones in their price range. They have a leatherette headband and velour enclosed ear cups and are cushioned in all the right places for long usage.

They render a very realistic in-room experience along with an open soundstage, which makes this pair a match made in heaven for guitar players.  Sennheiser HD 598 boasts a wide and dynamic frequency ranging from 12 Hz to 38.5 KHz, which will enable you to pick every sound your guitar produces.

Sennheiser HD 598 Features

  • Audiophile-grade over-ear, premium and sleek, open-back headphones
  • Have an impedance of 50 Ohms
  • 2 cable options along with 3.5mm adapter
  • 2 year warranty when bought from a Sennheiser dealer

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5. Philips X2/27 Fidelio Premium Headphones Review

Philips X2/27 Fidelio is an excellent pair of headphones which are just right for your guitar practice sessions.  You would be blown away by their ridiculously wide ranging frequency of 5 Hz to 40 KHz and you will still listen to crisp and precise sound which is natural and true. You can immerse yourself in the pristine details of your guitar sound with this pair.

They have an open-backed design which is extremely comfortable to wear, and have an excellent and dynamic sound quality. This pair of headphones also comes with a tangle-free cord.

Philips X2/27 Features

  • They are equipped with powerful 50 mm neodymium drivers which offer wide yet precise range
  • They have an acoustic open-back design for pristine audio fidelity
  • They feature double-layered ear shells which are designed for sound precision
  • They have a dedicated cable which offers ease

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Best Cheap Headphone Amp Under $100 [2019]

Modern headphones are designed to get the very best of audio performance from your music player or smartphone and are thus tailored towards the demands that MP3 playback involves and will improve performance more than a conventional pair of headphones.

Headphone amplifiers are not something that is found so commonly in most gadget stores. They are made especially for music enthusiasts, who are willing to invest in high-quality music.

They are small audio amplifiers, designed for headphones and not speakers that allow for higher volumes, better current capacity, high input impedance, low output impedance, and a greater range of output voltages. 

Generally, headphones amplifiers are found embedded in electronic devices that have a headphones jack, like integrated amps, TVs, and portable music players. 

There are a number of headphone amplifiers available on the market today:

  • Studio Headphone Amps: These were the first ever headphone amplifiers to come on the market. They are typically combined with studio headphones and are AC powered. Some also run on batteries.
  • Tube Headphone Amps: Tube headphone amplifiers use one or more vacuum tubes to improve the signal. Due to their unusual design, they are quite popular.
  • Portable headphone amps: These headphone amplifiers are powered by batteries and best suited for traveling.
  • Desktop Headphone Amplifiers: while the name may suggest computer use, these headphone amps can be used with home theater systems, stereo systems, and also computers.

Headphone Amplifier Buying Guide

When buying a headphone amplifier, you will need to pay special attention to the following factors:

What is Headphone Impedance?

Headphone impedance figures are generally provided in the user manual or on the packaging of the headphones.

There should also be a conforming figure for an amp as well as and both these figures are listed in a value of ohms.

The best way to find a pairing on the basis of impedance is to pair a headphone that comes with at least 10 times the ohm value of the amp being used.

For instance, a 3000-ohm headphone would pair best with a 30-ohm amp.

What is the Ideal Headphone Sensitivity?

The second most important factor is headphone sensitivity, which will help you determine if your earphones or headphones will actually benefit from amping. Sensitivity ratings are typically shown as decibels (DB) levels per Milliwatts (mW) of supplied power.

In general, anything over 100 decibels at 1mW will be driven adequately to full volume without the need for an external amplifier.

It is also a good idea to ask yourself:

How Will You Use The Headphone Amplifier?

It is important to consider how you intend on using the amplifier; if you need something that will be best for listening on-the-go, or if you want something that will add to fixed desktop arrangement. For on-the-go listening, portable amps are the way to go and for a desktop setup, desktop headphones amps work best.

Do You Want A Headphone Amp Only, Or An Amp Combined With A Digital-To-Analogue Convertor?

Headphone amps are only responsible for processing analog audio signals, but in today’s advanced technological era, streaming services and digital music, there is another important component in audio setups, known as DAC or digital to analog converter.

DACs are responsible for taking a digital music file and convert it into an analog music signal.

Just like with amps, the DAC quality in non-audio specific devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, is a low priority for producers. 

For this reason, it is best to pair headphone amps with dedicated, quality DAC chips to provide a full audio processing solution for enhanced sound quality.

Other important factors to consider

What is Digital Sound Processing (DSP)?

DSP allows headphone amps to deliver a surround sound experience using only standard headphones. An example of DSP is Dolby headphone format. DSP allows for the signal to be improved and modified.

How many Number of Channels does it Offer?

Another thing to look for in a headphone amplifier is the number of channels it offers.

Headphone amps typically come with 1 to 8 channels. More channels are better as they deliver multiple signal distribution options for keeping the flexibility in check.

Every channel arranges individual stereo line distribution in a one-rack package.

What is the Signal-to-Noise Rating?

The signal-to-noise rating is a measurement of the headphone amp’s noise in comparison with its original source, which is measured in decibels.

The higher the ratio, the less noise compared to the signal. This is to keep that strange noise you have to bear when listening to your favorite music, a sort of white noise.

An optimal signal to noise rating means you will not have to worry about this little annoyance anymore.

What is Root-mean-squared (RMS) Power?

The Root-mean-squared power is the extent of real power that is delivered to the load. The amount shows how loud the headphones will get at their peak.

Loudspeaker Amplifier/Pre-Amplifier

This factor allows for the headphone amps to multifunction as either a loud amplifier or a pre-amplifier.  A pre-amp readies a small amount of electrical signal for additional processing or amplification and decreases interruption. While offering the headphone amp added flexibility, this option is also rather expensive.

How to choose?

A basic amplifier simply substantiates the strength of audio from the source and that alone fills in the gaps. However, exemplary headphones generate a precise reproduction, making the most of the audio they receive. Here we will be looking at the best headphone amplifiers under $100. You can expect these sets to offer the following:

  • Small size – A lot of the headphones amplifiers under $100 are small and thus, extremely portable. They can be clipped easily wound.
  • Audio amplification – If you own a pair of headphones that are not as loud or powerful-sounding as you would like them to be then a headphone amp can make your life easier. However, it is important to keep in mind that bad audio quality will not be miraculously transformed because headphone amps will function to improve the sound. So, if your headphones are really bad, you can’t expect a lot from an amp.
  • Decrease distortion– A lot of headphones get sibilant at high volumes, which is why headphone amps with an SNR are important to thoroughly reduce the distortion and give you a crispy clear audio output. This quality is best tested at loud volumes since normal volumes are generally protected from alteration in headphones too.
  • Impedance– These under $100 headphones support a wide array of headphone impedance. This particular factor is crucial in deciding which set of headphones these amplifiers can drive. Broader the range, the greater number of headphones these amplifiers can boost.

Best Cheap Headphone Amp Under $100 – Our Top Favorites!

1. Creative Sound Blaster E1 Portable Headphone Amp

Creative is a well-known brand when it comes to audio products, and the Creative Sound Blaster E1 Portable Headphone Amplifier is their best product in this category. It may come off as very compact, but don’t get fooled by its size because the powerful hardware inside is what counts.

It also comes with a battery life of 25 hours and supports 600 ohms of amplification. Furthermore, it also features an inbuilt mic, which can be used to take/end calls. For added user convenience, the amp also comes with a shirt clip at the back and can be easily taken anywhere since it weighs only 25 g.

The company also provided a USB cable and Orange Stereo inside the box, which is a quick attention grabber. The best part is, you can use the E1 as a DAC and connect it to your desktop as an external sound card.

Creative Sound Blaster E1 Features

  1. Powerful 600-ohm headphone amp that supports high-quality performance for a studio-level music listening experience.
  2. 106 decibels SNR output that is greatly superior in reliability to the motherboard, USB, regular smart device output, and laptop.
  3. Crystal voice brings advanced technologies that are particularly designed to offer the audio fidelity on your Mac and PC.
  4. High-quality powered headphone splitter allows you to share music with a friend without compromising the quality.
  5. Lithium battery that can give up to 25 hours of audio playback
  6. Mono mic allows users to get connected through calls and offers clear voice communications for Skype calls and games on Macs and PCs.

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2. FiiO A1 Review

This headphone amp is a popular favorite, especially because it offers high-quality sound at a very low price. It is lightweight, compact and compatible with any audio device with a 3.5 mm cable. It features EQ control, which allows you to add a hint of bass boost if you feel like it.

Even though the claimed battery life is 10 hours, a lot of users reported that the headphone amp worked for approximately 5 hours with a full charge. The transparent clip is also ideal for fitting the device on to clothes while traveling; otherwise, it also fits perfectly in your pocket.

If you are on a budget ad are only looking for audio amplification, then FiiO A1 is your best bet.

FiiO A1 Features

  1. Designed for low sensitivity and high impedance headphones
  2. Compact, sleek and compact, with a removable clip for added convenience.
  3. Low distortion and noise, and advanced amplifier circuit with enhanced dynamics
  4. EQ with 2-level bass boost and volume control

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3. Topping NX2 Headphone Amp

The Topping NX2 Headphone Amp is a very sleek amplifier that also works as a DAC having a length of 11 cm. It also provides a total music distortion of 0.0001% at 32 ohms and comes with a battery life of 100 hours thanks to its built-in mAh battery.

It is due to the battery that the NX2 is so big and not the best-looking headphone amplifier out in the market since it maintains that industrial design, which is what make it appear bigger than your average amplifier headphones. The amp supports up to 300 ohms, which is perfect. Even though it does not come with features such as a built-in microphone or dual headphones support, it certainly delivers what it promises.

Topping also added five Velcro pieces and 2 two silicone pieces so users can attach it behind their smartphones.

Topping NX2 Features

  1. Industrial-level headphone amplifier design
  2. Excellent amplification
  3. 300 ohms impedance

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4. Bravo V2 Class A 12AU7 Tube Multi-Hybrid Headphone Amp

This is not your regular headphone amp; the Bravo Audio V2 Class A 12AU7 is a tube amplifier, which means it offers a higher music distortion and sounds less tinny.

In addition to that, it looks super cool when sitting on the desktop and will surely fetch you some compliments. The quality of sound is also incredible and it powers up any headphones up to 600 ohms.

You also have the option to replace the stock tube if you wish to.

Bravo V2 Class A Features

  1. Comes with a Shuguang 12AU7 tube
  2. Gains control with Japanese ALPS potentiometer
  3. RCA stereo inputs and parallel 3.5 mm

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5. Creative Sound Blaster E3 Portable DAC Headphone Amp with NFC and Bluetooth

The E3 Portable Headphone Amplifier brings users solid technology, with many impressive features. To start off, it gives Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in mic, and awesome impedance support.

In addition to that, the battery life can last up to 24 hours, which makes it perfect for traveling. You have also got around 600 ohms which are sufficient for most headphone pairs. The Creative Sound Blaster E3 is a great, portable option at a decent price.

Creative Sound Blaster E3 Features

  1. High-quality amplification for headphones with 112 decibels DAC and approximately ohm
  2. You can connect the amp to your device via USB for amazingly high streaming quality
  3. Built-in mic, dual-headphone-out, line in
  4. Can be easily connected to tablets or smartphones via Bluetooth
  5. Around eight hours of music streaming or seventeen hours of analog music playback

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Best Most Durable Headphones Guide [2019]

Buying headphones can be quite a challenging experience because there is so much to look at before buying one. From their internal components to external looks, you have to make your choice very carefully.

If you are looking specifically for the most durable headphones on the market, you have started on the right track. Among many other things that really annoy people about their headphones, flimsy built and non-durability are prominent ones.

So what are the different components of a pair of headphones that you have to get a close look at to see if the headphones are really durable? Here are a few things to check.

What Kind of Cord Should You Pick?

If you are buying headphones with cords, you have to see the cord first to know how durable it is. Cords can be annoying at times, but they are much better in giving you the audio quality that cordless headphones can’t, so sometimes they are the only choice you have.

Many manufacturers have now started make cords that look like ropes i.e. they are made of canvas. It is virtually impossible to break those cords even if you tug them really hard accidentally. Other important thing to see in a cord is its thickness.

What to Check in the Ear Cups?

The second most important component of a pair of headphones to see its strength and durability is the ear cups. You have to analyze the ear cups to see how they are attached to the headband.

If the attachment is not strong and the ear cups feel shaky on the headband, it’s a bad sign.

If you are going for swiveling ear cups, feel the strength of the joints and how durable they seem. 

Another important thing to look at is how the cushions are attached to the ear cups.

If the attachment seems unfinished and you notice gaps between the material of the ear cup and the cushion, this is a telltale sign of a badly built pair of headphones.

What Makes a Headband Durable?

This is the most important part of any pair of headphones. When you are looking for most durable headphones, ensure you check the headband carefully.

First, you want some material for headband that does not bend easily. Sometimes you see headbands made of metal, but the metal is so thin that it could bend easily.

If the headband is made of plastic, it should not be so hard that it breaks into pieces at one fall. Double tubes for plastic headbands prove to be great in terms of durability.

How to Know a Microphone’s Durability?

Most people do not pay much attention to the microphone attached to their headphones, but you should. When you need a microphone, you need it.

Not to mention, if the microphone is attached with your headphone, you will have to take care of it. The most important thing to look at when analyzing the durability of microphone on a headphone is how securely it tucks away when you are not using it. 

Headphones made for gamers come with some really durable microphones. They are not only made from strong materials, but the microphone shaft is really thick to give it maximum sturdiness.

Now that you know how and which parts of your headphones you have to look at to see the durability of the overall headphones, here are some the most durable headphones for you to pick one from.

Best Durable Headphones Review

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

As the name tells the story, these headphones are meant for those who use them for professional work. If you make music, upload videos on YouTube or review music albums, you need one of these. Right from the first look they send an impression of sturdy, strong and durable headphones. Durability has been made a part of these headphones in other ways too. For example, the audio cable on the headphones is detachable on both ends. This means a tug on the cable will only pull it out of the jack, not break it.

The ear cups are swiveling so you don’t have to stretch the headband when you want to listen to your favorite music track with a friend. The headband is fully cushioned with thick materials. The swiveling joints of the ear cups are also pretty thick so they can take some abuse. Here are some notable features of Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones.

Prominent Features

  • They have a sturdy built with strong and thick materials.
  • Ear cups swivel to make them perfect for music makers and DJs.
  • Detachable audio cord provides safety against accidental pulls on the cord and easy storage for portability.
  • They have big 45mm drivers for more powerful sound.
  • 35ohm impedance means they can run on a wide range of amplifiers and devices.
  • Despite their sturdy build, they are still pretty lightweight at just 9.9oz.

The price for these headphones can vary based on the color you want. The white pair is more expensive than the black one and there is no doubt that the white one looks much cooler and completely out of this world.

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2. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Metal Headphones Review

If you are tired of throwing away your headphones after every few months – you have to consider a more durable option. The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 metal headphones are just the right thing for you. These headphones are also known for their noise cancelation and isolation capabilities. The thing that makes these headphones one of the best on the market is how they have been tuned by skilled audio engineers in the industry. If you are an audiophile and have been looking for sturdy and high-quality sounding headphones, get your hands on this one – it is a gem.

More than 40% DJs around the world have made these headphones their preferred choice while performing live on stage. They have been built in such a way that they are equally perfect for audiophiles, DJs and even gamers.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Features

  • The 50mm dual diaphragm is something you rarely get on any other headphones.
  • You could safely call them the most durable headphones because they are made of metal – no plastic here.
  • They have this CLIQFOLD design that allows you to store them in a very small space or the carrying case that comes with them.
  • The components of these headphones are made of metal, but the whole unit still weighs only 280 grams.
  • They have a 32ohms impedance so play them as loud and as big of a device as you want because they will not blow out.
  • Their frequency response ranges at the bottom at 5 Hz to the peak at 30,000 Hz.
  • It has a strong STEELFLEX headband covered with vegan leather, and a frame that’s also made of steel.
  • Whether you are attached audio cables or a microphone to these headphones, you can do so with detachable cable options.

The hexagonal shape of the ear cups makes them look really unique. V-MODA does a great job at even making them look solid by putting those screws on top of the ear cups.

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3. RHA MA750 Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphones Review

In-ear headphones came into the world and became popular in no time. This is because they are able to give you high quality sound with convenience that no other headphones can. They are small in size, fit perfectly in your ears and can be stronger and more durable than even the bulkiest headphones out there. The RHA MA750 premium in-ear headphones are a good example of how in-ear headphones can be durable too. As simple as they look, they get closest to your eardrums and produce sound quality that audiophiles crave. What makes these headphones really durable is that their components are made of stainless steel.

The drivers inside these headphones are made with hands. Not to mention, noise cancelation and isolation is not even a big deal for in-ear headphones. These headphones come with 6 different sets of tips so you can pick the one that best suit your ear tube size and cancel the noise.

RHA MA750 Features

  • The components of the headphones made from 303F grade stainless steel.
  • Dynamic drivers in the earpieces have been made with hands to deliver the highest quality of sound and performance.
  • Over-ear cable design allows you to wear the headphones while the cable passes from behind your ear. This makes your headphones fit perfectly on your ears when you are running or moving.
  • There is a premium looking carrying case that comes with these headphones so you never get the cables tangled as you travel with them in your pocket.

Even the cables used with these headphones contain oxygen-free copper cores so ensure that only the highest quality sounds touch your eardrums.

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4. Cowin E-7 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones Review

These headphones look beautiful and they are one of the best you can get your hands on when it comes to noise cancellation. Just like all other modern wireless and Bluetooth headphones, they also have the option for you to plug in your cable with 3.5mm headphone jack. This option ensures you keep listening to your favorite music even when the battery on your headphones is about to die.

The good thing about Cowin E-7 active noise-cancelling wireless headphones is that their design is pretty seamless. These types of designs are always really durable and since they are compactly joined with each other, accidental falls really don’t make a big difference on their sturdiness.

There is a lot that can be said about these headphones.

Cowin E-7 Features

  • They provide great noise reduction, but have a switch on them to turn off noise cancellation when you don’t feel like it.
  • Despite the compact design they have the big 40mm drivers to deliver high quality sound to your ears.
  • The ear cups swivel so you can listen to only one side of the headphone without even wearing it.
  • Protein cushioning on the ear cups and headband makes these headphones really comfortable. You could wear them for the whole day without feeling any discomfort.
  • The chromed components add style to these headphones.
  • The battery is laudable on these headphones as it lasts you 30 hours, so you can listen to your favorite music or watch movies no matter how long your flight schedule is.
  • When you feel that your battery is about to die, you could just grab the cable with 3.5mm connector that comes with it to keep listening to the high quality sounds that come from these headphones.
  • They offer high impedance at 32ohms so you can plug them into big amplifiers without fearing that they will blow out like cheap headphones do.
  • They even come with a compact carrying case so carrying them with you is not cumbersome at all.

It won’t be wrong to say that these headphones have a very minimalistic design and yet it comes out to be one of the coolest looking designs on the market. When you want durability from your headphones along with top notch noise cancelation features, these are the ones you have to pick.

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Most Durable Headphones Summary

When you are looking for the most durable headphones, you could pick any of these without thinking too much about it. The best thing about these headphones is that not only are they durable, but they look great too.

Oftentimes, durability and sturdiness is a compromise on the looks of products, but that’s not the case here. Their prices might seem a bit high at first, but you will end up spending more than that on other headphones as you will have to keep on buying them over and over.

Lastly, the sound quality and clarity for these headphones is on a professional level.